Similar dictatorship like has been seen in Australia dragging children from their parents injecting them with an unwanted dangerous substance, has been noticed in the Netherlands where a few thousand children are still missing after having been taken from their parents.

But lately it’s getting more and more clear how politicians seem to be involved in managing the population and the food supply worldwide.

Klaus Schwab, the leader of the World Economic Forum, explains how they managed to infiltrate into regimes worldwide.

We're heading for mutual affection without sexual intentions, worldwide.

Only a few showing up while so much interest is shown, meeting up only once a month instead of weekly,
showed that the expected higher amount of participation is only expressed in writing.
This became understandable to me remembering all those talented dance partners who, super enthusiastically wanted to participate, helping me in creating a video showing how you can actually form one body with your partner.

The longer it took us to finally do the job, the more they started to doubt themselves so that in the end they didn't even dare to do it anymore finding really extreme excuses.

How is it possible that ladies who are admired worldwide by their many friends for their courage and talent, are so overwhelmed with fear?

In this case I can only conclude that this has to do with the fact that this is not about showing a well practiced trick.
This is about spontaneously showing a skill that everyone already naturally masters, but has been slowly unlearning it again, by that which is more or less imposed by the education system.
Moreover, a skill that can only be understood if one makes a personal study of it.

I saw moments when 2 dancers form 1 body on 4 legs, in almost every dance style.
But the focus in lessons of any of these dance styles is on learning sequences, posture and what makes you only look like 1 body on 4 legs.

I therefore hope that more and more people will see that this only leads to separation and to meeting the common narrative instead of interconnection between people.

Please get rid of your excuse why you can't enjoy dancing in connection and get connected with the rest of the world,
simply by practicing to move someone capable to let him/herself be moved as explained
and eventually you also will be able to let yourself be moved by the movement of your partner.

We call it Tangoplay but it's meant for dancing to any kind of music or even without music and to develop your own personal style, making it interesting for others to experience.

More info on

Another video posted in 2020 removed from Youtube so it must be essential news.

When poison enters the body, our body cells react by sending out exosomes.
These exosomes seem to be messengers for other cells to also start sending out exosomes in order to eliminate the poison that has entered our body.

Another theory is that these exosomes are actually viruses that enter our body from outside and make us sick.

These two theories are being checked in this video, concerning the Covid 19 virus.

1 When Covid 19, a respiratory disease not resolved by antibiotics, broke out in Wuhan, scientists found small protein balls being excreted by the cells.
This would make sense in both theories.

2 The PCR test, used to diagnose Covid, shows the existence of these small protein balls being excreted by the cells. So again, this would make sense in both theories.

3 During the outbreak on the Cruise ship the Diamond Princess, people were bunked up together for days without infecting each other.
This would make sense in the exosome theory but it wouldn’t make sense for the virus theory, as the small balls didn’t seem to be infectious.

4 The first case of Covid in Illinois was with a couple traveling back from Wuhan, both testing positive.
Medical authorities tracked over 300 people that had close contact with them but none of them tested positive.
Then again this would make sense in the exosome theory but it wouldn’t make sense for the virus theory, as the small balls didn’t seem to be infectious.

5 Also people in the middle of nowhere that seemed to have caught the virus but didn’t meet anyone that already had the virus.
This would make sense in the exosome theory but it wouldn’t make sense for the virus theory, as there weren’t any people around that seemed to be infectious.

6 Eighty percent of people testing positive are either asymptomatic or have slight cold symptoms.
This would make sense in the exosome theory, since the exosomes are not the cause of the illness but it wouldn’t make sense for the virus theory, as the small balls should be highly infectious.

7 Some people switch from testing positive to testing negative and back again in a matter of days.
This also would make sense in the exosome theory were the cells might be releasing more or less exosomes, depending on certain conditions, but it wouldn’t make sense for the virus theory where you are supposedly infected until you got rid of the virus.

Genetically engineering the human race seems to be the number one goal of vaccines so far.
Amandha Vollmer explains how.

Insider explaining how the sequence of jabs is meant to destroy your ability to make white blood cells and destroy your immune system that way.

Dancing in Germany at a place offering free entrance seems like a good start for supporting independence of money abroad,
although the common need for facilities still required a voluntary gift.

Not bad for a start and an interesting opportunity to try the public transport.

This public transport is offered for only €9 for a whole month, seemingly to get people used to overcrowded trains, so they can offer lower prices later on.

When I didn't fit in with my bike after waiting an hour after also missing the previous connection that most probably didn't wait for my delayed train because it was also overloaded,

I managed to save my day by biking 25km to the nearest Dutch railway station across the border.

Picking up some food on the way at home, just in time to really dance for free in Amsterdam.

PS. in the Netherlands they use the shortage of personnel as an excuse for cancelled and overcrowded trains.

Of the 49 interested, 3 actually dared to come and dance, together with me and Eva.
As you can see, 3 loving people who absolutely don't care what others think of them.

3 out of 49 may seem like a setback, but it certainly wasn't.
It confirms that I'm not the only one initially feeling uncomfortable sharing intimacy, deviating from the average or feeling watched.
Small children show that this fear is taught.

The number of people who already have been planning to participate for years has risen again.
Soon there will be no more legitimate excuse for not joining in, sharing this mutual pleasure in the form of an meetup play, involving eye contact, physical contact, laughing, talking, playing and more of that kind of adventure?

If you've never danced before, you might tell yourself that dancing is fun to watch, failing to see the value of this way of taking care of yourself, in this age of political power games and deprivation of liberty.
Yet after about 10 years of seeing people come and go, I'm still convinced that, as soon as a larger group discovers the enormous value of this meetup play and continues to participate regularly, people will also discover the value of the independence of money and authorities, and it will spread worldwide.

And so we lived happily ever after.

Russel Brand spoke to activist Vandana Shiva about the Dutch farmers and how the mainstream media have framed their protests over new ecological regulations.
Vandana explains how it all started many years ago.

SKY-news from Australia, reports how Justin Trudeau from Canada and Mark Rutte from the Netherlands are functioning as pin up boys for Claus Schwab's, WEF.

Rutte is introducing a plan to transform the global food systems and land use.
In other words how the farmers have to go to make way for the city and how the depopulated countries that massively immigrate to the Netherlands, can be used for growing food.

In 2017 Claus Schwab is boasting about his young global leaders of the WEF, including Vladimir Putin, infiltrating in every single government, forcing a way to be executing their plans with the world.

This young girl explains what exactly is going on around this worldwide take over.
Starting in Australia. Watch and be prepared!

The mechanism of Tango play seems quite similar to a mutual massage.

When the masseur or masseuse applies pressure, the receiver determines the subtlety of the massage by applying light counter pressure for soft movements or strong movements by applying heavy counter pressure.

This should mean that this tango massage is always nourishing for both,
unless the recipient would already cause the movement in her body herself, instead of letting the masseur's movement cause it by giving counter-pressure.

Even if the masseur invites the recipient to make the body-movement herself and follows this movement as if he moved her body himself,
also then the movement of the masseur no longer should be nourishing as this action will most probably cost energy instead of generating energy.

More information:

In Tangoplay you don't learn to make the same steps, in order to look like 1 body on 4 legs.
You literally learn to form 1 body on 4 legs because you connect your upper body with the moving upper body of the other, so you can let the movement of the other move your legs and new variations arise spontaneously.

In Acroplay, you can connect your hipbone to the feet of the other person, allowing those feet to move your body in the most diverse positions and movements.
Like Tangoplay, this only works if one moves and the other connects.
If you anticipate or unexpectedly make a movement instead of connecting with the moving body of the other, you disconnect or throw the other off balance, causing the overall connection to fall apart.

In Playful Sparring you learn to prevent the movement of the other, to move you and how you can stay safety during a fight. Without hurting each other by building up from slow motion to full speed using fluffy hands to point out each other’s weak spots.

More info on:

The new HIV scare seems to meant to take away the attention of the side effects of the vaccines.
Rainer explains how people who got vaccinated don’t even will remember that they got vaccinated.

Suddenly a virus that was known not to be airborne, would be infecting us.
Why was HIV one of the ingredients of the vaccine in the first place.
Why did vaccinated people suddenly test positive for HIV?
You better don’t miss this, if you want to find out.

A kizomba dancer visiting a festival using my hostel as a basis, reminded me of the values I used to have and the values I have turned to.

Before having taken the effort of building a serious relationship I was making love with every woman I felt attracted to.

I remember I was shy and afraid of intimacy and put a lot of effort in making eye contact in order to feel comfortable doing so.

Women liked that and seemingly felt encouraged to take the initiative to come closer, inviting me to come over closer.

During my military service I learned to be more extrovert in talking or even provoking people by sharing my opinion about them.
This resulted into women losing their interest in me but was valuable to me to feel more confident about myself.

During my first serious relationships I dreamt of having found the one and only partner that was going to take care of me in the same way I was taking care of them but instead I found out what loneliness is all about, when this didn't turn out to be possible.

In this period sexuality was very important for me in order to feel good about myself.
Also a sexy appearance of my partners seemed to be very important to me.

During the last relationships I learned more and more how I seemed to feel attracted by women with a sense of authority, finding out that this authority was always a kind of screen to cover up insecurity and a tool to keep up appearances around their status for example.

Meeting a variety of people all over the world during an intimate setting dancing tango, I learned about my own need for authority during my efforts to take charge in defending my own needs.
Finding out how they fit in with the needs of others.

I noticed that my need for sexuality, gradually was replaced by the need to develop myself emotionally.
Meaning my capacity to translate my thoughts or to share intimacy and tenderness without sexual intentions.
Finding out that sex had always been a kind of drug for me to nourish the lack of affection.

The main reason for me to put so much effort in trying to inspire people to start dancing outdoors, is to lower the level of snobism in the dance sector, welcoming a bigger variety of people to enjoy the benefits of social contact without restrictions, independent from authorities or money,.

But during my last trip to Malmö and Copenhagen I realized that we need snobism if we really want to get to know ourselves and grow.

Meeting people who share our values feels great but meeting people who don't, is the only way to check the benefit of our own values in order to confirm that benefit or as an indicator to adjust our values.

But how can I feel comfortable in a situation where nobody makes eye contact unless I jump in front of them?
Although I don't feel comfortable inviting people who don't even look at me, it brought me some pleasant dances and when others saw how much fun we had, some of them even came to invite me.

Until I ask a young lady that seems to be a teacher.
I kind of took her by surprise by jumping up when she turned her face to me and she accepted but after one dance she's telling me she has to stop as there is something in her shoe.

But after sitting down taking her shoe off and putting it back on again, she turns away like she never saw me before.

So I decided not to invite anymore and to have a look at the faces passing by.
Some smiling but the majority looking so extremely serious that it makes me laugh.

The moment I decide that it wouldn't get any better than this, a lady that avoided me all evening looking kind of angry and clearly avoiding me,
approaches me saying that she remembers me "skolding" her in 2018.

I ask her what "skolding" means and she tells me that I told her that I didn't want to dance with her because she's a bad dancer.

I immediately start defending myself that she probably misunderstood but she explains that I didn't want to dance anymore because she was leading instead of following.
Unfortunately, again I defend myself saying that I love to be lead.

"Well, anyways" she says, "I'm here to ask you if you want to dance with me, because now I'm a better dancer".
"Of course I want to dance with you!" I say.

So we dance and after the first song I tell her with a smile that I'm happy that not everything went perfect, as that's part of the game.
Eventually I thank her for sharing her feelings and apologize for saying anything that made her feel bad before.

We hug and smile and she thanks me for the wonderful dances.

More information on

Acroplay teaches you to create movement with the body of the other person, while the other one takes charge of the connection with you.
Balancing, stretching and training all the muscles in your body.
But moreover to have a good laugh and social interaction with your partner while developing teamwork.

More info:

Dancing in connection is easier when the partner named “follower” starts with the leading role.
Until the leader takes over, as soon as everything runs smooth enough.

Connecting while both moving to the music is an illusion.
Just like being equal is an illusion in a hierarchie.

Try letting yourself be moved by the movement of your partner.
Or try moving the legs of your partner to the rhythm of the music.
Using the connection your partner is providing for that.

The difficult part of that is not the movement or your repertoire,
but rather, maintaining to be yourself without wanting to change the other,
or wanting to live up to expectations yourself or admitting to fears.
Wanting to anticipate or helping the other with his task.
Difficulties with not being good at it already.
Difficulties with giving away control.

Practicing not to react to movements from the leader, can be a way to maintain being yourself,
until you feel enough pressure to provide the counter-pressure needed to let yourself be moved.
Or even to stop the leader from moving.
Or let him stop you from moving.

So he can fasten your shoe laces, for example.

If the leader feels your counter-pressure as a reaction to the pressure he’s providing,
He can make a step with your leg and put his foot in the space that is created.
By clearly moving his weight from left to right, he can also move your weight from left to right,
so he can feel which leg he can move.

And before the walking would get boring, new possibilities to move her will start to exist.
As long as she will provide counterpressure as a reaction to the pressure she receives,
you move like one body on four legs.
And come to a halt like one body on four legs.

This way you can play with the pressure and counter-pressure you receive.

During this play, you will get to know the personality of your partner.
But moreover your own personality and how you can handle the one of your partner,
and how useless it is to blame anyone/anything except yourself for any failure.

You learn to handle rejection, setback, arrogance and shame.
But also attention, affection, intimacy and teamwork.
The power to develop yourself in any social field.

With old friends but also with complete strangers.
Spontaneous and for anyone available.

Independent from money, authorities, rules or regulations.

Because what is it what you are looking for when you…
When you supposedly “go out, chill out, or going out for a drink”...?

Searching for sexuality as a result of a shortage of social contact?
Social contact, a good conversation, affection, humanity?


More info at:

Alenka Wacek, who worked for the company Olgacom Global between 2007 and 2009,
blows the whistle on the Dutch royal family and minister Bleeker who travel around the world signing business deals concerning Climate change,
while using Olgacom as a shadow company for Pharmaceutical giants like Bayer/Monsanto, that help industries like DSM to get rid of their industrial waste material to do tests on the populations around the world spraying them with aerosols, containing this waste material as a component

Here’s a link to the only original video I could find, that wasn’t taken down yet, with French subtitles:

Playful Sparring teaches you to prevent the movement of the other person, bringing your body or part of it, out of balance, avoiding to get hit, in order to guarantee your safety during a fight.
Without hurting each other from slow motion building up to full speed.

More info:

(with Dutch subtitles)

Mike Adams is warning for the fact that nobody is liable for the harm that can be done by vaccines and for this they seem to being used as a weapon against humanity.

Details about who are involved and how.

FREE PLEASURES WORLDWIDE <[email protected]>

13:22 (1 uur geleden)

aan mij
Do you know the feeling when others try to change you ?

Is it when your dancepartner is pushing you into unwanted positions, using his arms instead of moving you with his torso using the amount of connection you provide for that?
Or rather when you push back trying to keep him from pushing you, instead of simply letting him slip away from you?

Can you imagine a similar experience in every day life?

More info on

Traditional tango can be a load of fun playing with the connection together.

But most advanced dancers seem to prefer dancing with dancers of the same level, or only with specific dancers that learned to get to know each other's movements.

Although the tango community is the most peaceful loving community I ever experienced,
also in this community, people are being divided by rules, sequences, poses and basic steps that determine how we can only dance with others of the same level.

Unless we find out and practice how to move our partner into this sequence, using our heart as our guide and our torso as our tool.
While our partner can generate the right counter-pressure that makes the movement of our torso move her legs.

This way we don't need to worry about the level of experience of our partner anymore and we can enjoy dancing with anyone we feel comfortable with and eventually even with anyone we don't feel comfortable with.

We learn to cooperate with others in many different ways and most of all, we learn to know ourselves.
Our limits, our hidden capacities, our weaknesses and our skills.

Imagine how this world would look like if we all would know how to cooperate with others and how to achieve mutual goals without depending
on rules anymore.

More info on:

With a guest from Bilbao visiting.

More info on:

Summary of an interview with Karen Hamaker-Zondag about her astrological view of recent geopolitical developments.

From the enormous knowledge Karen Hamaker-Zondag has gathered, she’s describing the great reset and how it is meant to make the people in power owners of all the homes of people who didn’t pay off their mortgage yet, after the banks (most probably in September) will collapse and all debts will be nullified so some of them might be “happy without owning anything” but at the mercy of the ones owning it.
The digital currency will make it clear what, how much and when people buy anything, leaving total control to the banks.
The situation is also giving opportunities to start new initiatives but from bottom up.

Karen describes the historical memos telling the story how the Council of Foreign Relations, the richest of the earth, have been using the worldwars to take over the power from the United Kingdom by installing military bases all over the world while they kept the UK fighting the war against Germany.

Since 1941 they have been planning a world government by the United Nations already then planning to use the Ukraine for pressuring Russia.
But as a result of all these power games, more and more people start seeing the benefit of regional and hart to hart connections, which will most probably break the power of the Elite in about 10 years.

Link to the original video:

Sadhguru explains how living playfully can overcome negative thought patterns.

You might have noticed that these physical activities like dancing at the station, playing acro in the park or playful sparring are ways to relax and be playful. No competition or levels, just fun.

Link to original video:


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