Staff, students and faculty submitted a Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) complaint seeking an end to their school’s vaccine mandate. Jeff Graham is a professor of psychology involved with this action. See Jeff’s Freedom-Walks Bitchute channel ( Jeff is a member of, and

Dr. Jeffrey Graham teaches Introductory Psychology students about critical thinking skills as part of a lab where they are learning to understand and critique scientific arguments and experimental designs. His recent research has been published in Thinking Skills and Creativity (Volume 43, March 2022). See

Aligned Within The Light (A = 432 tuning) is a spiritual anthem to hold our love for all life on earth. Song by Jeff Graham (FREEDOM-WALKS on Bitchute), Art by Julie Ponesse (, Sacred Geometry by John Fanuzzi (, Music by Peter Nelson, and Video by Debbie Deer Productions. May these words be true for all who read them.

Dedicated to all freedom lovers who focus their natural joy energy on the future life they want to live. Special thanks to Cindy Préville for her vision and encouragement on the whole project. Thanks to my new friends and colleagues at Canadian Academics for Covid Ethics ( I am inspired by their courage, conviction, and commitment. Make your own Freedom Walks video and spread the news.

Music and Lyrics by Peter Nelson and Jeff Graham. All rights reserved. Audio Engineered, Produced and Mastered by Peter Nelson. Video by Debbie Deer Productions.

Dr. Jeffrey Graham speaks to his Department and explains that he may be terminated for not agreeing to the vaccine mandate, even though all of his teaching is done online this year. He warned them to get ready for handling his 1300+ students in the imminent future, He also expressed his concern for free and fair, open discussion on the health and social costs of the lockdown and the vaccine mandates.


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