"We Are The Light"--The Alarm-1984 Lip Syncing-Sorry

Ironically this occurs during the same time frame as the The WHO's Global Health Alliance Summit in Geneva

Power of the Video Clip

Just Collecting useless Crap-But I like it

US sovereignty Over. Constitution Over, Bill Of Rights Over.

Posted for reasons that all should watch. Dinesh De'Souza complete Documentary Film

Well Alrighty Then!

I don't think everything is---BUUUTT

More Pandemic Gloom and Doom, Breaking it Down to Trevor Noah

No its wasn't someone in a MAGA hat

I will be going over each decade up until the present

Oh for the Love of Inflation and Globalism

Joe will not be one upped by Joe

Slight mess up in the editing-Too lazy to fix
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WEF-will rule the World

Very problematic video


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