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Thanks to ODD for his hard work, talent and his great editing skills. Go check his Channels.

Anti-Illuminati song by B.O.B.

Listen carefully.

Can you see it? It's Flat.

Simply beautiful.

Bubbles in Space. Need I say more? Tell me what you think about that.

One of the best videos explaining how the sunlight works. Really awesome.

Almost Everything we've been told is a lie. Research Flat Earth.

Research Flat Earth.

In this video we can clearly see the construction of the Stonehenge, another masonic deception.

Watch the all new documentary, produced by Hibbeler Productions. This episode : The truth in PLANE sight - covers the Globe deception, 9-11, Chem-trails, Fake News, Crisis Actors, & More!

All the credits to ODD Reality. Subscribe to his channel here:
Feel free to share.

Feel free to share.

Sorry for the noise at the beginning. Feel free to share.
#Geonengineering #Agenda21 #DepopulationProgram

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Flat earth music. Feel free to download and share anything you want. Peace.

Jewtube has block this video worldwide, soo.. Here I am. :D
Fair Use. All the credits to Cartoonz Exposed. Subscribe to his YT channel:
Feel free to download and share all the videos you want.

This video has been blocked worldwide by youtube. This simple and Mind-Blowing experiment reveals how easy it is to control the thoughts and behavior of the masses.
Research flat earth.
God is Real.

This video has been blocked worldwide by Youtube.
What's wrong with this people??? You can take a quick look at the Talmud and its teachings to realize that nothing is what it seems. I'm not anti-semite, because Christians, Muslims and Hebrews are all equally semites. I'm anti Zionist and anti New World Order.
Research Agenda 21
Research Georgia guidestones.
Research "The Khazars"
Research WTC 7

Thanks so much to Hibbeler Productions for this masterpiece.

Flat Earth Man _NASA is faking everything


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To break the spell, nothing better than Flat Earth, my Friend. Welcome to the channel.