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Dr. Stacey Gastis, candidate in the federal election (first time ever) is willing to step outside of his comfort zone to get the message out to Ottawa that he and the people in his riding, in surrounding communities and beyond, are willing to stand together for freedom. This is about community building and connecting with others before and after Election Day, September 20th. Please share this video widely and any amount for donation is greatly appreciated. And yes, he wrote and performed the song himself.

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Original song written and performed ( including guitar) by Dr. Stacey Gastis.

Title: Let Freedom Sing in Canada

Out in the North Island Powell River riding
they saw their resources slipping away

Hard-working people
losing their business
wondering where the next paycheque will go

Off in the east an ill wind is blowing stoked by the fires of Ottawa’s king

Never to feel that they had any voices the North Island Powells had nowhere to turn.

Along came a veterinarian
Ole Dr. Stacey he rode

Gathering a posse of Mavericks together ride into Ottawa fix the "sh%*t" show.

and he rode.

Vote for this cowboy you’ll not be forgotten
He’ll lead the charge
and together we’ll stand

Vote for the Mavericks
We’ll be your heroes
Working to reclaim the West for us all.


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This channel is for the discussion of 2020 world events which have removed many of our rights and freedoms, including the right to free speech and the freedom of the press. As Freedom Pilgrim, I will use all of my communication skills to help people get clarity on this opportunity to free themselves from conditioned programming. We are more powerful than we are told.