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Zionism A Devil In Disguise.

Who was Nicholas Roerich? Did he make it to Shambhala. Who are the 'Kings of the World? Do you know about the 'ROERICH PACT' (PAX CULTURA)? Did the NY Zionist Elite trick Roerich into stealing the 'Holy Grail" from Shambhala? Three of the largest pieces of MOLDAVITE (The meteorite tektite said to be the CROWN JEWEL of LUCIFER/SOPHIA on the "FALL FROM HEAVEN". Was Roerich the Mastermind behind the OCCULT SYMBOLISM on the $1 Bill?

Anthony Patch breaks down what's happening at CERN on April 8th. Its implications on humanity and a secret TEST Program to use (STRANGLETS) as a weapon system on the Firmament (or Glass Ceiling as HRC described it).
(Strangelets are theorized cosmological objects composed of an exotic form of matter known as strange matter or quark matter. This form of matter is created in the cores of particularly massively neutron stars. In neutron stars, the remnants of collapsed stars with masses between 4 and 8 times that of our sun, pressure and temperature is so intense that the protons and electrons in atomic nuclei fuse to become neutrons. The resultant matter is sometimes referred to as neutronium, a sea of neutrons packed far more densely than conventional matter.) Source (

David Radius Hudson is credited by most people in the field as being the originator of the term “Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements”, or by its acronym, the ORME.

Mr. Hudson began speaking publicly about his research and discoveries in 1995, when at that time he pointed out the multiple connections between the works of Zecharia Sitchin [1], the Anunnaki, the Tree of Life, The Egyptian Book of the Dead, Alchemy, Immanuel Velikovsky, Superconductivity, Ark of the Covenant, The Adam’s Family, and more recently the works of Laurence Gardner. [2] There are also numerous researchers interested in a variation on the ORME, the ORMUS, where it is assumed that the working material is not necessary mono-atomic, but may be diatomic — consisting of two (or more) atoms of the precious metals.

The story of Mr. Hudson’s efforts over the years is given in the form of a rough transcript of his presentation in 1995 at the International Forum on New Science in Fort Collins, Colorado. As such, it serves as an excellent introduction to the study of the ORME, and its immense implications. His story and the profound revelations of his work are well worth considerable study. This is only the beginning introduction. It says that at 1160 degrees, the white powder of gold fuses to form gold glass. It’s a transparent glass, just like window glass. And in Revelations, it says, “The streets of the New Jerusalem will be paved with gold of the purest light, as transparent as glass, and the foundations of New Jerusalem will be made with gold liken unto glass.”

This is the gold glass, the very basis of the New Jerusalem. The very basis of raising our self and our consciousness to this higher state. This highest light that will activate all of our DNA will cause us to use all of our brain again, and we will return again to the original state that we were created to be in. Before we fell to the sleeping existence we know now.

These elements are in all of the herbs, the herbal teas, and many of the vegetables you vegetarians are eating. You get them in small amounts. Through work, dedication, years of study and meditation, you can achieve similar results. But it is tough to be a Tibetan Monk. This is called the Keys of the Kingdom. You insert it, and turn it and… It isn’t the answer, but the way to the answer. But if you step through that door, that’s your decision. Nobody’s going to make you take it.

There are many people in this world that don’t want this to happen. But this is the New World Order, just not the one George Bush saw. It can be scary. But it is here. Every piece is now known to Science. The philosophical implications are immense. (

The 3 Waves of Volunteers

Throughout her career, Dolores identified a pattern in many of the clients she saw over the years. While many people reported past lives in all types of situations, societies and cultures on Earth throughout many different time periods, certain individuals who came to see Dolores described that the life they were currently living was the first and only life they have ever had on Earth. When asked where they were from, they simply say the “Source” and they express deep sadness they are here and how much they miss “home.” Further sessions with such individuals revealed that first time incarnates have actually volunteered to come to Earth at this specific time with the intention of helping humanity raise its vibration in the process of ascension. Some volunteers have never lived in a physical body before, others have lived as space beings in extra-terrestrial civilizations on other planets and others have come from other dimensions. As a result of the amnesia we all experience before entering the Earth dimension, they remember neither their assignment nor their origin. Thus, these beautiful souls have an extremely difficult time adjusting to our chaotic world and have a vital role to play as they help all of the rest of us create a New Earth.

In The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth (2011), Dolores describes the call that went out for volunteers to help the Earth as a result of the atomic bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. The first wave of volunteers that came were the “way showers” and certainly had the most challenging time as they plowed the route those who came after would follow. The second wave act as antennas of energy, their job is to simply exist and affect those around them. Third wave volunteers, many of the children with incredible talents, abilities and memories, are literally the gift to the world. They possess the knowledge and wisdom that will help humanity complete the transition and overcome the many obstacles that lie ahead.

Mineral Properties: Moldavite is a member of the Tektite group, a glassy, deep green mixture of silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide and other metal oxides, with an amorphous crystal system. It is found only in the Bohemian plateau of the Czech Republic.

Healing Energy: Moldavite is known as a stone of rapid and powerful spiritual transformation. It can catalyze major priority shifts and even physical life changes. Its tendency is to attract all that relates to one’s spiritual evolution and highest good, and to dissolve one’s connections with whatever hin-ders that evolution. These can include changes in career, relationships, diet, health and personal goals, as well as inner awakenings, prophetic dreams, and visions of one’s true destiny.

Vogel Cut Crystals are natural quartz crystals that are carefully cut in conformance to the findings and teachings of Marcel Vogel (1917-1991). They are crystals that are often used in meditation, energy work, and clearing work. The crystals are cut in a specific way that maximizes the collection, amplification, and transmission of the Universal Life Force Energy also often referred to as “Chi” or simply “energy”.

My thoughts in realtime.

You have given refuge to this parasite for millenia inside your mind, being fed its agenda, and you, like a good little labrat, are carrying it out with precision. Your compassion and empathy have been compromised to such a degree, you are dangling in this reality like monkeys in a tree. You are so swayed by collectivism you are manifesting it into existence with an already fried imagination. You stumble, tumble and mumble, self policing your ideals and dreams like an executioner. But are you ever humble? Where is your awe of existence? The hard work has already been done for you by the 'Mother of All', and her acceptance, her sheer tenacity to defy the Prime Creator and journey here to be here with us on this journey through FEAR, is what is inside every woman, but not every man.

Pre-eminent Gnostic Scholar of our time John Lamb Lash discusses the lethality of the dangerous cult of Communism, its origins, its trickery and its deception. That engaging in this demonic insanity will drain your life force for no other reason than to capture your mind, soul & spirit and destroy it. Once you are captured, there is no way out. Those who are deemed evil in this society by the establishment are those who have tried to break these decptive chains. They have tried to open our eyes against this barbaric evil. But have we really listened to them. Yet we are collectively yeilding to our own divine destiny. Giving away our power like it was ours to give. True benevolant power enters your psyche in order to be dispersed to the collective soul, not held onto for your own enjoyment. Not to be owned, misused or exploited by your ignorance and selfishness. Be prepared if you own this evil, or give it a place in your polarised world. IT WILL DESTROY ALL WHO CONSUME ITS EVIL.

YOU WERE WARNED back then but never listened. All colonial nations on Earth at the mercy of these psychopathic unelected parasitical bureaucrats of the W.H.O, W.E.F., U.N., who are all satanic worshiping parasites. Run by the ZIONISTS. And all who have been tainted by them will go down with them. ACADEMIA is where they grow their toxic larvae. The people will be dissolved from our existence on this planet. And banish them from existence for ETERNITY. So mote it be. So mote it be. So mote it be.

This man stood up and said his piece clearly and succinctly during the mass cull of the JAB. Whether intellectuals and academics shun this man they are shunning the truth. The great LIE has poisoned the minds and the halls of ACADEMIA. The universities lay in ruin because the old decrepit professors who have used capitalism for their own benefit and shunned it in their institutions, preaching socialism and communism as the only way forward, poisoning the young minds of our children. The evil which exists in this country at the upper echelon of power stinks to high heaven. And like England, this country is run by satanic pedophiles and cross dressers. These disgusting old boys are dying thank goodness and when the earth is rid of them we will have a chance to take our countries back and eventually rectify the tremendous damage they have caused us for decades. Church and state run together in this country especially in South Australia,The Church State, which kills an average of three hundred children a year by satanic rituals. Their bodies are found floating down the River Torrens with their asses ripped open beyond belief. I should know I nearly was one of them. 17 years in religious institutions at the mercy of these evil pieces of shit. May we all find peace in our hearts to navigate this last journey out of their hell. Stay Sacred Brothers and Sisters we are nearly there.

Anthony Patch, probably the most informative researcher on the nefarious agenda of CERN (European Council for Nuclear Research) tells of the upcoming COVID 19 application and agenda 8 years before it happened.

David O’Brien is a Poet/Philosopher/Radio Host/Mentor. He was born on the 14th November 1957 in Adelaide, South Australia. He, his brother and two sisters spent all of their childhoods in orphanages. Abandoned at the age of one, his life entered the realms of aloneness none of us want to experience. His early life within Catholic Institutions was the platform for a life of searching for the destabilising components of the ‘Male Mythos’. His search has led him into most realms of experiential theory and further into the evolutionary cycles of humanity. His ‘POESIS’ or ’lifes work’ is to attain gnosis through experiencing the human condition in all of its failures. Once an experienced bank of knowledge has retained itself within the conscious mind, it opened up the doorways into the subconscious. In accessing the subconscious mind through a level of experience, self-programming becomes identifiable and apparent.
Most, if not all of humanity will never need to enter these realms of solitude. The innocence of virtue being thrown into the darkness of a religious culture, which at the time was preparing to destroy the family from within. Being a social outcast in the late fifties, in a religious institution with carers who were cut off from their sexuality, was the formula for this destruction to takes it toll on a global scale.
His life of poetry has been evolving for 33 years. Words were an essential and viable tool to recreate the harmony taken away from him at such an early age. Words that came from within. Nurturing words made themselves known to him from the depths of his psyche we dare not access, or neither have access till later on in our lives. This understanding of deconstruction is prevalent in his poetry. It is a logbook of release from the constraints of oppression.

In the advent of the late fifties, David and his three siblings found themselves abandoned by their parents at the ages of 3 months (Nannette), 1 year old (David) / 2 years old (Gail), 3 years old (Stephen) in a council house in Queenstown, South Australia. There was mention of a huge fight where both the parents left the house and went their separate ways, never to return. Three days later after the smell of four young children in a house by themselves aroused the neighbours, they entered the house and the children were taken into state custody, then processed and made ‘Wards of the State’ of South Australia. Their Mother did not try to reclaim her children. Their father however was lurking around the young children after he had institutionalized them. The fathers’ constant degradation and sexual abuse as a child by the Clergy while a student at Kings College in Meerut, India during the course of his childhood was the foundation in which he sexually abused all his children and many others whom he came in contact with.

Many efforts were made to incarcerate the father but none were successful. His adaptation to hide from the carers of these Orphanages was tantamount in them allowing him to pick each child up separately from two institutions on a weekly basis and hiding their sexual and physical abuse for many years. As Adelaide, South Australia was filled with rather a large number of Institutionalised Religious Care Facilities precipitated by most if not all religious organisations in creating empathic environments for the public to be more welcoming for Religious Organisations to participate, on a Community level, in the caring of the young abused and abandoned children who were victims caught up in a fundamental pandemic of Family Dysfunctionalism which was at that time in the early 60’s were of Global proportions. It led to the One Parent Family Syndrome, of which now it has reached global epidemic. David spent 17 years institutionalised with the Roman Catholics from the age of one. 12 years in an Orphanage with his brother and 5 years in a Catholic boarding school.

They were ostracised from each other and separated from his two sisters for years at a time. His understanding of FEAR and willingness to share his knowledge for the sake of living a well-balanced and spiritual life is what he does best. In what could have been a complicated life, there was protection and space to be an observer of the calamity which was taunting our communities, the fear which had caused men to create self imposed prisons, and the disrespect people had for the Divine Feminine, and the way each carried out the Church's campaign to demonise women.
As we weave ourselves through an untendered landscape filled with deceit and treachery many souls will be given as sacrifice to this illusory beast. So now we mop up the tears of our fathers who were bastardized for the sake of living soulless lives here on this beautiful planet.

This is not the way MEN should live.

Stay Sacred!

A couple of years ago, some students asked me to write a 500-word description of Sophianic Animism. I then recorded it and it was put into this video montage. I offer this upload as a preview to material soon to be released for free to Visitors on Sophianic Animism is registered with the legal status of a religion in the USA. It is the form of Planetary Tantra designed for those who are not disposed to learn the technical aspects and advanced techniques of that discipline. Thus it is fondly known as "PT Lite."

John Lamb Lash.


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