Far left trans Antifa nut job Mr Sarah Jane Baker has been arrested for inciting violence towards women. Put HIM in the slammer boy’s!

The fake king James who isn’t even called James is a good example of the lengths that some people will go too, so that they can stay on benefits for a lifetime. He’s also English and has probably never even been to Scotland 😃.

Stand up to racism leader who orchestrated a violent mob to attack a young 18-20 year old at the Marxism festival. The mob destroyed a turning point UK stall and then violently attacked a defenceless young male, this video names , shames and exposes who the lady in red is!


Here’s a link to the video I referenced in the video when I exposed the same lady and group after watching their protest in #Manchester

Ex UKIP NEC member Katy Fanning gives a passionate speech at the Yorkshire Patriots rally in Leeds.

Speaker Alex Yerbury addressing the nationalist crowd at the Yorkshire Patriots rally & march in Leeds.

With Sturgeon arrested and the SNP finished here’s a look back at when Jayda confronted Nicola during the election campaign.

Yorkshire patriots rally and march - Victoria square, Leeds, speaker JOHN LAWRENCE

#EnochPowell #RiversOfBlood #ItsOKtoBeWhite

The EU is funding the INVASION of OUR Nation

A Frenchman walks into a hospital with a WW1 bomb up his ass, he said that he did it for sexual pleasure. The degeneracy has gone too far

Sunak #NotMyPM is lying about the numbers of illegals that have come into the country this year.

Albanians, the invasion, the liberal chief of police and how the Tories are using Suella Braverman as a scapegoat.

Our justice system is corrupt and we stand with soldier F 🇬🇧

Jayda Fransen - Rishi Sunak backs reparations to the 3rd world for “climate change” #NotMyPM

Vanessa Feltz cut me off before I fully explained the solution to the dinghy invasion. She is part of the cabal


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