Jonathan Tilt, Freedom Alliance Leader, interviewed by Emily Thorpe.
Why voting and political activism remain one of the few available avenues for challenging the globalists agenda. Not voting simply plays into the hands of the captured legacy parties and their globalist backers.

Kaela Banthorpe Freedom Alliance Chair is interviewed by Emily Thorpe. Kaela discusses the potentially catastrophic impact of the "covid crisis" on children. She discusses why she joined Freedom Alliance and how the party hopes to preserve a future for our children.

Nick Segal, Freedom Alliance coordinator for Bolton discusses how the globalists and governments are using fear to manipulate the population. Interview by Emily Thorpe


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Freedom Alliance are a U.K political party formed in March 2021 to oppose Covid related restrictions and the imposition of medical apartheid through vaccine passports. More widely we campaign against the entire globalist agenda including the move towards Central Bank Digital Currencies and social credit scoring. We are the only UK wide democratic anti lockdown party with all key decisions taken on a one member one vote basis.

Please join, support and vote for us.