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Watch this viral video before you line-up with the other sheeple for your Bill Gates injection.
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The complete show. Lisa Boothe in for Tucker.
Re-upload, BitChute never posted it Saturday morning.

12 609am

Edited the segments a little differently this time to pace faster from story to story.
Cut the throws to breaks, bumpers, coming up teases etc. Other than that all segment content is complete.

Tucker is off fishing until Monday.

The complete show.


The complete show.

Also on tonight's show:
- Kanye West running for President
- California couple guests charged with hate crime for painting over black lives matter graffiti
- Ghislaine Maxwell given paper clothes to prevent suicide
- Biden plan supports reparations, Federal re-zoning power over suburbs, Citizenship to 22M illegals, felon votes etc
- Mike Rowe puts things in perspective. Also Brit Hume, Emily Compagno, Jason Nichols.

The complete show.

The stream froze, broke-up & died at the end right after Tucker says "we're out of time" -but fortunately other than a few seconds of the hand-off to Hannity getting cut off, the main show is all there.

Guests include Fox News regular Larry Elder, Col. Allen West, Carol Swain, Herman Cain, Candace Owens and many others.

In a collection of intimate interviews with some of America's most provocative black conservative thinkers, Uncle Tom takes a different look at being black in America.

Featuring media personalities, ministers, civil rights activists, veterans, and a self-employed plumber, the film explores their personal journeys of navigating the world as one of America's most misunderstood political and cultural groups: The American Black Conservative.

In this eye-opening film from Director Justin Malone and Executive Producer Larry Elder, Uncle Tom examines self-empowerment, individualism and rejecting the victim narrative. Uncle Tom shows us a different perspective of American History from this often ignored and ridiculed group.

The complete show.


The complete show.

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The complete show.

Tucker nails it describing the Republican party today--which is still the party of cowards and inaction we had under Obama that pushed many of us into becoming independents. Like the old group of cowards we had with the likes of Eric Cantor, John Boehner, Paul "give them everything" Ryan it's the same party with different faces, cowering under their desks afraid of being called racists.It's another shameful display of once again, leaving the American people to the mobs and open to Democrat rule.
There will be no next time once these Democrats just walk over the shameful, lying down lethargic wimps of Mitch McConnell and his playbook of do nothing. Sadly, these terrorist Dems are just getting started and there's NO opposition.

The Republican establishment & many of their voters don't want to hear these facts but you all better wake the hell up to the reality of whats happening to this country and what is coming.

Brit Hume called them shameful - Companies directly supporting and donating to hate-based, racist terrorist criminal mobs, funding the violence, assaulting, killing, destroying and burning in The United States and the list is growing daily:

The complete show.

Companies directly supporting and donating to hate-based, racist terrorist criminal mobs, funding the violence, assaulting, killing, destroying and burning in The United States and the list is growing daily:


Priceless -- Maria gives all talk & no action do-nothing Repubs Doug Collins & Devin Nunes crap for inaction.

The complete show.

Hannity will have a Trump town Hall tonight & I should have it here tomorrow.

The complete show w/ Hannity monologue.


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