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Prostitution is "the world's old profession" but, still seen as taboo in most of the nation (especially here in Texas). Should it be dealt with so harshly though?

I'll keep saying it until everyone sees & believes it. The Leftist/WOKIES only have ONE standard that they live by. . .and it's double standards

This has been going on since Christ came to Earth. But we had stronger figthers then. If we don't stand now, then society will fall.

The media is telling us that racism is now WORSE than it was in the 60's. The real question is: Do you believe it?

Are me truly honoring the legacy of Dr. MLK Jr.? Or have we forgotten what the fight was for?

Maaaannnn, they want Kyrie to jump through more hoops than a circus animal; and that just ain't right.

Wanna know how to create fake racism? Just follow in the steps of ESPN's Ryan Clark

Let's be honest here. Not every sport is. . .nor should be forced to be. . .diverse.

I bet you didn't know that if you liked something by someone controversial, that meant you were controversial too. Well, according to the NBA (America's new morality police), that's EXACTLY what it means!

It's amazing! The thing that makes these megacorporations purchase these popular IPs is their massive fanbases. Yet, they deride them the moment they express their fanom. Go figure.

Projection is when people attribute to others what is in their own minds. That's pretty much the Liberal talking point.

The demand for racism far exceeds it's supply. That's good for soceity but, bad for Democrat politicians

It's quite easy to figure out why Hollywood just had its worst September box office numbers in 25 years. They're serving us garbage and telling us it's gourmet.

The problems with Marvel, at it's core, is their stifling of creativity & micromanaging projects. Turning, once great, IPs into barely passable content.

Pervert the IP. Distort beloved characters. Insert identity politics. Blame fans for failures. That's the current Hollywood's checklist for failures

Well, hell, are you really surprised? I mean this is just what your president does. . .has been doing. . .for his ENTIRE political career

Looks like they said the quiet part out loud. They don't equality. . .they preferential treatment

When their side commits the crimes it's just a "misuderstanding". When that same crime is done by the other side it's "an egregious hate crime"!

It still amazes me to see how fast & how deep the hypocrisy goes when it's exposed.

It's time to accept these as facts:
Everyone that helps you, ain't a friend
Everyone that disagrees with you, ain't an enemy

Since the position of sheriff is an elected position, it was only a matter of time before the virtue signaling started showing up here.

We, as black people, always take issue when Hollywood takes certain liberties with the African/African-American culture. . .we it depicts us in a negative light. So why aren't we just as angry when they lie about how "great" we were?

It's extremely aggravating, and insulting, to see Hollywood (and other entertainment forms) use black actors/actresses as a way to deflect legititmate criticism of a garbage product. It's even more sad to black folks go along with it.

Fear is a powerful thing. I can motivate you to take a positive risk, or keep you in a cycle of irrational behavior.

It's a quite easy to go from hero to villain if you're not careful. Before you know it, you've become the very thing that you fought against.


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