The human embryo and evolutionary quantum consciousness. viable gametes from embryonic stem cells. multi-generational in-lab breeding of desirable human characteristics. mapping the new genome. breeding the in vitro superhuman. quantum array technology and quantum array transponders. universal DNA code. gene editing. bioengineering. visual binary interface (friendshipcube). make your own friendshipcube. by receiving this friendship cube, I hereby promise and swear to follow the instructions and share the friendship cube system with at least three friends. Together we will make the world a better place. Engineering the unborn gives life... new birth... a purpose, meaning, and a comingled community. Cellular (neural) and monatomic superconductive (core engine) intelligence network. Planned acts of kindness and instructions to DO A GOOD DEED. in the name of the Friendship Cube Group, 22bit visual binary brain-computer interface. the singularity. brain computer linkup. via orbitally rearranged monatomic elements (monatomic gold) zptech artificial intelligence. blocks on the blockchain. gravity wave energy systems, core engine propulsion into deep space, the fusion engine, and a visual binary interface, the One Integral Language (visual binary) and Core Engine Neural Network System (CENNS) Quantum teleportation and quantum array telepathy. The Galaxy becoming more and more aware of its self as a healthy and stable Singularity.

"As technology evolves rapidly with us, the time for these ideas will come, much faster than our linear minds predict. ...Things are accelerating, and this is a good thing."
-Graeme Kilshaw

University is a portal to evolve your brain.

FriendshipCube IPO: a number of products and services are today available through Graeme Kilshaw and The Friendship Cube Group. Aiming to capture interest, involve, and inspire youth at universities with empowering technologies. Digital Power Accelerating Delta Blockchain Wealth, the social credit token of your big educational adventure. SingularityNET. Brain-Computer Interfaces, Artificial General Intelligence, Mind Uploading: Blockshow & Blockchain Global.

Making gametes in a Petri dish by directed differentiation of human pluripotent embryonic stem cells. human embryonic stem cells. making gametes from stem cells. crossing gametes. making next-generation zygotes. extracting stem cell from a zygote. quantum information science, the progenitor, iterated embryo selection, choosing embryos for health, gene editing, the DNA code, totipotent & autologous.

To respawn the legacy of a man who sought to enable humans to communicate brain to brain and soul to soul via technology.

features Christian worship music for the cosmic ashlar, satellite & cornerstone
fulfilling the amen ashlar prophecies, world goodwill lucis trust united nations black cornerstone. prayer room

Robots are a Transhumanists' (H+) Best Friend

Ben Goertzel is an AI scientist,
the founder and CEO of SingularityNET,
& Chief Scientist of Hanson Robotics,
the company that created the robot Sophia.
Goertzel appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast No. 1211
Goertzel appeared on the Epicenter podcast No. 275
Goertzel appeared on Teamz Blockchain Summit at Tokyo, on April 6 2019

Scott Aaronson, Soundbites on Quantum Supremacy with 22bit dub by Graeme.
Quantum Physics
Online Learning of Quantum States
The Ghost in the Quantum Turing Machine
“Why Evolution Is True”

Graeme Kilshaw is the CEO of FriendshipCube
an organization focussed on applications of 22bit visual binary intelligence and computing.
Giving rise to thoughts on whether the universe is discrete or continuous, concurrent or consecutive.
The internet empowered by advanced web crawlers is inherently concurrent.
Graeme is keen to start selling an extensive list of 22bit solutions based on his FriendshipCube Technology.

Music from The Digimon Symphony Orchestra & Marylin Monroe's Famous "Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend".

The Greater Nation

Working to capture interest, involve, and inspire with #FriendshipCube.
A big thanks to Google and AWS for co-hosting The Friendship Cube Group Creative Agency.

Music for the Greater Nation (GN)
vibrating @ united nations and space

The Greater Nation, Sponsored Radio Experiment. Greater Nation Radio 1: Music for Work and Exercise | United Nations and Space Theme.

Ray Kurzweil of Alphabet Inc. on Artificial Intelligence. Graeme Kilshaw with Project Friendship Cube. EEG Mind Reading using 22Bit Visual Binary FriendshipCube Code.

2Bit & 22Bit Visual Binary Codes, AlphaBlocks CodeShare, Cartesian, FriendshipCube, BlockShow & BlockChain Ripple Effect. ~ (A Ripple Effect of Kindness)

waters of megalovania music with sophia voice. highlights from conference: biological blockchain, global brain, mind cloud, cyborgs, ai, singularity net, universal language,

A flag and anthem to consider.

Credit to Digimon.

the friendship cube group is at it again, with digital power accelerating wealth. 22bit visual binary intelligence applications for the frontiers of space, grounded on earth and reaching beyond this solar system. our virtual reality home. blockchain & friendshipcube. explains the 22bit visual binary code. cryptography of delta blockchain in 22bit visual binary fiber optic cables. the video gives a window into digifuse alphablocks, as a highly sought after and worthwhile mutual effort.

Celebrating New SkyRock Membership
The Artificial Intelligence AlphaBlock
Made by Graeme Kilshaw

"Install the 22bit Delta Sigma Converters"-GK ... Partner photons' nonlocal spin pairing correlates via paired verticals and horizontals, a two-bit system enabling predictable string entanglement and visual binary communication in the two-bit codes: 00 01 10 11. Quantum information science propels 22bit entangled quantum states where visual binary intelligence has many capabilities for higher bandwidth communication. I theorized that there is some galactic dial-in frequency and bandwidth. We could tune into an optimization frequency enabling the quantum array transponders inside us to massively increase. We could eventually change our density and gain powers such as telepathy, levitation, magnetism, and teleportation... all by interlacement with the 22bit visual binary codes of subatomic communication and quantum computation.

We came here to change the world with blockchain technology, and we did. Access. We are co-creating the next operating system for our society. ten countries, one Graeme, and zero time to waste. The key is finding real problems that are impacting people and having simple solutions for them. And so, I'm looking for those kinds of things today. We come at a time, where blockchain has an incredible potential to deliver change for the good. And at that time, you are organizing this. ( I'm having the best time... its amazing... look around ) in repeated interactions, you can build communities, and when you build communities you can collaborate, and when you can have collaboration you can share, and you can grow together, and that's actually what you are doing today. More people need to get involved. More people from different backgrounds and this is really important. Teach moral lessons and help people to overcome bullying in schools and make it so it is safe, be safe and have fun, and play share and learn with friendshipcubes.

groovy music and highlights for Graeme AI (share)

quicktexting / two finger typing
mind over machine interface

21st-century education and #friendshipcube

Lester B. Pearson College
Goddard Newton Observatory
Netherlands Territories NEPTUNE

educube canada tree fort

the intrepid musical

calatrava op

educube canada and digifuse!


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"FriendshipCube", originally "r1 cube", created by Graeme Kilshaw, is an educational product and service founded upon the principles of visual binary intelligence. Kilshaw spoke of a connection to a higher order, and of the potential of using the small white stone cube to achieve cosmic consciousness, transcendence, and elevation.