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There were no one worthy to open the scrolls in heaven, on the earth nor under the Earth...except Jesus. Read...REVELATION 5:3. The Heaven, The Earth and under the Earth...Gods' Kingdom is active right now. Wow......

We are God's temple here on earth.... he lives inside all of his children. I CORINTHIANS 3:16. Just take some time and look at the greatness of this gigantic world that we live upon......WOW. It is designed for his creation and all that is in it.

"I WANT...CAN I HAVE...GIVE ME... the babies wants". There is many living on earth today that are still children and has never grown up.

Our fight is right in front of us...and it originates from all spiritual avenues. Hatred and jealousies combined with pride usually is the fuel for your two-legged attacks from people. The satanic evil spirits will always come against a "TRUE CHILD OF GOD". Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AV6Idsu7ow

Joshua led the Israelites thru many battles to get to the Promise Land, and so will we go thru all kinds of tribulations to get to our final destiny...ETERNAL LIFE with JESUS. Only the righteous will be an "OVERCOMER". Study the book of Joshua...King James Version bible.

Sad, sad, sad to see so many two-legged humans turn away from Jesus. Apostle Peter also turned away from Jesus...MATTHEW 26...our focus for today.... will you turn away from our Savoir?

We are being attacked. Just look up into the sky at your grey skies everyday...man-made chemicals are killing the trees, animals, insects, fish and humanity. Floods. and disasters occurs daily and increasing. This is not climate change...this is from Satan's servants. URGENT NEWS BEAWARE.

Children of God."Aaaa...the TREE OF LIFE". This will be our shade tree in heaven...no more pain, sorrow or sadness.... eternally peace and joy with our Lord....Jesus.

There used to be giant trees and giant humans on the Earth....what happen? We all are just living on the remains of the Garden of Eden.

Man wants to control what he didn't build! Let the book of Genesis be true knowledge to who created our world. THE WORD....OF OUR LORD.

King David played for the king so I will try to do the same for JESUS...as a servant of our Lord...check this out.... Praising him.

"I will kill and Steal to get what I want.... said the wicked." They are using our sons and daughters to carry out their agendas. The EVIL RULERS are cowards hiding in the shadows.

"T.D. JAKE IS A SETUP BY YOUR NWO...TO TEAR DOWN ALL FAITH IN GOD". But it will not work...God will always have a body of true believers.

"God created this world and not by a few two-legged wicked satanic worshipers". For decades after decades...man has tried to play God...but fails every time. HTTPs://rumble.com/v443qd9-my-angels-said-i-aint-gotta-listen-to-the-nwo...2024.html

This is a sad dark dreary world that we live in today...and it is purposely designed by your so call leaders, NWO to destroy you ...sneakily. Please do some research for yourself and you will then see that our only hope is in Jesus....period. The same yesterday and today God controls all things..

When God tell you to move...move...go then go. Our father knows exactly what is best for us. Abram was obedient and proceeded in the new life that was planned for him.

The wicked government leaders think they are in control of this world. But they are in for a deadly awareness soon to come upon them. Our God is controlling their every thought and actions that will lead them to war against each other. The blind will be killing the blind.

I came out of the mud a sinner and Jesus washed me up from my head to my toes.... now look at me a born-again servant for the Lord. Yea Lord. The change in your life can happen to you!

God Almighty the creator of your head, eyes, mind and soul determines your departure from this earth....and not a wicked satanic man. These Two-legged humans want to play God...but they will not succeed.... they are just tissue like us all.

Fake men and women are infested in the church's leadership today like never before. Jesus chooses whom will shepherd the church and not a person that want riches and fame. "Fake preachers, teachers of all religions...watch the lighting from above...God's wrath will come down on you".

Wars, death, trials and tribulations occur in our lives...it's a fact. But we have the Holy Spirit to help us thru all difficulties. Let's PRAY...right now...right now just you and me!

"KING HEROD MURDERED ALL THE BABIES 2 AND UNDER....MATTHEW 2". The same murdering of whole families is being carried out today. The political state of Israel...is committing Genocide right in the world face.... plastered on the internet and Tellie for all to see. Satanic...satanic led leaders. Matthew chapter 2 is our background scriptures.

The upcoming few years will be a rapid attack on humanity by the secret hidden leaders. They continue to use their visible puppets to carry out their agendas and the real devils remain hidden in the shadows. Get ready people.... we have a rough road now and beyond. PRAY

God allowed the gentiles to have access to the blessings of his kingdom. Anglo Saxons...Europeans....and others but look at the wickedness that you have brought upon the world. Wars, racism, poverty and now the ABCDEFG...community is rampant. We have been blessed by God in the western nations mostly, but the end these blessings from God is endings. God will judge all wicked, creeds and color...we are entering into so terrible times. Pray to Jesus he is the only one to help and save you. Word.

'What can I do. These people won't listen to me." Yes, this is what the NWO want you to say. NWO want you to feel hopeless and helpless. WICKED LEADERS' CORRUPTION OF YOUR MINDS WITH FILTH.


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God is shaking up this world that we live in, and he uses men and women. So, I am ready...USE ME LORD.