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Tonight we install Void Linux, and built from scratch rolling release Linux Distro.

Taking a look at the latest Manjaro Linux install, and KDE desktop.

This 90s style arcade race game with day 1 support for Linux is actually pretty fun. Let's take a look

In today's video we install Ubuntu 18.04LTS Server edition, and then configure LXD/LXC and setup a Centos 7 container. Faster server install ever!

Installing and first look of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Lets take a quick look at a early access MMO that has native support for Linux. Project Gorgon.

Let's take a look at Slay the Spire, an early access game available on steam, with day one Linux support.

Did you know we can now play Overwatch on Linux, with fairly decent framerates? Check this out.

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Here are some of the bases that were built on our rust server this month. The server gets wiped on February 1, 2018, and I wanted to archive some of these, well for the heck of it... Also in this video an important announcement so be sure to have your audio on.

Why not learn to write games for Linux, the more Linux programmers out there writing games, the more we will see for our platform, right?

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SED is a command line stream editor, and it is quite useful when paired with regular expressions. It can be as simple as a search and replace, or as complex as multilayered regular expression. Lets take a quick look at SED.

Taking a look at Proxmox the open source Hypervisor, a different way to do virtual machines.

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Why are there so darn many distros, especially since they almost all seem the same?

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From the dust of an awesome game designing jam (The Linux Game Jam 2017) is born a pretty fun and cool game. Let's take a look at it.

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Tonight we revisit Protonmail, and answer some questions about encryption.

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Just talking a little about VIM, and showing off a little how it can be used to do other things besides writing code.

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In this video we explore containers using LXC and LXD, see how to install LXC/LXD and setup your first container.

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ZorinOS Has been around since 2008, but recently it has taken a spike in popularity. Is this distro an Ubuntu killer? Let's take a look and see.

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Albion Online is a new MMO that is cross platform and has Linux support from day one. Currently it is in Beta, but is quite playable, and is going to be fully released in March of this year. (2017)

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This is part 2 of my Gentoo Install video. In this video we install our desktop environment.

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Ever see some youtube content that you would like to either download to watch later, or maybe use it as an example in your own content? You can do this, and most times it is legally okay. Here is how you do it.

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Hey, Let's install Gentoo Linux, it will be fun, said no one ever. :) But let's do it anyways.

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Tonights video we explore the idea behind a tiling window manager. In this video we look at i3wm.

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In today's video I talk about what I like about my top 4 choices of Linux distros that I feel are new user friendly. Hopefully this video can help lead you in the direction of the distro that will make you happy with Linux. But keep in mind, there are lots of Linux distros to choose from, this is just 4 that I feel comfortable recommending to people just getting their feet wet in the world of Linux.


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