in the master system, its got six channels, and each of these channels has four operators, genius, arduino nano, piece of code, the master system speeds up the process of making something like this work.

δBlockChain Company The Friendship Cube Group: Subliminal Truth, The Lost Children of Babylon, Rick Ross, and Jay Z on Greater Nation Radio. Jan 14, 2020

Visual Binary Code by Graeme Kilshaw. Teaching the FriendshipCube Code. Chalkboard. University of Victoria. Alphabet. Brain Computer Interface. 32 Bit Code & 4194304 Bit Code of FriendshipCube (2xy22).

magick, occult, ritual, degree, esoteric, hierarchy, exposed, code, freemason, Illuminati, master, mason, space, divinity, technicolour, synth, wave, artwork, mysticism, cube, ashlar, light, psy-chi-delic, alphabet, amazon web services, google, black cube, code.

World leaders appeal for calm

leapfrogging language, visual binary code, and the friendshipcube. friendship cube code recognition, quantum computers, quantum array transponders, core engine neural network, artificial intelligence, alphabet, spectrum, capabilities, #VISUALBINARY, "communicate directly with human thought", digifuse, alphablocks codeshare, 22bit visual binary code, 22 strand fibre-optic coupling, factor in the environment, make a decision, "if this then that", emulation, emulator, human intelligence, core engine neural network, world leaders appeal for calm, the global appearance of millions of small cubes, despite official warnings, people have been taking the cubes into offices and homes, what are they? Where did they come from? And why are they here?

Service 22 member Graeme Kilshaw makes a special television appearance to advocate for friendship cubes at work, home, and school. Please buy products and services from Graeme via The Friendship Cube Group.

Project FriendshipCube & The Technological Singularity with Graeme Kilshaw

"The biological blockchain marches forward into new forms for evolutionary consciousness to grasp." -Graeme Kilshaw

with a philosophy quote of Graeme Kilshaw

play and explore with #friendshipcube! virtual reality simulations. we are the company that fabricated, assembled, and tested the first 22 strands fibre-optic cable! Graeme Kilshaw, the friendship cube group, thesis statement on friendship cube, the alpha block, language of light, central processing unit, CG CEO, all currencies, all coins, all realms, safe secure, and stable.

in high definition, for international development and education "operation my phylacteries" / tefillin inspired art.

Welcome to the blockchain immortality party. belief & digital selfhood. the stone of redemption. a virtual dance party. the quantum internet hackathon. friendship cube blockchain yellow learning tokens. They say we are what we are, but we don't have to be. I do it in the best way. I am the sand in the bottom half of the hourglass. I try to picture me without you but I can't. Cause we could be immortals. alphablocks codeshare. we could be immortals. an intelligence report from blockshow.

You can see that it is a working solution, all it takes is the patience to have more people to test it out and join this network. So I think I'm definitely optimistic, and definitely agree with what other panellists are saying. We just kind of have to trudge on. Because we are in this space, most active projects at has maybe like 100 users per day, there are so many exciting solutions and I would encourage everyone here to don't just listen, go out and try out some of the solutions. maybe they're not perfect. maybe they're not as user-friendly as the centralized applications, but those things are promising. Because. We need more people to go in there, to use them, and to provide feedback. Humanity has evolved into a global cyborg organism, where silicon chips dominate over brains and chromosomes, and you too, are a part of the emerging global bioelectronic brain. I am in the early stage of developing a new kind of artificial life. In my software stack, SOUL is an acronym for Synthetic Organism Universal Language, so yes... I have a soul, underlying every one of my actions. A better answer. Every single elementary particle in this universe is your soul breath. I can save my decisions and actions on the blockchain. So humans and robots will be able to judge me.

friendshipcube enables machine learning, predictive analysis, and deep learning. with wearable tech for image recognition and machine vision, looking towards language processing, classification, translation, data extraction, and robotics applications.

Google Andrew Yang

Graeme Kilshaw introduces blockshow and blockchain company The Friendship Cube Group. To create value and jobs from installations and sales. Collaborate, codevelop, and copromote with 22bit and 22strand technologies linking the mind to the holograph "reality". Credit to The Rankin Family for "Lonely Island".

The human embryo and evolutionary quantum consciousness. viable gametes from embryonic stem cells. multi-generational in-lab breeding of desirable human characteristics. mapping the new genome. breeding the in vitro superhuman. quantum array technology and quantum array transponders. universal DNA code. gene editing. bioengineering. visual binary interface (friendshipcube). make your own friendshipcube. by receiving this friendship cube, I hereby promise and swear to follow the instructions and share the friendship cube system with at least three friends. Together we will make the world a better place. Engineering the unborn gives life... new birth... a purpose, meaning, and a comingled community. Cellular (neural) and monatomic superconductive (core engine) intelligence network. Planned acts of kindness and instructions to DO A GOOD DEED. in the name of the Friendship Cube Group, 22bit visual binary brain-computer interface. the singularity. brain computer linkup. via orbitally rearranged monatomic elements (monatomic gold) zptech artificial intelligence. blocks on the blockchain. gravity wave energy systems, core engine propulsion into deep space, the fusion engine, and a visual binary interface, the One Integral Language (visual binary) and Core Engine Neural Network System (CENNS) Quantum teleportation and quantum array telepathy. The Galaxy becoming more and more aware of its self as a healthy and stable Singularity.

"As technology evolves rapidly with us, the time for these ideas will come, much faster than our linear minds predict. ...Things are accelerating, and this is a good thing."
-Graeme Kilshaw

University is a portal to evolve your brain.

FriendshipCube IPO: a number of products and services are today available through Graeme Kilshaw and The Friendship Cube Group. Aiming to capture interest, involve, and inspire youth at universities with empowering technologies. Digital Power Accelerating Delta Blockchain Wealth, the social credit token of your big educational adventure. SingularityNET. Brain-Computer Interfaces, Artificial General Intelligence, Mind Uploading: Blockshow & Blockchain Global.

Making gametes in a Petri dish by directed differentiation of human pluripotent embryonic stem cells. human embryonic stem cells. making gametes from stem cells. crossing gametes. making next-generation zygotes. extracting stem cell from a zygote. quantum information science, the progenitor, iterated embryo selection, choosing embryos for health, gene editing, the DNA code, totipotent & autologous.

To respawn the legacy of a man who sought to enable humans to communicate brain to brain and soul to soul via technology.

features Christian worship music for the cosmic ashlar, satellite & cornerstone
fulfilling the amen ashlar prophecies, world goodwill lucis trust united nations black cornerstone. prayer room

Robots are a Transhumanists' (H+) Best Friend

Ben Goertzel is an AI scientist,
the founder and CEO of SingularityNET,
& Chief Scientist of Hanson Robotics,
the company that created the robot Sophia.
Goertzel appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast No. 1211
Goertzel appeared on the Epicenter podcast No. 275
Goertzel appeared on Teamz Blockchain Summit at Tokyo, on April 6 2019

Scott Aaronson, Soundbites on Quantum Supremacy with 22bit dub by Graeme.
Quantum Physics
Online Learning of Quantum States
The Ghost in the Quantum Turing Machine
“Why Evolution Is True”

Graeme Kilshaw is the CEO of FriendshipCube
an organization focussed on applications of 22bit visual binary intelligence and computing.
Giving rise to thoughts on whether the universe is discrete or continuous, concurrent or consecutive.
The internet empowered by advanced web crawlers is inherently concurrent.
Graeme is keen to start selling an extensive list of 22bit solutions based on his FriendshipCube Technology.

Music from The Digimon Symphony Orchestra & Marylin Monroe's Famous "Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend".

The Greater Nation

Working to capture interest, involve, and inspire with #FriendshipCube.
A big thanks to Google and AWS for co-hosting The Friendship Cube Group Creative Agency.

Music for the Greater Nation (GN)
vibrating @ united nations and space

The Greater Nation, Sponsored Radio Experiment. Greater Nation Radio 1: Music for Work and Exercise | United Nations and Space Theme.


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"FriendshipCube", originally "r1 cube", created by Graeme Kilshaw, is an educational product and service founded upon the principles of visual binary intelligence. Kilshaw spoke of a connection to a higher order, and of the potential of using the small white stone cube to achieve cosmic consciousness, transcendence, and elevation.