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How you are controlled by misinformation!

Philosopher Stefan Molyneux - who has 30 years of high-level business experience - breaks down the causes and conflicts of the recent debacle...

Robot goes amuck, what does it all mean?

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Philosopher Stefan Molyneux answers questions from

What are the benefits of talk therapy and what should someone expect to do when starting talk therapy? What Do you expect from a session and things to do in between sessions?

Stefan we need you to go back on Twitter, we need an update on Taylor Swift’s eggs, even if this is the one and only thing you tweet, I need to see it because I want to watch and see the leftists go absolutely crazy 🤪🤪🤪🤪, I want to see #Taylor& rsquo;sEggs trending on Twitter!!! Hahahaha!!

Does cyber-bullying violate UPB?
Various forms of blackmail are illegal of course, much of which has been made easier in the social media age. The abuse through texts, and the digital manipulation games people play might be passive-aggressive, does that violate UPB?

Hello, Steff. An aunt in my extended family has recently shared that she was sexually abused by one of her siblings growing up. The large number of siblings who are now all above middle age, have not yet shown any signs of addressing this or treating the offender any different which is greatly hurting the victim. I would really appreciate some advice here. I think the other siblings need a nudge to deal with this obviously uncomfortable situation and fully understand that they are hurting their sister. For further context, I think they are all traumatized from a bad father and are ill equipped to deal with this without outside input.

What is your take on the Law of Assumption by Neville Goddard ?
I came across this as my girlfriend often assumes how I feel or think without asking, and she’s usually not accurate so I find it irritating. My line of work tends to take a mental toll on me, and sometimes it’s hard to be upbeat and happy, my partner then assumes I’m unhappy with her or I take work stress out on her.
We’ve been together a year and half, we live together in a house I bought before our relationship. She was untrustworthy early in our relationship, where I’m certain there was an affair. I felt a lot of resentment and it took me a long time to get over. She still denies anything happened and wanted to continue the relationship. I caught her lying a couple more times afterwards. But still foolishly stayed with her.
Now this past August, at a high school reunion I got way too drunk and ended up having a one night stand. I chose to say I got too drunk and don’t remember what happened, as parts of the night I didn’t actually remember. But after people talked around town and she had heard things from her friends I decided to come clean instead of continue lying. It was a terrible thing for me to do. I think it had been easier for me to lie about it since I had been lied to multiple times by her previously.
She since doesn’t trust me (understandably).
Lately I guess I’m just feeling battered by work and home life, is it time to throw in the white towel, get her to move out and start over anew?
We are in a viscous cycle for almost a y


Wednesday Night Live 12 Jan 2022

Hi Stef, regarding marriage I was wondering how you built a happy marriage without having successful examples to follow?

I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this question knowing what you've said in the past but are you going to use your Twitter account?

Has a caller/debate opponent ever changed your mind about something ?
If so, what did they help change your mind about ?

How do I confront my often verbally abusive dad about mistakes that I think he made as a parent when the response will be more verbal abuse?

What do you think of Bergson's statement that democracy is the only system compatible with dignity but has a small flaw... Doesn't promote meritocracy? (Hope I didn't distort too much)

Can someone in their 30’s have a personality change? Is it possible for an introvert to become an extrovert? Is the term “introvert” an excuse me and others use to not do the work of socializing (parts of which are challenging)… OR do you think this is created at a more genetic level?
Can I be extroverted and make a massive personality change in this stage of my life? Have you heard of the concept of athletes/performers using an “alter ego”.

Regarding marriage, why do you think the divorce rate is so high? Is it because up to 45% of relationships aren't built on virtue?

Actual question. If there are no minor children involved how do you feel about keeping your word re: marriage vows for better or worse and staying married even when unhappy as was tradition vs breaking up a marriage? When no one is actually trying to improve things?

What do you think accounts for the discrepancy in post Soviet republics and satellite states? Some places, namely Poland and Czech Republic, seem to have gone in the right direction in regards to expanding freedom of speech and civil liberties. Other places seem to be frozen in time, most are in a quagmire of corruption with little economic development to show for after 30 years since dissolution of the USSR.

If love is our involuntary response to virtue (if we are virtuous), does this also apply to parental love? If so, what virtues do children display to make a parent love them?

Is it acceptable under peaceful parenting to take a toy from your child to pay a debt they owe for being badly behaved?

For me, the concept of soulmate doesn't mean "no conflicts". It just means they are the most compatible partner—they're still going to trigger your fears like no other, because you're really getting close to someone and the stakes are the highest possible

yes! this is has big a big problem in my house. my wife always pulls the "I'm not getting paid" card

Hey Stef, are females and males equally propagandized? I’m curious if there’s biological basis.

If unrealistic expectations are harmful to longterm relationships, does this include the idea of romance? What are your thoughts on the concept of romance and its relationship to virtue if any.

In order for a model of virtue to be underst

Either you control your own moral reasoning, or 'relativism' will be used to control you!

Every woman's worst nightmare...

Hi Stef, my I'll try to keep this brief. I've been together with my boyfriend for 12 years. He is from another country than me and we have been taking turns living in each other's countries. After living in my country he became depressed and wanted to leave. I decided to come along. Unfortunately neither of us found each other liking it so we moved back. However, due to moving he has lost his rights to residence in my country. Please help Stef I feel desperately stuck in my situation.

Hey Stef I met you at the Freedom Fest back in…2018ish? You sat with me and gave me some kind words. I was very drunk…BUT I’ve recently become sober with the help of AA?
Do you know about AA basic ideas? If so what do you think?

I have an issue with emotional eating/binging any thoughts on why someone eats that way?
Had a drinking problem before that I kicked

Hey Stef.
After hearing you talk about fatal flaws recently, I've realized mine is Perfectionism.
My perfectionism is crippling, because it causes me to do absolutely nothing if I can't do it "right".
"Perfect is the enemy of the good" is a good description of my issue.
Any thoughts?

Do you increasingly support Christianity primarily because it's a bulwark against communism, even though you prefer that people reach virtue through philosophy instead of religion?

Hi Stef, what are your thoughts on unchosen obligations, specifically the religious obligation to honor thy mother and father. More generally, are unchosen obligations a necessary good for society since that has been suggested in a video I just watched by Jordan Peterson

How do I deal with someone who is very sarcastic, but very humorous and the jokes are about me? I laugh because it's really. So it continues.

Why do our parents have such an emotional hold over us as adults?

I got drunk at a company event the other day and tried to discuss the non-aggression principle, and it went over like a lead balloon. Trying to figure out how to walk that one back even though I was being honest. They want to talk to me about it next week. I feel like I humiliated myself talking to a bunch of NPCs about libertarian philosophy. I avoid alcohol because it makes me a bit too honest when maybe I should hold back on certain topics or be a bit more careful introducing the ideas.

Became a father in December, any advice for taking better care of infants?

Stef, under what reasonable circumstances a man who broke up with a women, should take her back? The fact they broke up in the first place is bad enough but is there any reasonable way it can actually happen and work out? Thank you very much.

Thank you very much for the clarification between love and honor. It's an important nuance that I didn't see. What about other unchosen obligations, such as our obligations to the state. How do we distinguish between unchosen obligations that are beneficial to society and those that aren't.

Did any people in your extended family have a positive influence on your childhood? I’m an Aunt and I want to be a positive influence for my niece.

When you fall of the tracks and get lost in chaos, do you have a way of pulling yourself back together? A good method of centering yourself?

Do you have personal preferences to help create a universal safety net that encourages hard work that doesn't violate the NAP?

My mother used to beat me frequently and my father was distant, 20 years later our relationship is kind of cold, i find it hard to smile around them a

Philosopher Stefan Molyneux takes philosophical questions from listeners on Locals!

Hi Stef, maybe i got it wrong, but in your video "The Story of Your Enslavement" you said in the end "To see the farm is to leave it". What do you mean by it? can you elaborate? Thank you

Hi Stef, how can teachers best support students from (at best) extremely strict families who present with crippling anxiety? Thank you for all you do

Hey Stefan, loving the show. I'm going to try tip more often, you deserve it! Especially more than than restaurant staff (their philosophy is tasteless) ;P
Tomorrow will be my first time as an hiring manager. The role is for a software engineer at my company. Any tips or advice?

Stef do you have any tips to have successful sales calls with potential clients?

You may have answered this last show, but do you think people can actually consent to arranged marriages? It just feels like a form of human trafficking to me.

So my wife is in school to teach and has many teacher friends. When I speak to her or her friends she calls me non supportive and condescending. I bring up charity systems and lower pay because summers and winter off etc... She states I'm incentive and turns off my reasoning. Thoughts?

What advice would you give a person who's awakened to the horror of their many years of R-selected and degenerate behavior and is now so filled with shame that they can't figure out how to move past it or ever hope to assert their own needs in the world? How can the sort of person you'd certainly advise others to steer clear of based on their past hope to change their life and be able to form healthy relationships?

Stef, why is judging people considered a bad thing, people also say to not judge a book by its cover for example. But aren't judgements useful to quickly filter through people and waste less time, or am I missing something here?

Stef how long do you think the U.S economy can survive without a collapse? 5 years? Peter Schiff thinks 2023 will be a bad year for the U.S economy.

Stef, I've read that inflating a currency incentivizes people to consume conspicuously and disincentivizes saving - could this (over-consumption due to inflation) be what leftists are critiquing when they squeal about consumerism, in the same way that when they criticize capitalism they are actually criticizing the ill effects of crony capitalism/fascism ?

Stef any recent experience with the great slowdown? I went to a restaurant, food was late, was wrong and everyone seemed aloof, I notice this carelessness in other businesses as well.

Hi Stef! You have ignited the flame of fatherhood within me and 2 days ago our 2nd child was born in good health. I am 46, do you have any ideas or thoughts about parenthood at a higher age? Many thanks

Any thoughts on the death of Pope Benedict XVI? I plan to read his books on philosophy and theology. He seemed to hold on to Thomism like Christopher Dawson but allowed the progr

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Great questions, thank you so much!

I'm going to see Canadian progressive synth-rock band Saga in February. Saw Tom Cochrane in May and Blue Rodeo August/2021. HUGE fan of Canadian music, especially from the 80s. What are some of your favourites?

Hi Stef! Do you think cognitive dissonance is real? Can a person truly not be conscious of their own contradictory beliefs, or is it a shit test by bad actors to see who will be permissive of their hypocrisy?

I have been giving tons of thought to the future of AI after watching the movie Bladerunner 2049. If AI advances far enough, less say "self aware" with its own ambitions and emotions, would morality push us to treat it similar to animals at some point? Have you written any books that cover this topic? Thank you in advance!

How do I handle a oscillating 2 year old that makes a deal than backs out as soon as you try to change a diaper?

Would you be OK with the creation of a giant hippy commune if it doesn't violate the NAP?

Is Andrew Tate a force for good?

What do you think were some important moments of 2022, Ukraine war? U.S Congress selling out and refusing to close the border. Etc

Stef when is a good age to talk to a child about sexual predators/ kidnappers and how would you approach the subject with them?

Why is it a stereotype for libertarians to be autistic ?
I saw Ed Dutton (jolly heretic) say that autistic people are more honest than non-autistic people.

Stef if you changed your name to Stefania Molyneuxa, put on a blond wig you would have been a New York best seller like Jennette McCurdy.

Thanks for answering my stupid AI question. Now I'm going to ask you the question I should have to start with:
My father does not see spanking as child abuse if done as a last resort. I have had conversations with him about peaceful parenting and he believes some children will only respond to punishment.
I told him if that is the case, he will never spend time with my future kids alone if he chooses to spank and doesn't change his position. Was I right to do this?

I read Anthem in High School, it was the first High School level book I read cover to cover.
I've listened to most of The Fountainhead on YouTube, thoroughly enjoying it.
The next Rand book on the list is Atlas Shrugged.
How would you rank those three books and what other books of hers would you suggest?

Stefan, what is your fatal flaw?

How do you develop the discipline to avoid the behaviors that are bad for you and do the things that are so unenjoyable but necessary for your progress as a person?

If you have a serious health condition why do you think people try and move on from the subject rather than express sympathy?

All that I left behind...

Stef, do you think standard (not excessive; not a beating) corporal punishment can be responsible for teen and adult children subconsciously seeking physically abusive relationships? What about self harm, such a cutting oneself? In my American Deep South culture, most parents whip and spank their kids, but not all of us turn out this way. Thank you.

what are your thoughts on government funded therapist, people have told me that government funded therapists are phosticated hierarchy gangs that pray on peoples weaknesses to be happy.

Are there personality/psychological profiles for certain careers? For instance, women who go into the sex/porn industry were likely to have been sexually abused as children, but are there less obvious career choices that possibly have red flags? And how could I go about researching this?

I have found Practical Anarchy and Everyday Anarchy on your site. How do I find Achieving Anarchy?

since bomb in the brain what are some of the things you have discovered about child hood amnesia and have you found ways to reverse it.

Stef, what's the difference between anger and hate? Can we say any of them is inherently good or bad?
What's the best argument (if any) against the thesis that we should limit the spread of something like hate?

Stef, how do you know someone loves you? And specifically, how does a child know their parent loves them?

do you think it is hypocritical for people to judge people who were coerced to get the covid injections on the basis they were risking their lives when the people judging are paying tax so forfeiting part of their life to the state anyway? Is this a valid equivalence?

Hello and Merry Christmas Stefan! I was wondering if you could help me understand something: on a recent call in (with that Finnish girl who moved to Australia) you talked about how once you confront your abuser and start to assert your own needs and preferences, that they begin to see you not just an inanimate object into which they can pour their abuse, but as a real person who they have terribly hurt (you used the kitten in the pillow analogy). This is one reason why being confronted in such a way is so painful for the abuser. (Please correct me if I have misunderstood!) I thought that that was a really insightful and useful thing to explain, but it then made me wonder how that fits together with what you have said about how abusive people (usually) aren’t ignorant or misguided of the evil they do, as is often claimed, because they consciously hide their behaviour from public scrutiny; they purposely keep it behind closed doors. I was wondering how these two explanations (which I realize are not explaining the exact same thing) can be applicable to the same person. The first one seems to recognize that the abuser is somewhat unaware of the hurt they have done, but the second one shows how they are fully aware that what they are doing is morally inexcusable and abusive. I look forward to h

Philosopher Stefan Molyneux answers one of the most ancient - and essential - philosophical questions about God...

Philosopher Stefan Molyneux takes questions from Locals subscribers 26 12 2022!

Is “being a spoiled kid” a myth? is it just cope for not getting parental attention?

What makes a “normie”? Is it intelligence, personality, personal history..?

The history of philsophers series has been great. Could you do a video on William Molyneux?

What is the philosophy of play?

How does one balance wanting to help others with the realization that most people don’t want help or truth/introspection? At what point is it selfish to want to help others?

I think you’re wrong on letting babies “cry it out”. Maybe we can arrange a debate

Stef what do you think is the state of the economy. My industry hasn't recovered to pre 2020 lockdowns levels

Hey Stef, hope you and your family had a fantastic Christmas. What do you think about people who tell others to "cheer up" or try to make you laugh and get offended when you don't. I personally find it shallow as I wouldn't want anyone to smile at me unless they meant it

You’ve mentioned about the boomer phenomenon, could you explain more or point me in a direction of where you’ve talked about this in detail

How do I find the time between work and spending quality time with my children. I feel guilty at times with the amount of screen time that my children observe, but I don't have the energy to find and maintain creative ways to compete with tablets etc. I am a single dad

Stef do you plan to do new documentaries?

Anyone familiar with the term "strong willed child" ? I think my son is one. This is from peaceful parenting websites. Child has leadership traits, very stubborn.

Hey Stef, do you have any favourite painters or particular art styles? Is there any modern art you like?

Are workers getting a worse deal now than 30 years ago?

Stef any tips to survive in a bad economy in the west?

Philosopher Stefan Molyneux takes questions on childhood and parenting with his daughter Izzy!


What happened, and why I did what I did...

Dear Stef-

I’m writing to you because of recent events that have transpired in my marriage. A few months ago my husband called his longterm ex girlfriend and a few days ago, I discovered that he had her phone number saved in his phone.

We have been together 6.5 years and married for over 2 years. We both have a history of family dysfunction, as well as relationship dysfunction.

Our current marriage is my 4th and his 2nd.

My husband and I were alike in many ways (before I was introduced to you)- hyper independent and completely disrespectful of the opposite sex.

We both “self sabotaged” our relationships and both of us were extremely selfish and lacked empathy. We’ve both had emotionally immature ways of dealing with conflict. I’ve slowly learned how to handle my anger and hurt in more appropriate ways through listening to your podcasts.
He has listened to a few of your podcasts with me, but he still struggles with accepting the truth and reality of who his family is and how they affect his life. I, however, have defoo’d from my entire family, with exception of my brother (who recently passed) and my cousin. (Both of my parents are now deceased. )

About 3 months into my current relationship, my brother began sharing your videos with me. The two that he sent me were “My girlfriend is in the attic” and “The dangers of dating a super model”. Those two videos are permanently burned into my brain. They began the profound change in my life that I had been so desperately seeking. I knew that I was screwed up, but I didn’t know how to change. Your brutally honest way of explaining things was EXACTLY what I needed to finally call myself out on my BS excuses for living such a morally bankrupt lifestyle. I will NEVER be able to repay my brother, nor you, for permanently altering my life for the better.

Once you opened my eyes to what an absolute POS I was and had been for 40 years, I was overcome with grief and regret. I changed my mindset so drastically that my closest friends were left in shock.

I now believe that I should fulfill my role as a woman and no longer feel the need to “be a man” or “not need a man”. Physically, my body is paying for “being a man” for the previous 40 years. I chose to completely change my lifestyle. I gave up my 18 year career and my horse ranch and dog rescue to move in with my current husband. I gave up my comfortable 6 figure salary to become a housewife. I gave up my dream home to move into an older house that is literally falling apart. The trade was worth it because the bond and commitment that I have with husband is more than I could have ever imagined possible.

There have been so many times that I felt like I was going to burst at the seams because I so desperately wanted everyone around me to have this opportunity to live a life that isn’t full of mistrust and deception. I would share your videos and thoughts, only to be met with complete rage from other women. I gave up on offending people with t

Philosopher Stefan Molyneux takes a variety of wild philosophical and personal questions!

Is there any good reason for a random male to end up in your partner's inbox.

I think the saying "slide into the DMs" is about a nerfarious man sending out the instant messenger equivalent of cold calls.

Any thoughts, stef ?

Have you watched the recent Star Wars show called and/or and would you be considering doing a review ?

I’m a 45 yr old woman getting married 28 Jan to the man of my dreams I found by a miracle after much self knowledge acquired by years of listening to you but I feel still feel paralyzed and lots of anxiety about being the center of attention likely due to extreme neglect and narcissistic upbringing. This may need to be a call in show but any advice to jumpstart my actions and if not can you schedule a call in with me soonest?

If you intellectually understand a problem, but have difficulty internalizing emotionally, does this indicate you have to dig for a deeper understanding? Or can some things simply be “hard pills to swallow” and the emotions will calm down in time?

When having a discussion with someone recently they said that I'm not light hearted enough and never take an answer at face value and just keep asking.

I assume this is a sophistic tactic, is it ?

recently had a friend commit suicide. Second friend in 8 months from the same friend group. We had talked about that first friend before. Now I'm trying to figure if I should stay around this group of friends in this dark time of if I should distance myself for my own sake.

Do you think the move towards atheism and away from the church is not because of “love of the science” but actually caused misplaced anger at a couple generations of selfish parents?

how does a harshly self-critical alter-ego manifest itself in relationships to other people? Does it desire connections that allow the alter-ego to feed off of the flaws of others

Hey Stef how do I reclaim my assertiveness. I was the youngest in my family & I had be very deferential to survive, now I'm a very agreeable adult.

grew up in a university town, my grandfather moved here to entire youth was spent with overly wealthy kids of never there parents, weed, cocaine, booze, insane at that young age..

I’ve gotten frustrated with the “manosphere” community. Seems like a green light for young guys to indulge in hedonism & avoid starting a family. No real mention of religion either.

Do you think your view of the world is worse than things actually are because you always talk with dysfunctional people in the call ins?

Why is it that UPB & NAP are never discussed between pubic figures? I’ve noticed just as an average man with some status in my community that UPB brings great understanding and build a foundation for other reality based conversations.

Do you think the move towards atheism and away from the church is not because of “love of the science” but actually caused misplaced anger a


Well it's very long, and very blue - as for art, is it true?

Philosopher Stefan Molyneux takes questions from Freedomain listeners:

Fauci Twitter files releasing today... We will just find out what we already know but what people will not do is key. So programmed.

What do you think of the term 'conspiracy theorist' from a philosophical context?

Hi Stef! Why do so many people lack any semblance of discretion with strangers nowadays, especially in professional settings? I can't scroll through LinkedIn without every other post being some woman talking about her abortion experience or a screed about destigmatizing an STD they caught. Is nothing private anymore?

What’s your take on people who want to get you drunk or constantly fill your drinks, but aren’t drinking themselves? Is that a way of dominating or making sure you’re “safe”? I’ve had that happen twice in the last 4 years in family type gatherings. In both cases they were older men – one severely depressed, the other was generally submissive to his wife – a “nice guy” type.

What are your thoughts having “guilty pleasure” media you enjoy? I was rewatching Pulp Fiction the other day, a movie I’ve loved for 25 years, and couldn’t help but realize “this movie has no virtue.” I’ve always thought of it as a guilty pleasure but now I can’t find redeeming value in watching it and turned it off halfway through. Do you have an guilty pleasures that you can still enjoy or have you come around on a movie and realized “this is actually trash and unhealthy”

On my flight today a purple hair 20 something year old lady with a full blown gas mask on! Unbelievable!!!

Stef why do females root for the underdog? Even when it’s clearly stupid or pointless? Ty!

Some parents seem to be unable to admit their mistakes or take responsibility for their past actions. If I cared about my children’s futures, I’d easily admit my past mistakes – “Don’t do it! Why? Because I did it and now I have deep regrets to this day and you can still see the consequences in my life.” If you still indulge in bad habits as a parent, the least you could say would be “Don’t do like I do”, right? Granted, I haven’t ruined marriages, abandoned my children or committed crimes.

What’s your policy regarding pocket money for children? At what point should they try to make their own money to buy bigger things like bicycles, electronic gadgets etc.? I know some parents buy expensive items for their children, but some encourage summer work. It seems beneficial in the long term, but it can create envy and resentment towards the other children and their own parents in short term.

Do you think that familial trauma was a result of the violence and trauma of early human evolution, during the transition from animal to something smarter? Could it have been possible in your opinion that we evolved actually peacefully initially, and that some abusive people dominated and threw us all into a cycle of abuse that people will either escape through momentous efforts in self knowle

Philosopher Stefan Molyneux answers subscriber questions from


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