No commentary or opinion, just truth. Part 1 of 2.

No commentary, no nonsense, just truth, and lies revealed.

Execution and harvesting of organs from people in China is not only encouraged, it's state ran.

MORE pushing for you to eat cloned meat from who knows where. Disgusting!

Personally, I would say, ABSOLUTELY yes. No reason why they couldn't.

Actor Bob Hoskins journeys across the islands of Indonesia and through Nepal's Himalayan foothills attempting to encounter tigers in the wild.

This is a bit eye opening to how these people think about clones and human cloning itself. Basically, this song is about creating a sex slave from a woman that you find attractive and keeping her forever... or until you get bored.

Clone Clone
Clone your lover
Clone your lover

Hello Hello
who wants the same
Hello Hello
calling your name
Hello Hello
stole your soul
Hello Hello
making you whole

When you're here
I don't care
what you say
what you say to me
as long as you say it

Clone Clone
Clone your lover
Clone your lover

Hello Hello
you want to know
Hello Hello
who's taking control

When you're here
I don't care
what you say
what you say to me
as long as you say it to me

Clone Clone
Clone your lover
Clone your lover

Wish there was something I could do
Wish there was something else than you
Wish there was the same but new
Wish that I could be with you

Anyone that tells you that there are not clones walking among us is either a fool or a liar.

The FDA does not currently require meat producers to label their meat as "cloned". That is... supremely scary.

He goes pretty deep here, take it for what it is, and understand it.

Synthetic meat has been promoted as plant-based clean meat and a healthy alternative to processed meat. But is it really plant-based, clean, and less processed?

What’s in synthetic meat?
• Autolyzed yeast (flavor enhancer)
• Bleached wheat flour
• Food dyes
• Artificial flavorings
• Canola oil
• Carrageenan
• Copper sulphate
• Corn oil
• Corn syrup solids
• Dextrose
• Hydrolyzed vegetarian protein (soy, corn, wheat)
• Modified food starch
• Mycoprotein

There are a lot of problems with these ingredients that can potentially lead to health issues. Not only that, but synthetic meat is not sustainable to live healthily off of. If something is sustainable, it has to improve your health.

A government school in Georgia has been exposed forcing high-school students to develop a business plan for a company that would tackle world hunger by making babies into food, sparking outrage across the state and beyond. In this interview on Conversations That Matter with Alex Newman, Truth in Education leader Rhonda Thomas breaks down the sick "exercise" and even shows some of the graphics and photos. Spread the word!

FOIA request reveals more grisly “science” with Planned Parenthood harvesting baby organs for FDA & NIH. It involves those at the highest level of govt.

An Alex Jones special report so take it for what you will, but he does have some evidence to back this claim.

Why such a big push? Do they want to... I dunno... sell you cloned meat from people?

Filmmakers Owen Newman and Amanda Barrett share footage and stories of such big cats as the cheetah, leopard, lion, caracal, and serval.

Everyone loves seeing documentaries about crocodiles... or at least I do. I am not a personal fan of David Attenborough or his Darwinist pushes, but the man basically has a monopoly on nature commentary these days.

The struggle to survive is played out daily in the great forests and plains, rivers and lakes, of the world’s wilderness areas. Working alone or in groups, perfectly adapted to sustain the delicate balance of nature, the greatest hunters on earth follow life-maintaining patters honed by evolution. Come along on the safari of a lifetime…

Humpbacks, orcas, dolphins, feeding habits, just a cool documentary. Take a break from all the craziness and see nature in it's natural state for a bit.

Part 1 of a 3 part series of Reader's Digest nature documentaries, made in coordination with BBC Wildvision/BBC Worldwide.

This episode concerns great journeys and migrations, following the progress of creatures such as snow geese, wildebeest, monarch butterflies and humpback whales.

This is the 1996 UK VHS release, with narration by John Bowe.

Reader's Digest video catalogue number RDV-87/330/1.

Commune with the Dolphins

Join Annessa, Delphi, Natua and Misty in their natural habitat in the Florida Keys. Share in their joyous behavior underwater and in the air above.

Accompanied by original music by Private Music artist, Carlos Alomar, this visual music film from Emmy-award winner Robert Riger seems to make time stop as you enter the magical marine world of the dolphins. Your journey is filled with the power, humor, compassion, energy, and serenity of these lyrical and magnificent mammals.

Enjoy this film often for the beauty of the experience, to calm you after a trying day, or during that quiet time of meditation. Surrender to the dolphins!


Journey into a tropical jungle of staggering beauty. Here, torrential rains annually transform the dry forest floor into a watery world where some of the most extraordinary and uncommon wildlife flourish. In waters 50 feet deep, you’ll encounter graceful river dolphins navigating through the flooded treetops and the usually lethargic three-toed sloth swimming agilely among the branches. Watch an arowhana fish leap through the air to grab a beetle perched on a tree trunk, and meet two masterful hunters—the electric eel and the notorious piranha. In AMAZON: LAND OF THE FLOODED FOREST you’ll witness the wonders of nature in what has been called “the greatest evolutionary theater in the world.”

If you ever read George Orwell's 1984, you should have no problem understanding the message of this report. Beware, it is much scarier than a Steven King novel and more occultic than Harry Potter. In short, mass serial killers have long been/are running the world. Precise unmistakable proof is provided in the report. Please read, verify, and share with your friends. Only an informed public has any power. It is copyright free for rebroadcast. Radio stations should air this information to inform prior to Martial Law. It's pretty darn important, as you will see.

Around the Crozet Islands, here is the incredible odyssey of a family of Sperm Whales facing rapid changes in their environment. From the stormy surface to the eternal darkness of the abyss, several generations of these deep-sea divers encounter men and their "toys": harpoons of yesterday, and fishing lines of today. Once victim of whale hunting, now accused of stealing fish, a sperm whale shares its private life with us. And what an immersion! We discover in turn its mysterious sonar, its competitors like orcas, and also the strange world of its neighbors - the deep-sea monsters. Amongst them, a revelation: the biggest squid ever filmed in its natural environment, almost 15 feet long. Come and discover the depths of the Crozet abyss

Ocean Stories 3 - Dolphins and Whales | Ocean Documentary Ute Margreff lives on Ireland’s Atlantic coast, Florian Graner in the Puget Sound in the Northwest of the USA. Both Germans share a deep passion for the sea and its creatures. About 10 years ago Ute Margreff got to know the female solitary dolphin Mara – it was the start of an unusual friendship. Florian Graner found its private paradise close to Seattle. Right in front of his doorstep he dives into a world inhabited by sea lions, giant octopus and orca whales. Both Ute and Florian fight for the protection of marine habitats, each one in a different and very unique way.


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