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I just talk about teaching my daughter about Christ.

Figured I better add some numbers back. Just some thoughts I had.

Some thoughts I have had lately and some gratitude.

Two topics which tickled my brain today. I took a bit of time to edit this one. Let me know what you think.

I wrote new words for Don McLean's song Vincent (starry starry night).

Let me know what you think

A simple analogy which has helped me in the way I view people.

Lets take a bit deeper of a dive into the scientific theory.

Just a movie with my boy.

Got a lot of thoughts going down.

Today I will be making a website for Operation Baby Landlord

Just some thoughts today. Also some memories and pictures.

I am a husband. I am a father several times over. I love God the Father and Jesus Christ. I talk about things I find interesting.

If you like it share it or use it I don't care. I mostly just want to put ideas and perspective out that my kids may find interesting when they are grown. Sometimes I have fun.

Multistreaming with

Talk a bit about the Brain, talk a bit about Family Drama, talk a bit about addictions like pornography.

If you like it please comment, like and subscribe. Rock the party everyone.

Multistreaming with

Talk a little about Owen and Vox Day's calling out of Hollywood and Steven Spielberg. Also about not being a sucker and about how some times we have to be confrontational.

First time for showing my kids. They are awesome and have so much fun.

I originally had this posted from a stream, but messed up on the editing of it, so this is the re-post.

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