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I can't say that I'm stunned by this, so you shouldn't be either. Things have been quite on the Fake Racism front so, it was about time for a new fake racial controversy. Or, as I will call it from now on, a non-troversy.

The Underground Railroad is of great historical signifigance in the Black/African American culture. So, for ANYONE to attach that title to their movement is questionable. But when it has NO WHERE NEAR the goal of the Undergroud Railroad, it's f*cking insulting!

If you listen to the self righteous loud mouths, "diversity" was just invented, and implemented, in around 2016. But if look at the facts, it's been prevailent since the 70s. . .at least!

The Alphabet Mob (aka the LGBTQ+ community) is learning. . .the hardway. . .how devoted these corporations are to their "cause". While, simultaneously, learning their value to for-profit businesses.

It's absolutely perplexing to me to see how people believe that settling down with the one that they're having an affair with will lead to a stable & trusting relationship.

They say they wanted more sensitive men. They say needed more emotional men. But what they desire are the strong, old fashioned, alpha men that the derided for years.

The Gay & Lesbian Rights Movement of the 80s/90s was a just, and neccessary, action to get equality for that section of society. But with (virtuous & righteous) success, comes those that wish to manipulate & corrupt it for their own purposes.

You can tell the world whatever you'd like. . .and even have the media back it up. But "the proof is in the pudding"; your actions speak far louder than your words.

For as much as I call for rationale when dealing with the WOKE Disease, I fully understand why "normies" are constantly irrate. Those that are WOKE often do things that subtly. . .yet intentionally. . .piss off those that oppose them.

What is "WOKE" and who gets to decide what it is. . .and how it should be "attacked"?

I'll keep saying it, until people start getting it. Not every action a company makes. . .that you don't like. . .is WOKE! Pick your battles wisely; and make you know who the "enemy" is.

No one. . .especially the "Alphabet Mob". . .should be surprised when companies choose profits over pandering. Their job is to make money, not friends.

Did you know that if you have melaninate skin you HAVE TO vote a particular way? If you don't, in the (in)famous words of Joe Biden, ". . .you ain't black!". Oh yeah? Watch this!

We've been told, over & over again, that white people are the enemy. . .that they're the greatest threat. Who's our source on this? The very government that we're SUPPOSED to distrust.

This is just one segment (of 3) where I address certain claims that I don't like my race. . .that I'm a self hating black man. So I start with my issues with the use of black people in modern Hollywood.

Take a gifted young man whose talent has always given him a certain level of privilege; and then you give him generational wealth. How do you think he's going to behave never having to face serious consequences for his actions?

The timing was terrible but, IT'S ALL STILL FACTUAL! So what do you REALLY have a problem with?

Wow, just when I think my (black) people can't be more hypocritical, this comes up. I guess we're cool with cultural appropriation as long as we're the ones doing it.

Women are constantly crying about equality, and how men have all these (supposed) advantages over women. But women have the power to FALSELY destroy men, and face no repercussions

Just like the tragedy in Nashville, there's more to this than the type of weapon used. . .and the race of the person pulling the trigger.

Enough with all the pseudo science, and make-believe statistics. How about you show me and use some of your own common sense & deductive reasoning

We've been telling y'all, for the longest, that the "WOKE" mob doesn't have/won't spend money like us normal people. Now, you're finding out the hard way. . .AGAIN.

When trying to understand the ideological left, there's only one thing you need to know: You're either ALL in, or the enemy. There is no middle ground.

It can no longer be denied; and must addressed immediately. Because an attack on Christianity is an all out assault on decency & good values.

How can a child. . .that isn't allowed to chose what they want for dinner, or even their bedtime. . .decide that they're transgenger; and ready to make a life altering physical change?


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