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Talk a little about Owen and Vox Day's calling out of Hollywood and Steven Spielberg. Also about not being a sucker and about how some times we have to be confrontational.

First time for showing my kids. They are awesome and have so much fun.

I originally had this posted from a stream, but messed up on the editing of it, so this is the re-post.

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This one I actually edited and it took forever. I have a new respect for video editing. Let me know if you like it and would like me to keep doing this type of video or if you would rather me just get my ideas out.

I will get better as we go but it is very valuable for me to know what type of material is appreciated.

I hope you enjoy

I am a husband. I am a father several times over. I love God the Father and Jesus Christ. I talk about things I find interesting.

If you like it share it or use it I don't care. I mostly just want to put ideas and perspective out that my kids may find interesting when they are grown. Sometimes I have fun.

Thanks for watching, here are some links

3blue1brown video on neural networks

Ted Talk about AI and errors

An0maly talks about Climate Change

You will find what you are looking for

Just some talking about how to be a real life grown up.


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