Another clip from the infamous Uber driver video Tara Strong uploaded and wants to forget about. According to Strong, there is a total of seven minutes of footage of the incident, but only two minutes and fifty-four seconds have been released to the public. I don't know if this clip was deleted or not, but I figured I'd upload it anyways for archival purposes.

An upload to BitChute of the infamous deleted video where actresses Tara Strong and Rena Sofer argue with their Uber driver about Trump. In the video, they call him a "racist" despite clearly having an accent (he is hypothesized to be either Albanian or Iranian) and Rena claims that both her and Tara were born in the US in an attempt to make themselves politically superior to their driver, even though Tara was actually born in Canada. Tara posted this video on November 6, 2018, to get the driver fired. Though she succeeded in getting the Uber driver laid off of his job, she proceeded to remove the video the same day after widespread backlash but not before it spread across the internet. However, Tara is seeking to remove all trace of this video's existence anyway she can because on November 13, 2018, she DMCAed a YouTube copy and a copy I reuploaded on Twitter that both were popular in addition to suspending my Twitter account. Out of concern that this video could be lost forever by copyright strikes from Tara Strong, I have decided to upload this infamous video to BitChuite. Enjoy.

Archived tweet of the original video:


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