I give them props for at least having a platform, even if it is nothing but uncosted communistic fantasies.

A great weekend for all involved. Lots of sharing. Lots of learning.

The first bit is missing, but 95 percent of it is here.

What a weekend.

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She is a powerhouse. Link:

Darrel Stinson - 1997

You may not agree with his verbiage, but those of us who love all Canadians equally who share our values could take a lesson in the passionate way we should reject the false, slanderous and libelous name calling we face.


You can also choose to read this one instead at

What is more bigoted?

The PPC with its ethnically diverse support united around Immigration policy that protects all Canadians, or the CBC and many in the media who promote the idea that all these people are racists?


Very important that you make an effort to attend.

My observations after a three city tour down in Southwestern Ontario.

The mentioned CanadaPoli interview:

London Event Press Conference:

Who are the real racists?

Instructions on how to prove, or disprove, allegations of racism in the PPC.

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The Future Needs You Today.

I tried to be comprehensive, but you can't cram books worth of material into 37 minutes no matter how hard you try.

Please, share the material, and follow up by versing yourself in the details.

This is the biggest scandal in U.S. (nay, World) history, and YOU can't let it get shoved under the carpet.



I have decided that any rants done in one take, generally while working, will be included in a new series called "The Grind".

I hope you find them useful.



I will cover EPSTEIN in the next video.

Lots of developments there, but first, I had to get this message out to Canadians: Wanting something different doesn't make you a traitor or a bigot.

It does make you a thinking person.


The most important call to action in many years. Please watch, share the links, and get people talking about Jeffrey Epstein's perversions, the #LolitaExpress, and the flight lists of perverts.



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