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In this video, I use a pair of loop recorders to create a different type of feedback loop. This is meant to show a concept rather than be only a straight tutorial, though the video does show you one way to do it in Reaper using a plug-in called Mobius (link below).

I realized after recording this that there's probably a way to do this with a single instance of Mobius, since it can record to more than one internal "track", but I think this may make the concept more visibly clear anyway.

Links to plug-ins used in the video:

Mobius: http://www.circularlabs.com/

Atlantis Filter: http://jeremyevers.com/downloads/

Reaper and free versions of the included plug-ins can be downloaded from Cockos:


Feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments.

In this video, I go over a sound design trick with reverb and distortion. Though I'm using Reaper here, you can do this in any DAW or audio editor that can chain effects. As always, feel free to experiment further!

Links to the non-Reaper plug-ins used in the video:



Reaper and free versions of the included plug-ins can be downloaded from Cockos:


Feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments.

In this video, I share a little trick I picked up for working with heavily-distorted kick drums, which have a tendency to muddy up a mix. The basic idea is to leave the undistorted kick intact, while mixing in a second layer with distortion applied. I find this can help if the low end gets out of control on you. Something I forgot to specifically mention in the video is that you will usually want to place the EQ *after* the distortion on the second track, because cutting the low end first will change the sound (though you should feel free to experiment there).

Links to the plugins as mentioned in the video:

Drumatic 3: http://www.e-phonic.com/plugins/drumatic3.php
Cyanide 2: http://bram.smartelectronix.com/plugins.php?id=3

Thanks for watching!

Mellow, introspective IDM with atmospheric synths and breakbeats. From the EP Terrible Instance of Enlightenment: https://fuguestate.bandcamp.com/album/terrible-instance-of-enlightenment

In this video, I show you how to use feedback loops in the Reaper DAW, and cover some of the possibilities. This video does assume you have some basic knowledge of using Reaper, such as routing and adding effects to tracks.

You can grab the project file here:


Note that this doesn't include the sample used in the video, just load any sample into the ReaSamplomatic in the track labeled "snare".

Reaper website: https://www.reaper.fm/


Instrumental rhythmic industrial with breakbeats and atmospheric synths. From the album Pleasure, Pain, and Distraction:

This is an older track, but it still seems to be one of the most popular wherever I post stuff, so I figured it deserved a video.

Some visuals in this video were created using Plane9 https://www.plane9.com

Trippy ambient-flavored IDM. From the EP From Here on Degenerate Trifecta Records:

From the album Machine Intelligence (2016)

Available at:

...and most digital distributors.


Aren't we proud of what we've built
Toys distract us from our guilt
Shining screens that watch us back
High-speed, high-def, low on facts
Fattened up nice and kept well-trained
Masters speak and we'll obey
Feed our young to their machine
So their hands stay nice and clean

We will never learn

Notes: made with kdenlive on Ubuntu Studio

Just a few minutes' worth of gameplay from one of the early missions in the new BattleTech game from Harebrained Schemes. 'Mechs vs. turrets & vehicles, on a moon in the Periphery.

Don't worry, I'm not turning this into another gaming channel. I'm just a huge BattleTech fan since way back, so I had to check this game out. This also seemed like a good way to test out some screen capture software (the ubiquitous OBS), which I may use for some audio-related stuff in the future.

In case you're wondering: I very much enjoy this game so far. Maybe I'm jumping the gun a bit saying this so early on, but I think it might just be the best in the franchise so far.

Note: intro music snippet is from my project Skin Contact. See the channel for more, or check out https://skincontact.bandcamp.com/



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