Identity, or a person's sense of self is an integral part of any worldview. How do we understand and answer the question "Who am I?"

Jungian Archetypes
Enneagram of Personality

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Collectivistic groups use purity mechanisms to filter out undesirables. This video focuses on the mechanisms used to maintain the purity of the group in the context of the previous video on collectivism.

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An intro into the collectivist mindset, which is a basic worldview structure that can be varied based on specific context.

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Rather than having strict boundaries, the New Age Spirituality of the 80's is more dynamic. Without a set orthodoxy, the "New Age" is individualistic in the sense of non-conformity, and draws on many backgrounds from Madame Blavatsky and other teachers. This makes the "New Age" rather difficult to define, because the teachings are vastly varied and nuanced.

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New Age movement

Expanding on the last video dealing with worldviews in general, this video covers a handful of examples of various worldviews and effects of belief. In addition, this video seeks to provide an introduction into the concept that your beliefs have definite consequences in daily life.

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This video is meant to be a beginning overview of the topic of worldviews in general.
Future videos will aim at nuance and specifics, but this video is just a "zoomed out" version hoping to get some basic, over-arching ideas across.

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