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im glad joachim hoch joined goy talk and the gas station. taking the siege pill is the ultimate red pill. wignats must march on to victory.

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by Johnny Gat (shoahed from jew-tube)


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Some of the signs and symptoms of Narcissistic Victim Syndrome (NVS) include:

A victim of NVS can exhibit Stockholm syndrome or cult-like behavior joining up with the aggressor. They will defend and protect the narcissist for fear of not being loved or part of their inner circle. The victim’s self-esteem is so torn down by the Gaslighting and other crazy making behaviors of the Narcissist that it is just easier for them to follow along. They often are so emotionally beaten down they do not realize what is even happening to them, just that they are angry or sad all the time, and feel like they have no persona or sense of self.

They will/can show signs of Cognitive Dissonance, which basically means that they know that the situation they are in is no good, but they continue to stay it, using false rational. Yet, they are angry, scared, confused, lost and do not know where to turn to. They fear things that never happened or even exist but because the Narcissist says they did, the Victim is programmed to believe it is so. [calls to mind “RAMPANT ANTI-SEMITISM!” and “THE HOLOCAUST!” -T] Their ability to think clearly has been disrupted and taken over by the Narcissist.


wow this video is explosive!

i can not confirm or deny that ryan dawson/handsome truth/patrick little are all government agents. chris dorsey is a citizen journalist.

From STRIKE & MIKE Episode 77: Bro, You Posted Cringe


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When the Jews approach a healthy, homogeneous Gentile society with the aim of infiltrating it, they are looked upon as outsiders, as aliens, and regarded with suspicion — and often with hostility if their reputation has preceded them. Facing such suspicion the Jews find it very difficult to gain power or influence so that they can exploit the society. Their way of dealing with this obstacle is to undermine the solidarity of the Gentile society: to destroy its homogeneity, to attack its morality and its traditions, to encourage alienation among its young people.

They do everything they can to make the society more “diverse,” more multicultural, more cosmopolitan, more rootless, more atomized. This is a slow process, often continuing for several generations, but as it proceeds the society’s barriers against the Jews crumble. Ultimately it allows the Jews to control and then plunder the society, to suck it dry before moving on to another Gentile society and beginning a similar process anew.

Sven Longshanks narrates the second part of Josef Goebbels 1936 speech in English, showing the number of Jews involved in the leadership and the hypocrisy of what they say.

Official quotes are contrasted with reports on the actual situation, showing that far from living in a worker’s utopia, the Russians were spending 75% of their wages just on bread alone.

Also spoken about are the work camps in Siberia and the massive Soviet build up of weaponry and troops with the aim of invading Western Europe.

This speech was originally given at the eighth National Socialist Party Congress.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks


Sven Longshanks narrates the first part of Josef Goebbels' 1936 speech in English, covering the way the Communist parties in each country served the same globalist objective.

Also talked about is the false propaganda, the trail of dead bodies and the unarguable Jewish inspiration for the creed.

This speech was originally given at the eighth National Socialist Party Congress.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks


From STRIKE & MIKE Episode 76: Get Excited for Next COINTELPRO



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AUDIO BY renegade broadcasting (please support them if you can; i do not work for them) -> http://www.renegadebroadcasting.com

Don't fall for the defeatist lie that we cannot un-integrate America because it will be too difficult and too violent and too painful. Don't refuse to think about the grim and bloody remedy of a civil war, because the alternative is far grimmer and far bloodier.

The fate that Mr Clinton and the Jewish media bosses have planned for us is infinitely worse than any civil war could possibly be.

From TDS486: Astro-Suppressed


From STRIKE & MIKE Episode 75: Community Guidelines Strikes - 8/27/2019


From TDS485: #MeFirst 8/26/2019


'Christian universalism certainly played a role in the destruction of our world'

Mugabe supporters armed with clubs and machetes attacked the marchers while black police watched without interference. The attackers singled out the whites in the procession. I quote: ' a white man in his 50s was hit by stones and fell to the ground. his companion a white woman in her 40s was toppled beside him. seconds later 3 youths attacked them with clubs and blood spattered across the pavement where they lay'.

The latter half of the 19th century saw not only the beginning of the acquisition of our mass media by the Jews, but also the nearly simultaneous hatching of two long-term, murderous conspiracies designed to exploit our weaknesses and turn them against us.

These two conspiracies were Zionism and Marxism. Some Jews went with one, some with the other, but both were deadly for us.

use the hashtag #whitegenocide to spread our message

youtube and twitter are CENSORING THE TRUTH. diversity and multiculturalism is a code word for white genocide. anti racism is a code word for anti white.


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