The power of the senses in this Human Existence

Looking at the first 10 issues of Nick Fury comics by Jim Steranko

Trump posts mug shot on truth social

Atrocities, Incompetency and Corruption

How Much is enough?

Big PS5 Giveaway doesn't go as planned

Original upload from Live Akustik Youtube Channel
0:52 Rock and Roll Music
2:25 Baby's In Black
5:05 I Feel Fine
7:39 Yesterday
10:05 Nowhere Man
12:48 I'm Down

Lets assist the Lying Cabal

Who Won the Box office

The VP-0:00-1:12
Me in the Garden-1:13-2:14
Me in the Bunker-2:15-3:23
Joe B-3:24-4:30
Me in Bunker again-4:30-21:23
Justine Bateman tweets-21:24-24:05
Boston Dynamics Evolution-24:06

7 Albums
3 EP's
Not in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame

I used to be very Intrigued with Technology, Now I Just don't Trust Them

Just more crap and then some

It's all been explained and planned

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