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We speak with NZ singer/songwriter Jesse Wilde about his brand new song: We Had A Choice? (Ft. Jason Kerrison).
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- We Had A Choice? By Jesse Wilde (Featuring Jason Kerrison) -

- Faith Wilde on The Project TV3 New Zealand 14th of August 2023 -

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- River Of Freedom Film -

Speaking with Karl Barkley & Gabrielle Thompson on C.A.F.E.S: Collective Action For Energy Stability Saving Marsden Point Oil Refinery.
They ask for viewers to attend the Shareholders Meeting for Marsden Point: Your presence and vote are vital.

- C.A.F.E.S - Collective Action For Energy Stability group:

- Notice of 2024 Annual Shareholders Meeting -

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If you haven't become a shareholder yet, Sharesies makes it incredibly easy and even rewarding.
By signing up through the link below, not only will you breeze through the process, but you'll also receive a FREE $5, enabling you to become a shareholder at no cost! Yes, you read that right – you can start with 3 full shares absolutely free.
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Once you've become a shareholder, send a message to [email protected] where they'll welcome you to the Collective Action For Energy Stability Group (C.A.F.E.S).

- Channel Infrastructure Board -

- Is this the end of British Farming? Tractors storm Parliament. (PoliticsJOE) -

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Karl Barkley

Previous Interviews:
- Operation Good Oil (2022) -
- Karl Barkley (March, 2023) -
- Karl Barkley (Oct, 2023) -

Liz Gunn catches up with brave UP MP Andrew Bridgen and investigative journalist Steve Kirsch.

Wheresclarke Instagram Barry Young clip -

Andrew Bridgen's Legal fundraiser -

Andrew's Easter message -

Steve Kirsch Twitter Post on Myocarditis -

Steve Kirsch interview with Tucker Carlson -

New Zealand Loyal -

Speaking with NZ Loyal Botany representative John Armstrong about the agreement made between the government of South Africa and Pfizer for the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine. This document was made public in late 2023.
- The Pfizer South Africa Contract -

- The court documents filed:

- Cumulative analyisis Of Post-Authorization Adverse Event Reports -


- Former UK policeman Mark Sexton -

- Evidence to prove Covid 19 vaccine is safe and effective - OIA Request -

- Casey Hodgkinson Liz Gunn, first interview -

- Casey gets here wheelchair -

New Zealand Loyal -

In Conversation with Whistleblower Barry Young and brave UK Parliamentarian Andrew Bridgen: An update with both men on court appearances past and present and how the fight for truth against the corrupt globalists is progressing.
Our first interview with these two men, in the midst of the MOAR data drop last December, can be viewed here -

Nick Coyle outlines his experience of dealing with the bureaucratic central banking system in New Zealand. Nick is a brave man who's showing Kiwis how to stand up to blatant bullying and unreasonable banking intrusion into his life.

It's only when we stand together and demand of these corporations, that they behave with respect towards Kiwis, that things will start to get back to how they should be in this country.

To all banks in NZ! - Treat your customers with human dignity and listen to our concerns about your arrogance!

Write to James Willis: [email protected]

Antonia Watson - ANZ CEO. Contact via Linkedin -

Do you have a financial question for Nick?
Email: [email protected]. Email subject line: "For Nick"

To contact Nick directly - [email protected]

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Thank you for your support of Barry Young in his case in Wellington.
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In this update with Barry Young and former policeman Dan Picknell, we speak on Barry's ongoing court case post the release of the anonymised govt data, as well as the recent covid inquiry put forward by Winston Peters.
Barry's next court appearance will be in Wellington on February 23rd at 10am. Your support on the day is welcomed.

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Liz Gunn speaks to the impacts of the official government Covid "Inquiry" which is not all that it seems.

A Message from Liz Gunn to the
New Zealand Loyal supporters | Feb 7th, 2024.

In Part 4 of our NZ Loyal Local Council series with Logan Courtney and Tanya Ban, Hamilton City Councillor Andrew Bydder speaks about New Zealand's extremely high infrastructure costs. NZ has the highest infrastructure costs in the OECD.
Andrew also speaks about New Zealand's significant pipe failures and how labour and jacinda ardern used these infrastructure issues to nudge forward their own agendas.

To contact Andrew Bydder: [email protected]

An update with Steve Kirsch about the ongoing attempts by Te Whatu Ora to get Barry Young's anonymised database removed from Steve's server.

- Steve Kirsch's Newsletter:
- Steve's Twitter:
- Barry's Twitter -

To donate to Barry's legal fund (which NZ Loyal is covering the cost of) please click the link at the bottom of this page -

In Part 3 of our 2024 Local Council series, Andrew informs us of a recent 25%!! rates increase in his Hamilton City council, as well as talking us through some of the history of the origins of council as an idea. 

To contact Andrew Bydder: [email protected]

In Part 2 of our 2024 New Zealand Loyal series, Andrew walks us through the basics of how our NZ local councils operate, and what to expect/how best to prepare if you are interested in running for your local council, as well as the many pitfalls of how the local governing system actually operates.
To contact Andrew Bydder: [email protected]

In Conversation with Tanya Ban, Logan Courtney, and brave Hamilton City councillor, Andrew Bydder.
We start off 2024 with a series of interviews between all four of us, speaking about how New Zealand Loyal plans to engage in the New Zealand Local elections in 2025.

To contact Andrew Bydder: [email protected]

Speaking with Barry Young ( & former frontline Police Senior Constable, Dan Picknell.
Two Kiwi whistleblowers meet in this interview to speak about their recent experiences of standing up for truth and transparency.

Dan's First Interview -

Dan 2nd interview -

If you would like to donate to Barry's legal defence, you can do so on NZloyal's website:
***IMPORTANT*** Please include "WB" in the comment section so we know where to channel your donation to. It's important to note that this is for his legal bills only. he does not personally benefit. His legal bill already is nearly $20,000!

New Zealand's Ministry of Health finally replied to one of Steve Kirsch's email prompts.
Liz Gunn spoke to Steve about this and more today.

Steve Kirsch's Newsletter:
Steve's Twitter:

We are here to end
their reign of tyranny.
With the help of you LOYAL Kiwis throughout this nation of ours.

When elected, New Zealand Loyal will prioritise New Zealand's immediate departure from these globalist organisations.

Full Policy Overview -

Liz Gunn shares a crucial message with all voters who care about the future of New Zealand in this upcoming 2023 election.

Casey Hodgkinson Interview -

Dr Bruce Dooley - Federation Of State Medical Boards -

Interview with Politically Marooned Ex-National Voters -

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FreeNZ Rumble -

Full Interview -

Actor and writer Barry Duffield explains his doctors appalling reaction when he voiced his concerns.

To donate to Barry’s medical costs:
Barry Duffield

You can also support Barry by buying one of his books via Amazon -

Jeanette Wilson tells her story of being brutally injured by New Zealand Police on February 10th, 2022, on the lawns of Parliament, exercising her right to peaceful protest. Within an instant, a member of the New Zealand Police caused her to sustain an extremely serious injury: a broken sternum, plus multiple bruises from being roughly manhandled, as well as extreme pain for the following months.

Jeanette is a healer and was unable to apply herself to her work for many months after her injury. As of June 2023, she has yet to see justice for how she was treated.

In this update with actor and writer Barry Duffield, we revisit Barry's story of suffering, experienced since taking his 2nd dose of Pfizer. We also discuss Barry's shocking medical test results since our first interview.

We at FreeNZ will continue to follow Barry's story of recovery as he seeks to heal himself from his injury and will keep you updated on possible legal action based on the testing of his body's response to the Pfizer Jab and the increasingly startling scientific evidence.

Barry's main aim is to see the politicians - the ones who enforced these tyrannical rulings of mandates and lockdowns, be held accountable.

To contact Barry: [email protected].

FreeNZ's first interview with Barry:

If you would like to offer financial support for Barry's medical costs -
Barry Duffield

If you would like to directly support Barry's work, consider purchasing one of his books on Kindle or hard copy via Amazon -

Clinical and public health physician Dr David Bell shares his thoughts on the intrinsic value of human beings as an integral part of nature, and why we are better off not living in fear.

“There is more to life than avoiding death.”

Full Interview -

During this month, school teachers across New Zealand are being compelled to push radical transgender ideas into the impressionable minds of young New Zealanders, in what is known as 'Pride Month'.

This week June 12-16 is being touted as 'Pride Week' in Children's schools across the country.

Only one thing will stop this; full parental engagement with the schools to tell them to stop this blatant indoctrination. For parents to do this, we must all first comprehend the depths of the depravity behind the transgender push. Posie Parker held up a mirror to New Zealand.

In this 2-part interview, Ross Campbell speaks about his experience on the day of Posie's appearance at Albert Park and how important is that all Kiwis now stand up and protect our children.

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