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Jamie, with his unique fire-like spirit, explains what is going on in the world and what we should do to resist. As he says 'know your God'...

How the theories and practices of psychology and psychotherapy of the last century, shaped the society and political arena we live into today, through the focus of every individual primarily on himself. A very revealing documentary.

How all the different people living today, with all their physical differences can all come from just 2 people, Adam and Eve.
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Does the second verse of the bible (Genesis 1:2) imply that satan fell and destroyed the earth? Is God rebuilding the earth, after satan's destruction on verse 1:2 of Genesis?

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Why did people sacrifice animals in the old testament? When did they start sacrificing? What's the importance of blood? Did Jesus have to suffer on the cross? Was Jesus a sacrifice?

Courtney's debate with Sean:

Is God the the only real god mentioned in the bible? Who are the gods of the other nations outside Israel and what is their relationship to the most high?
The third part of this presentation is not fully uploaded here. If you are interested in watching it you can do so here:

In this presentation we look at how the birth of John the Baptist relates to the birth of Jesus. Also we discuss about the confusion around when Passover starts and how the apostles in their gospels, account for the day of Passover, at Jesus' crucifixion.

A case against evolution and for intelligent design

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This is the presentation from a lawyer who was jailed for 3 and a half years for submitting evidence to the court for her client, who was accused for denying the holocaust

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Stephanie has a very interesting story about how she went into the 'mysteries' and how she came out them and why she started studying the present and future conditions of religions worldwide.
This is the link for the UN's meditation room that we mention in the video:!

Find Stephanie on:

What does the Greek word Homoousios mean? What is the difference between Homoousios and Homoiousios? Why were these terms important in the development of Christian Theology and Christology?

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This is the Q&A part of the presentation when was Jesus born
The program that I could not remember its name at the beginning of the video, where a year 0 is calculated into the timeline, is called 'ephemeris' and this is the link

Yesterday I was a guest on Johnny's Cirucci's show. We touched on the issues of immigration, RFK and the presidential candidates, before we read the selected verses. This is an excerpt, when I read the original greek text on issues about the cross, if Jesus went to heaven immediately after His death, whether we ought to keep the feasts and whether the law was nailed to the cross.
To watch the whole show:

This is not a flat earth discussion. This is actually a debate about the resurrection of Jesus. But at the time stamp 1:05:00 till 1:11:30, the atheist professor Antony Flew, offers unknowingly the ultimate reason why they, whoever they are, have to have all the people believe we live on a globe and not on a flat earth. Watch the whole debate to understand, where professor Flew is coming from denying the existence of the Creator.

Today Covenant Calendar team is making the case for what was the year and day, when the 12 years old Jesus was found in the temple. Was he celebrating the Passover? At the end of the presentation, Matt my husband, is explaining how he counted out all the 42 years of the Israelites in the wilderness, proving the day of Passover for Joshua, after they entered the promised land.

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