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First Impressions hold an enormous amount of truth value. What if you trusted your instincs 100% ?

How to Become Conscious

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This is "The Way of The Superior Man" by David Deida, in about 100 quotes.
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Controlling people exercise power over others in an attempt to avoid managing their own emotions. Can they ever be helped?

BlahTherapy is a platform to chat with strangers either as a venter or listener.

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03:40 Common Cold vs. Corona Virus
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The 2020s Will Be an Incredible and Possibly Disastrous Decade:

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Consciousness is the depth to which we accurately perceive our living experience. Many desire the peace of mind and presence of a conscious person, but how do you get there, and why does meditation not work?

The Benefits of Journaling:
Essential Philosophy:

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Journaling is without a doubt an enormously powerful tool for self-growth. It represents an at least partial substitute to therapy and offers infinite advantage in terms of price and availability. In this video, I talk about some of the benefits of journaling to resolve depression, confusion and conflicts.

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Good sleep is key for mental and physical health. Let's talk about a few things that can help make it better!

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The shit test is women's way of finding out if a man is a suitable partner. But what is it and why do they do it?

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"The Way of the Superior Man" by David Deida

Fully owning it or claiming no responsibility for a mistake is the deciding factor between living the life of a respectable person, or that of a disgraceful loser.

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If there were only one thing you could do to improve your mental health and success substantially, this would be it!

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