The idiotic and annoying persona known as "Johnny Neptune", who continuous to make personal attacks and spread hate on the internet, used to embed or link to this video a lot, as he was quite proud of it for some unknown reason. Maybe he tired of being judged for it, or maybe his 'wife' finally made him privatize it on YouTube, where it still exists at:; but I promised him I would help him more widely publicize it here, so I will...

If you are interested in seeing more of Johnny Neptune, I know one place he still continuously assaults with his hate: .
There's even a whole thread dedicated to him there:

The persona known as "Johnny Neptune" is counted in that camp.

This FreedomZine Video was originally uploaded over a month ago here:

The actual interview originally aired 2019-09-06 on One America News Network and was also uploaded on 2019-09-07 here:

'Just-Kiss-It' finds this version more entertaining...
Jack Posobiec, better known as 'Pussy Jack', interviews 8chan owner, and crackpot defender of 'freeze peach', Jim Watkins, in this gripping tale of galloping giraffes and anonymous fun.

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There's even a semi-associated Article written by 'Just-Kiss-It' over here...

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No, this is not an Intro. It's an INTRO to an Intro.
FreedomZine is always saddened by senseless violence and any reactions that inhibit Freedom for anybody.
We'll have a REAL Intro soon...
Just wanted to get something out.
Pleeze No H8.
Just learning and practicing Authenticity through Creativity.
FreedomZine highly recommends more people practice Authenticity with Integrity.

Just-Kiss-It Approves of this Message, so if you need someone to blame...

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Here's a relevant FreedomZine article to this video also: (more was added on 10-01)

This Video was originally uploaded two months ago at

Yeah, we'll get around to the Intro SOON!

In this video Daisy gives her animal impressions for Just-Kiss-It & Johnny Neptune. Color them very impressed.
FreedomZine thanks Daisy for supporting Freedom.
Animals should always have the Freedom to Impress us with their Authenticity.
Even human animals.

You can witness more of Just-Kiss-It and friends giraffing around over at:

This video is also uploaded at
and was originally uploaded at

In this video Daisy gives her animal impressions, proving that she has definitely already seen Just-Kiss-It in his natural state.

You can witness more of Just-Kiss-It and friends giraffing around over at:

This video is also uploaded at
and was originally uploaded here


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