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Marxist: "This isn't your world anymore", "You ruined it"..... Well listen to see what else the scum have to say

Apparently the latest statistics released by the UK government show that 4000 migrants have arrived in the UK by boat from the French coast near Calais in 2020. More than double the 1900 in 2019. 130 arrived 08/07/2020 in 13 dingy's..... Meanwhile the "Active Patriot" who was arrested for "disturbing the peace", is still being detained

But isn't the Chinese Corona virus so infectious and life threatening for millions of Brits. So why is the temporary hospital being taken down? 🤔

On CBN, the VP in an interview with David Brody dropped the bomb.... Stating the bleeding obvious nonetheless


On Tucker Carlson Tonight, Tucker is on 🔥 with his opening monologue....

Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., talks to FOX Business’ Elizabeth MacDonald about former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates’ testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

After being harassed and dragged away from videoing illegal immigrants being escorted to Dover, he continued to video the loading on to buses at which time they didn't want this to be seen and they claimed he was trespassing...... then it was breach of the peace..... that good ol' chestnut.

The 'Active Patriot' reporting in Dover is harassed by police for showing the world the invasion that they are assisting

Product of the "predominantly peaceful BLM protests". Where is/has been the media reporting on this?

This is final comments by Alan Jones who is Australia's version of Rush Limbaugh who apparently recently retired from talk back radio after 35+ years but is continuing on his TV show. The specifics of this is around a particular state in Australia, Victoria. Although Alan totally demolishes the incompetence of the state government, it also has direct correlation to many States in North America. Even POTUS gets a mention. Take a listen....
(Alan Jones on Sky News Australia 08/05/2020)



NJ Gym owners Ian Smith & Frank Trombetti set the record straight to Cuomo on CNN. The only problem, Cuomo didn't expect the facts coming his way. Watch as Cuomo openly implies his brother killed the elderly... Of course Fake News CNN's website version edited out all the stats and the juicy parts because facts that contradict their narrative cannot be aired. The juicy bits are in first portion of the clip.... I've attached CNN's "edited" version at the back

On Tucker Carlson Tonight.... can't say as other commitments are preventing me watching live

This story must of slipped through the pre-vetting for broadcast. It's unlikely to happen again.

Credit to AJ and the team

A true young patriot 👏👏👏👏

The registration plates give away that this is in Donau-Ries - Donauworth region in Germany.... Language on the clip was also a give away.

Perhaps he realizes that obesity is a high risk category.....

Credit to OAN, Liz Wheeler. Check them out here:

Somewhere in the UK this dumb cow rightly gets a mouthful from a passer-by. Truly unbelievable how infected their minds are


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