Anti subhumans bullshit

Low iq Identity culture theifs will always be the most subhuman. a most ridiculous ones would be some culture stealing ameromonkies. we wuz Egyptians Native Americans The real jews moors Indians cheddar man the origin of white race chinese persians arabs European kangz and queenz ... these brain deads .the only claim that’s roughly true is haplogroup d nips other than that there’s no e1b1a which most subsaharas belongs to spreadion anywhere besides nearby Africa.these braindeads take pseudo science and nonesense as facts,but what do you expect from the low iq kangz.
And haplogroup A san people aren’t black they are tan skinned even though they stayed in Africa for tens of thousands of years, So the original haplogroup A would be at least olive skinned, and their features resembles all races and ethnic groups. Plus all race evolved from The proto san people not the other way around so the san people should be listed as a separate race. Only those braindeads claim their father is their son.

one of these brain dead culture theifing monkies even said there can be no people building pyramids other than the blacks,when e1b1a and b aka blacks literally didn’t built SHIT these brainDeads 🤣

culture theifs can typically be some western cucked gooks nips poojeets or twerkroaches or Geangloids but some Americunt niggers really tops the list. African blacks are more intelligent than some theifing Ameroniggers , braindeads amongst braindead amerimutts after all, at least the Africans don’t steal culture from others, unlike some culture stealing crime committing no value having ameromonkies, some americunt niggers complains about racism yet feels So proud of being a Americunt at the same time.that’s another thing. Not just amero niggers but all immigrants to those cucked shitholes that complains about racism yet acts like a proud ameripunk,all these people are fucking hypocrite subhumans.

modern races are formed after the Neolithic age , the e1b1a and b stayed in Africa so they evolved into the black race, not the other way around,e1b1a and b =blacks out of that there’s no black, maybe fringe d, you can not claim people outside of your race’s symbolic genetic your race , just like some j1 middle easterners may looks white but aren’t white.
just because some ancient humans also have little bit apey looking doesn’t mean they are “black” according to these braindead kangz logic all apes and Neanderthals would be black, san people have features of all people because all people came from the proto san people not the other way around.that’s something braindeads could not understand. To these braindeads their father is their son,all people from Africa are black n shiet, all darkish or litt bit apey looking is black, when reality is the opposite, proto san people went to different places and Then evolved into all the races.

Ultimately the jews and angloids created these multicultural race mixing black loving society , and it has backfired the fact that the we wuz the real jews and we wuz the origin of the white race anglo saxons exists, it’s their self inflicted mess, shame the fault of society’s like this have speard to people around the world, not just the braindead we wuz kangz etc but negative parts of multiculturalism in general, but what can you do about it, but if america keep war mongering degeneracy pushing going then america’s downfall will be soon.

quora and sites like it all sucks, truth detailed full of links to the most credible studies、data sources answers don’t get ranked top while less detailed or much worse -lies or just talk alot with saying anything answers do, false propaganda supporting degenerate sites.

history is full of lies, the biggest lie in history is history itself. It’s even easier to fix history records before camera and more ways of recording existed .Ie bunch of shit unintelligent old asia abrito midgets called mongols who got replaced for 40thousands of years never created any empire as hi story tells. only retarded mutts who have no ethnical identity cuck larpers and just waste sheeps in general with their subhuman iq level would believe such lies entirely can’t believe there’s so much retards in this world believin in such fake histories.
haplogroup cd proto aborigines negrito midgets reached asia 50 thousands of years ago then was conquered by haplogroup k for 40 thousands of years. Stop believing in fake history sheeps. the history told to us are to some extent edited. Even some artifacts are fake ,ie most of the ancient greek 、roman era ones good as new hoping to fool some retards ,and history are rarely written on artifacts.. completely told by people who told people this and that, not saying that science or artifacts is 100%true ,but, history records is much less credible than artifacts than science.

most empires scale and existing Length aren’t what hi story tells us. For example majority of mongolic haplogroup c2b don’t even reach 1% in any other country other than monglia and khzakstan. the subclade c2b (c m48) only exists in tungusic( mongolic) populations. According to Wikipedia. Thus even there was something like a mongol empire it was nothing like what the history told us and most likely a any nomad fairytales , all very suspect, The scales and timelines are most definitely not as the history records.
There’s a video made by “falling dove “ on the fake mongol empire, one of the few actually good videos on the retarded net. which has some valid points.
Besides, many history don’t match the genetic founds ,fomenko’s theory is full of sht but Any people with critical thinking ability won’t dismiss it totally, there’s some amount of truth to that,in those sht, however more or less, many parts of hi story are fixed that’s a fact proved by genetic studies, but people don’t want to say it, not just the fictional mongol empire but also most of empires ,ie Iberians don’t have that much haplogroup E1b1b (E m125 ),and J1,after the moors ruled iberia for 700years, and to be fair E1b1b is also ancient Egyptian then med, haplogroup QN are almost absent from modern greeks, modern Siberian Turkic populations mostly belongs to Haplogroup N1c, terrorists Turks in xinjiang and turks in Turkmenistan are r1a z93 and Q, The terrorists twerkroachs in modern anatolia today are mostly just j2 greeks and middle easterners only about 10% turk.
They dug up some tombs around the mongol period and they found R1a and R1b! What a joke, it further proves that the real “mongol empire” was likely just a hodgepodge a much smaller and lasted shorter than the fixed history tells, if not completely fictional,the one on history book though is totally fictional. like the turks manchus and the moors etc to a lesser extent, The history and the scale of all of them are Fixed, all of them were hodgepodges and didn’t last nearly history records, not even half as long. The fucking lies.

The history book texts are the more unreliable kind,I’m confident to say that all history are fixed just to a more or to a lesser extent. it’s been edited throughout centuries by different people in power.

And the mongols are absolutely midgets even with half of their haplogroups being NOQ, even R, and look, their average height is still only 168cm. Not to mention that the mongols eat more meat and more milk than russians northern han chinese yet still much shorter. All the datas according to basic Wikipedia sources. Don’t be a lazy fuck to use your search engine.

The negritos were first encountered by O1 Pacifically the O1bs, most negritos today are D and O1b, and mt mostly m, the mt M existed in both old asia aborigines and negritos just like y haplogroup E existed in both north Africans ,blacks. M’s original race&looks is unknown only short(negrito and c proto aboriginals). E’s original look also unknown.

the world is mostly K2a and K2b today. Which tells human expansions throughout mid to late Stone age. haplogroup K was originally reddish (oase man) who Really conquered the whole eursia and took different kinds of mt haplogroups,and made different races Ie made most of Europeans &native Americans and eastern asia people Pacific Oceanics and Some west asia people. originally red not dark.
As to why IGJH and K looked different, the science theory is that IGJ mixed with different kinds of Neanderthals&environments.

look at all these fucking juice heads ,anthony fucking juchua , aka black Angloid. i pity westerners for getting injected with those hgh since they were born , thoes chickens turn small amerimutts into huge fat amerifats and they are deporting it to the whole world with those mcdonalds chicken.
Hypocrite anglo cucks western countries are injecting all the steroids in the world to their athletes, and still feels the need to take your juices away, because they are too shit even with them. But the most pathetic, is none other than the fucking angloids, taking all the steroids in the world still stepping stones of their imported ones, what a bunch of useless anglo cuck turds P.s Angloids are cucks, the anglos the amerobums cucknadians , they love their dirty weaponized renamed common cold n flue infested whores to be raped by blackis , what kind of sick mentality is that.
not all anglos are bad obviously, eddie hearn although slimy seems half decent.
And I think every race has their own specialities, I don’t condom any kind of initiative racist behavior , it’s the moment I see these retarded anglo fucking cucks and devoluted shits spitting disrespectful nonsense online ,and then I can’t help but disrespects back.

Yes the goblins are based on the fucking angloids, get it through your thick heads. despicable disgusting nosy shits, keeps lying spreading False propaganda like most western bums ,fucking disgusting hypocrites, subhumans. more pathetically They are cucking themselves to death and want others to suicide along with them.
they are fucking pimps, they love importing africans more than any other country other than amerimuts all Anglo countries are degenerate shitholes that promotes degeneracy all so. Every body should support organizations like IRA over disgusting subhuman Angloid lands. Just support ira or mexicans to btfo the angloids. Like how the angloids supported terrorists in other countries.

And The angloids only ever looks good beating corrupt shitty retarded governments who were already fucked up by the time the Angloids got to em, or primitive tribes. Angloids are great boosters, but in reality most if not all their good fighters are imported kelts like tyson fury and imported africans who sounds like cringe buffoons talking anglo accents.
Angloids also loves to lick the ancient already long dead Roman’s ass fanboy over some one who labeled them as inferior primitive bums. By the way , just off the subject, most people would think that Iberians are more likely to be roman descendants than Italians because the Portuguese/Spanish empire was once the world most prestige even more than the romans. and the Italians were.. em not so prestige ,but the Italians are likely the real romans, the Portuguese/Spainiards are r1b df27 Iberians.

No one would be hating on you if you aren’t so damn nosy initiativly racist and done so much bad things take notes anglo dossers .

Angloids are just slaves of jews. Modern western civilization is largely a colony of the jews, The jews a middle eastern ethnic group rose in the middle ages to early modern eras through religious money lending policy (ie the rothchilds),after thousands years of wondering Intersecting with meds etc.they finally made it big.
Not to mention that the semis invented the three biggest religions: Christianity Islam and commnism. Even the alt right whites today still believes in fairytales made by jews, gods and devils are made up by bunch of smart/cunning people to fool other people, because people back then didn’t have science to explain the nature so they believed in myths ala sand fairytales told by the elites,the elites used it to fool common folks. The eilites now use similar things to keep norms retarded. Even history needs to be questioned, not to mention tales. All the unprovable fairytaly things as such.
The first European land enslaved by jews was the bongland which the rothchilds based in ,the jews capitalists took over the bongland, the angloid slaves of jews followed iberians steps and created america, to be precise capitalists like rothchilds created America, after the ww2 the jews gradually took over the western world ie America entirely til today’s leftist western world. So called USA has to bow to tiny Israel 🤣.

The only world level “white” (a term refers to the Western European colonists. ) super power civilizations in history were the Spainish empire、Portuguese empire 、napoleons French empire 、 and the nazi germany only Four.

There’s no such things as xxxiod ignorant term made by ignorant subhuman geangloids their arrogance with their bullshit religious beliefs , plus their bs religion literally was made by jews. all religions are ,made up by some people used to profit from it . Same old story same old patterns same old hidden agendas . By the way.
There’s no xxxiod because the early human migrations admixtures and environmental affects shaped different people.
for example R was not modern european looking until they migrated westwards entirely mixed with the old European I G T etc’s spouses during Neolithic age. neither was IJ..
large amount of Qs went to America.
O stayed in Eastern Asia entirely since late Paleolithic age and O looked like some Polynesians (O+Original spouse B )before mixed with CD old asian’s spouses during mid to late stone age.
Uralic Baltic Haplogroup N coexisted in euroasia since the Neolithic age and still to today, not to mention that N is a brother haplogroup of O, so no are they are not angloids white. Most of the eastern europe especially russia has a large chunk of N, more than jE in celtics geangloids and compareable to jE in the meds.

Ancient medites weren’t mostly R or I, Not to mention that I was brown,there’s tons of JE in meds ,the ancient meds were probably mostly jE some I2 probably until romans R1b u152 rose, though romans was a admixture of medites, whether r1b u152 played main part is unsure,The greeks today are mostly J2 and E, J2 and E1b1b also are typical Middle Easterners and North Africans hgs. The Mediterranean civilizations were way more closer to middle easterners and North Africans than to modern main stream western whites ala celts and geangloids.

America is a degenerate mutthole , a money printing blood sucker for centuries, n a palette to be precise, originally made by angloids latter replaced by jew bankers/capitalists、celtic capitalists/bankers、germs etc capitalists,now just runned by jew bankers. All the federal reserve chairman lately has been jews.
America It has be a imperialist state over the years actually always and has become unbearable, aims to control the rest of the countries and promoting degeneracy to the world. The biggest shit at this world. they promoting too much propaganda and degeneracy so it might as well go down.
most Americans are low iq braindeads and brainwashed by Semitic religions.

When your being a shitbag (and not having enough strength to not fail ) you deserve to get bombed, like the axis, the island ala japan when they got bombed. And anti axiss was probably the only good thing america ever done, although they were kinda forced because the nazis were killing jews. But Rest of times america just promotes degeneracy. plus soviets fought most of the war america only joined at the end.

The regular rights are a inbreed of lefts and alts yet rejected by both,the most sub human league of all.cuckservatives.

anglo bums can’t invent anything on their own, hideous goblin turds, even their character came from latin, fucking angloids, wtf did the anglo shits invent before renaissance? No shit, Angoblins are too low EQ too inferior to make anything on their own. Just look at Amerimutts subhuman iq. The only thing they good at is annoy the fuck out of you with those lies.

the base of modern technology mostly came from asia , numbers how to make pig iron how to make proper steel,how to mass produce steel ie fired steel tech known as Bessemer process until 18 century in the west, paper ,gunpowder , porcelain ,compass, etc these sino inventions . And the numbers ,west asia inventions.
the renaissance was also about bringing more advaned eastern knowledges to the west , not only reviving the greeks/roman knowledge, many of the so called inappropriate for the time greek inventions were produced during later times. many buildings were reconstructed throughout generations. Just a Consignment. Like how tf did Aristotle write so many books when greek people at the time were writing on sheepsskins supposedly,how tf did ancient greek and romans lived in buildings that only modern technology can produce such as very well cutted stones, and the romans were living in modern buildings and was producing tons of steel when the “fired steel tech” was not even known to the west and the only unearthed Roman swords are none pig irons and bronze .. the amount of history fabrication is ridiculous. 🤣🤣
Some parts of history are much less credible, not just Ancient Greek/romans, most of written history are suspected , even many artifacts, Probably rewritten universe knows how many times. But, some artifacts are real some aren’t,implying that some parts of history are more real and some are more fixed. Unearthed swords from han dynasty and beyond are a example of the real ones.and the ones that looked like it’s new are examples of fake ones.

For thousands of years, The Hodgepodge Q1bRz93etc turks etc flies that got kicked to the west by O2aO1N sinos always becomes the masters, before that q1b was only found in huns, matches history records. Just how shit the west was.overhyped misshyped west.
while east stucked in the land, too pleaded with own accomplishments to explore the sea, and depressing of capitalists who builds different cropos which brings new competitions and new competitions brings new forms of technology, therefore the east declined.
In the meantime the Portuguese Iberians made it to the Sea first, angloids had to copy everything those ibes already done and later enslaved by the jews, before that they were enslaved by frenchys, angloids are always cattle slaves , American is nothing more than a jewish colony, the west of today is mostly a leftist Jewish playground, who owns specially economic system such as banks, and media, And the Angloids are just a bunch of useless little goblins in the front line of cucking. The amount of shit and lies and racism and cuck energy spitted by most of the Angloids makes me sick. Those angloid cucky slaves.

Every single country in the world are full of idiots ,there’s not a country that’s not full of retards, but the AMEROBUMS are the Kings when it comes to idiots.

Ignorant geangloids talk shit yet the base of modern technology came from east. Plus Ancient Western history: 80% med not nord,Modern Western history including present: half jew, the angloids are just jews cattle slaves.

The Angloids injected some bs energy te their old colony the subhuman streetshitters and there you have it the white wanna be street shitters. nonsense spitting little shytes. Anything the poojeets say are dreams. Them poos.
Poojeets claims to be superpower yet most if not all their weapons are imported, worse than pakistan, plus they are street shitters one of the lowest average gdp hot as shit. amerimutt runned puppet.
the southasia continent at least they had somewhat decent economy and math, the culture makes no sense all that deformed hodgepodge religious shit anti practical shit plus ancient south asia haplogroup H was replaced by R aryans long ago,but at least they once had decent economy , before the islamic,angloid colonists came ,and they were doing ok for themselves when they were just dozens of small kingdoms,now just shit puppets. Plus there was never a india before angloids drew a line, just dozens of small kingdoms on that south asia sub continent.


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the earth has plenty of retarded subhumans IE :retarded goblin like angloids or geangloids whatever tf.. those who are retarded hateful disrespectful and likes to call themselves superior cuckroaches, angloids are typical beta bonger western cuckers and none of western kingdoms before 16centuries were above B level ,the roman empire which the beta western cucks loves to wanking off got crushed by a small group of twerkshits,so fuck the west、 retarded amerobums amerimutts 、Subhuman I mutt larpers、brainwashed “turks” led by dumbass turks fucking annoying bums nonesense spitting delusional terrorists larping twerkroachs、larkstans、some retarded hypocrite subhuman 0iq culture stealing retards who feels so proud of being a “westerner “ and racist asf initiativly but cries about suffering racism at the same time really just retarded and hypocritic、 sub specie street shitters brainless puppet pojeets、 lying delusional culture stealing disgusting subtype o1bs shit amerocucked gookoreans-who are always puppets plastic injecting half island half shits、nip amerocucked larpers、and deformed noses abne nip southeast midgets the midget nummonkeys for example.
Also fuck no brain zombies the braindeads who believes every thing they hear such as lies 、low iq extreme religious extremists imbeciles、censors、 retarded youtube&social medias、 all the selfish retardeds around the world 、 Lying cunts、fuck lefts and fuck rights, commis or capitalists.. Fuck the degenerate west and propagandas. the fake shithole called the western world.most of it anyway.
And Fuck all the governments in the world.
There’s good and bad people in every group,sure,and I don’t condom any Initiative racism ,I think every ethnic group has speciality’s , but I don’t like some retarded hateful subhumans, I see someone being Initiatively disrespectful and I can’t give no respect back.
And frankly, All these retards and all the degenerates will either be brainwashed again by the new orders or just not survive at all when the current world order collapses,only realistic humans with critical thinking abilities will be prepared and survive through it.

Fuck the west and Any body that wants to go to another majority owned countries deserve to get fucked ,everybody stays where they came from.

I too once believed in lies until I did a little research. reality is reality, no matter how much lies there is and how much retards spearding n believing in them. Without legitimate enough evidences ie direct or science founds or legit source materials it’s all subjective bullcrap. Eventually all lies gets exposed.
most of the science directly translate to real life improving our living conditions, and science founds can be directly verified by doing the your own experiment ie build your own scope or do your own test, not saying that there aren’t some manipulated small results and mistakes, but largely truthful and useful,because it’s mostly verifiable other than some unverifiable yet theories.

Plus, fuck censors, had to put יי between each character or special characters to avoid censors on big platforms.

more irreligious people there are then mankind shall proceed, by irreligious I don’t mean not believing there are life force etc but I mean not following any bullshit religions who copies from ancient “mythologies” aka old religions ,all religions directly or indirectly copied from the earliest sumerian and eyptian mythologies, some are even blatant copies.
plus there are so many self contradicting and logic fallacious things like if some character is beyond time then why he takes certain time to create the universe and need a rest?! Not to mention back then they thought one universe was be all and end all, and their sense of “universe” are barely as big as real universe’s solar system, none of them knew all stars are planets and the black hole. etc.
And there’s stuff already disapproved like gods living on the sky hell below the ground flat earth etc, most of all they are all copy cat bullshiters. Yahweh allah formerly storm and moon god then got merged together with canaanite gods El/ Eloah, yahweh also known as jehovah etc ,satan formerly Egyptian set, buddhasim’s basic concepts like reincarnation etc came from Hinduism ,all the basic concepts of all religions like heaven and hell life pre and post came from the earliest Egyptian and Sumerian mythologies, probably speared to the world by the aryans, if there’s little truth in them religions/myths it has to be in the earliest myths aka the source materials of all the later copies.

God/gods doesn’t equal specific fictional gods, specific gods are copies according to their own materials. Real God is the ever changing universe itself, other mega/uni/tini verses other gods.