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Only a couple months until the opening three year phase of the Great Reset comes to an end, be sure to top up your immunity.

Alec sits down with independent geopolitical analyst Patrick Henningsen from 21st Century Wire to discuss his thoughts on the Middle East, Ukraine, the gain of function narrative, and more!

Alec Zeck - The Way Forward

Patrick’s links:

• Hunting for Hunter: Evidence Reveals Biden, Burisma Ukraine Bond Scandal, Tied to U.S. Firm:

• Are COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’ a Military Biodefense Response Gone Terribly Wrong?

• NATO’s Trojan Horse Behind Europe’s COVID-19 Response – Part 1: Vaccinating Europe With a Military Experimental Biodefense Countermeasure

• Patrick’s Interview with Steve Falconer: “Gain of Function or Gain of Fiction?”:

• Fridays at 1pm UK time, Patrick Co-hosts UK Column News:

Announced in a single day is that Saudi Arabia will except payment for oil in any currency, Brazil and ASEAN will go away from USD settlements and payments and the Bank for International Settlements suggests a global reserve e-SDR, one global central bank digital currency.

Adapt 2030


This week on the New World Next Week: Rule by emergency is getting out of control; the anti-TikTok bill has nothing to do with TikTok and everything to do with controlling your online activity; and the globalists are openly gloating that their technocratic controls are reducing the population.

James Corbett - The Corbett Report

James Evan Pilato - Media Monarchy

The plan for world domination is not a new one, the idea has been in existence for thousands of years. But it wasn’t until the late 1800s that people in positions of power within the British Empire, through the use of improved and newly created technology, were able to actually formulate a plan that would put in motion the push for world conquest.
The Royal Institute for International Affairs, most recognized by its nickname Chatham House, was created to serve as a think tank for members of the Royal society to plot and plan the eventual linking up of the English-speaking world into a framework that would serve as the beginning of a One World Government. Chatham House, and its American sister organization the Council on Foreign Relations, have been guiding international policy for over a century, so it might be time to pay attention to who they are and what they have planned for humanity moving forward.

Charlie Robinson - Macroagressions

It’s (officially) the end of the world as you know it. That’s right, 2023 has just been announced as the First Year Of The NWO. But what you see is not always what you get, and don’t believe everything you’re told.

Jeff Berwick - The Dollar Vigilante

The blindside takedown of the U.S Dollar is happening so fast that many will not be ready for the devaluation or hyperinflated daily life cost. This talk explains where how we arrived at this moment so quickly and what comes next.

Adapt 2030

Some PsyOps endure, some PsyOps fade away, some are resurrected over time and many more are on the way.

Mark Devlin

Many of us watching this video will consider that our lives can be divided into two parts - the living we did prior to “waking up”, and all our experiences since coming to the harsh realisation that the world is nothing like we once thought it was. A further division might be everything that happened up to March 2020, and all that we’ve been through since.
But what must those we refer to as “normies” think about the world we now have? On any level it’s radically different to the one we all used to know. Can anyone really find things in any way “normal” any longer? How must this place feel to those who have yet to go through the Dark Night of the Soul that so many of us have? And just what will that take?


This week on the New World Next Week: The Dutch continue the worldwide revolution against the technocrats; the Library of Alexandria is still on fire; and the mainstream conspiritainment purveyors suddenly discover one of the 29 hijacked 9/11 planes.

James Corbett - The Corbett Report

James Evan Pilato - Media Monarchy


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