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By the time I finished high school, I could already fly a plane across country by myself and I could also do aerobatics. You would think the air force could of used my talents, but it went differently. The most important job interview of my life was also the most disasterous.

A Irish lass displays her cognitive dissonance - and her black eye and Orcnogspawn


part 2of2 Some thoughts on zero-sum behavior, normie adherence to power, the persuasiveness of power.

Some thoughts on zero-sum behavior, normie adherence to power, the persuasiveness of power.

they are obvious shills promoted out of nowhere by nwo to make half nigs look successful, when really they are almost alwsys failures, not to mention its white genocide.

combat box action.

what happened to that plague of rabbits?, what need now for a rabbit proof fence? where did the large rabbit and hare populations go? something changed. Could it be mixamatosis and kalecie? What test was run on rabbits in Australia previously? I heard a experiment was used to stop the rabbits from breeding.

Deer Hunting equipment. Now that I fixed my arrows they fly true. Im very pleased. They will also be this accurate over longer range such as 80 metres.

Brain-brain and brain-computer interface, with about 1 in 1500 chance of immediate death per vax.

nwo infers a solution to whiteman - just be rich then multiculturalism wont affect you. But you can only insulate yourself with money for so long. better solution is an all-white country where even poor kids can play outside and feel safe.

now my arrows will actually spin there for they will be accurate.

like no other race on Earth white peoples history is one of continuous tragedy. Why cant white people, who have among us millions of genius avoid these continuous epic fails?

2 sorties, the first i broke my wing off, the second i got 6 kills.
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
CPU: 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-11700F @ 2.50GHz
Memory: 16 GB RAM (15.68 GB RAM usable)
Current resolution: 2560 x 1440, 59Hz
Operating system:

The two missing kills were both Typhoons. It was epic, Im a bit buzz-killed that I didnt track record it. My gunnery accuracy in this sortie was higher than usual at 19.5%, due to my single player aiming practice. Soon I will dominate Mwahhahaha

A multiplayer cinematic extravaganza. (Credited four kills in this flight). Update: I checked my stats today and I see I actually got 5 kills credited so that's an ace in a flight after all.
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news media government, corporate etc are actively pushing a sub-set of white genocide, whichbis to encourage muds to physically harm menace and kill white people. correction jjack and riceup are on bitchute, not youtube.

Men be brave, on the one hand you must set traditional cultural norms for your family, but on the other hand the NWO has made it clear that any attempt to direct a female in your family, in particular, is now considered 'abuse' and the state will attack a man on that false basis. Literally if a father asks his daughter not to be a trans-thing, the state will call that abuse, clearly thats insane evil from the state, so men who guide their family take a risk of state persecution, but men who abdicate their family-guidance responsibility will have a temporarily safer life but a destroyed civilisation by their innaction.

The truth of the matter is swirling around out there somewhere. I dont know the exact details how this will play out, but intuition says its not right and all the top globalists make open talk about their desire for a) control of white people and b) depopulation of white people. Also my personal experience shows me majority of white people have already lost their minds long ago, I try not to but i basically lost my patience with these dearest dunderheads.
the vid i mentioned here:🚨remove-the-scales-from-your-eyes-weather-wars-plandemic-controlled-media-global-warming-hoax/

actually wholesome origins of Australia, the obvious theft of the intergenerational Australian birthright, inheritance of nation.

looking at homeland and nationalism - how does Australian natural resources actually benefit heratige Australians?


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