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Clip from The Dick Cavett Show aired on May 14th 1971.

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Facebook's Fascinating (and Disturbing) History of Secret Experiments

Facebook is funding brain experiments to create a device that reads your mind

Sadly, Irish Savant has been censored and removed from the shitty platform. If he resurfaces somewhere else, please be sure to let me know!

Listen you racist, The Great Reset is just a conspiracy theory. In this risible propaganda video, the World Economic Forum sets the record straight: The virus has destroyed our "old normal" (not the government reaction to the virus) and global leaders are not conspiring to completely transform our world (they only want to Build Back Better after our lives are utterly destroyed). So sit back, trust the plan and let the experts dictate your new normal--after all, do any of us have a choice?

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"Now that we're well and truly settled into this 'new normal..." Razor has come out with the MUST HAVE face covering that all the cool kids will be wearing. Have you got YOURS?

Funny clip from the 2006 pilot "Modern Men" (never aired).

"The US public is as divided over what transpired at the nation’s capitol on January 6, 2021 as it is over who won the 2020 Presidential Election. So what exactly happened at the so-called Capitol riot? Here are 10 questions to consider … while we still can."

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X marks the spot. There seems to be something esoteric about the way we are managed.
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Another excellent film by Swilliamism (Sam the Blogger) from May 2018.
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All the evidence you need to understand how Trump truly feels about people like YOU.

This is an excerpt from a stream I did with Critiqued a few months back, where I read a letter I wrote to my ancestral home of Ireland and all the good people I met while I was there.

You can listen to the whole conversation here:
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In a world filled with lies and bullshit, it is more important that ever to understand the difference between science and dogma. I hope this provides you with some helpful talking points for use in dispelling ignorance. Knowledge is power!

Made with Bill Gates' piece of shit MS PowerPoint
(Music: "Forwarding the Cause of Science" from Portal 2: Songs to Test By Vol. 2)

The "old normal" is gone forever and the "new normal" is unacceptable. Is there a third option?

Our story is far older than this current iteration of civilization, but this knowledge is deliberately hidden from us. This film sheds light on our forgotten and purposefully hidden past, clues that have been right in front of our eyes our whole lives.

This is the sad but true story of what happened to me when I followed my doctor's recommendation and received unnecessary vaccinations.

Blackpilling your dark winter on a chilly December evening.

Video from Lincoln Karim:

Everything is fake. It's all lies and bullshit!

Entertainment is never "mindless," only the audience is. How much of the media content we consume contains hidden messages, and who among us even notices? When all media is weaponized, deliberate and controlled, we must be careful to pay strict attention and take nothing at face value.

If you believe any of this, you are a "coincidence theorist." There is no such thing as predictive programming...right?

The top three reasons I was never on the Trump train.

There is no us and them, there is only the individual and freedom.

We are watching a TV show. None of this is real. Do not allow yourself to be swept away by the tsunami of bullshit!

How was Michael Bay able to plan, script and shoot this film over just a few months in California during the lockdown? Why is Hollywood making this movie and what are they trying to tell us?

We are always free to choose.

The most critical issues are not on the ballot.


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