so in case you guys missed it or if you have short attention span david goldberg video talk about how they put out gatekeepers channels who tells the truth like know more news to give themselves credibility and to attract people so they can tag track id them to eliminate them. adam worked for a data mining company called viasat. now if you put the two and two together it make a lot of sense: data mining to tag track and id. adam green channel is also not on the adl list of antisemitic youtube channels



Rabbi David Eliezrie

the media is own by 6 major companies. now look up the ceo of these 6 major companies and tell me if theyre jewish.

clip from hunters 2020


he talk about jews using "flu like virus" @10:20 to exterminate millions due to people waking up to zionism and jewish control. this video was posted june 2019 long before the coronavirus outbreak. and he talk about adam green being a shill. youll notice adam greens channel is not on the adl list of antisemitic youtube channels.

now you must take the mark of the beast

divide and conquer strategy: "they have to find unity amongst each other to be able to turn against us"

by brother nathanel

by brother nathanael



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