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Unraveling the web of control – finance, fraud, and the enslavement of Humanity by Ken O'Keefe. In this explosive exposé, Ken O'Keefe dives deep into the heart of the global control mechanism – the financial system. He challenges the conventional wisdom about who holds the reins of power, questioning the roles of the Jesuits, reptilians, Illuminati, and Freemasons. Instead, he argues that the real mechanism of control lies in finance.
O'Keefe exposes the sinister nature of mortgages, revealing how they create a death grip on homeowners, making the bank the true owner of the property. He further explores the financial fraud that forms the bedrock of the entire system, effectively stripping power from the people and handing it to the shadowy elite.

This captivating exploration of the financial underpinnings of global control will leave you questioning the very fabric of our society and the systems that govern it. Get ready to uncover the hidden truths behind the world's most powerful and influential institutions.

Release Date: 2016 ???
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Taken from Telegram

Taken from Telegram

Karen Kingston with Stew Peters on February 21, 2024

It is the inoculation of artificial intelligence into the body.

The only way to stop it is for people to stop running from the truth and face it.

"Covid-19 vaccination is the inoculation of biosynthetic AI parasites..."

Taken from Telegram

The absolute destruction of the journalist. I wouldn't exchange a single word with such a brute asshole. What a lowlife who just repeats the same shit and refuses to deviate from the narrative. These media criminals will all end up in a gulag.

Taken from Telegram

Taken from Telegram

Taken from Telegram

“This is epic, this is monumental... Fani Willis lied to the court, it’s game over for her. She will be disqualified.”

MSNBC was reacting to statements from Willis' former friend Robin Yeartie who said she has no doubt Willis and prosecutor Nathan Wade had a “romantic” relationship in 2019 & on.

This suggests Willis lied to the court when she claimed there was no romantic relationship in 2021 between the two.

“You have no doubt that their romantic relationship was in effect from 2019 until the last time you spoke with her?” attorney Ashleigh Merchant asked.

“No doubt,” Yeartie replied.

Taken from Telegram

"I'm not a doctor but I have a Ph.D. in recognizing bullshit when I hear it."

Taken from Telegram



We will fight until all the children of this world are liberated. We will never give up because we will never allow such atrocities to happen again. Fight, fight, fight till we drop.

Taken from Telegram

Dozens of American citizens have teamed up with veterans to uncover what they believe is a child trafficking camp hidden in the Arizona woods.

Taken from Telegram

...not only the goal, we were experiencing it."

Taken from Telegram

"We are on the way to a new kind of communism."

Taken from Telegram

It turns out that “life under sanctions, once Tony Blinken has written your country out of the civilized world” is “not bad.”

Here’s what $7.05 gets you at a McDonald’s in Russia, which has been rebranded as ‘Tasty And That’s It’:

- 2 cheeseburgers

- large fries

- large cola

- and a piece of chocolate cake

Taken from Telegram

We have been deceived!


Taken from Telegram

Taken from Telegram

Pretending to be there for the safety of the people and then betraying them in the most disgusting way.

🚨 Wisconsin
Racine Co. Sheriff's Deputy fired, charged with possessing child pornography— “Do You have anymore Super Young”
• Preston Kite, 37, was trying to meet up with someone from a hookup app at a gas station.
• A man using the hookup app
Went inside the bathroom and saw an officer, in uniform with a gun and radio, standing The person instead left, and reported the incident
• When they questioned Kite about the situation, he told investigators he planned to meet up with someone to have a sexual encounter.
• As Kenosha County deputies continued to investigate, they searched Kite's phone and found dozens of child pornography videos they say he received and distributed via online apps.
• In one message, Kite asked another user, "Do you have any more super young?" when exchanging the videos.
• Kite is facing one count of possessing child pornography, five counts of sexual exploitation of a child, one count of disorderly conduct, and one count of lewd and lascivious behavior. He faces life in prison essentially.

Taken from Telegram

German MEP, Christine Anderson: The so-called "pandemic" was a beta test—conducted by unelected globalists—to see how easy it would be to seize totalitarian control, under the pretext of a global "emergency".

"The goal, ultimately, is to transform our free and democratic societies into totalitarian societies. Their goal is to strip each and every one of us of our fundamental rights, of freedom, democracy, the rule of law. They want to get rid of all of this."

"In the entire history of mankind, there has never been a political elite concerned about the well being of regular people, and it isn't any different now."

Taken from Telegram

💥February 9, 2024

💥For me, this is confirmation that he'll be back much sooner than we think 😉.

Taken from Telegram

Taken from Telegram

Biological weapons labs, testing on Ukrainian children since 2014.

Nothing we're not already aware of. But it is getting serious.

Victims claim they were murdered and covered up by Western pharmaceutical companies.

All major companies were named.

And thanks to the revelation of FTX and Biden flooding the country with an absurd amount of American tax dollars.... We can safely assume that those in power are covering their tracks.

Does anyone still doubt Russia's motives when it comes to Ukraine?


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