This terrible season that we are living in is a warning to all to leave the wicked that hate God. Leave them alone......period! "Be always ready to tell them the good news...JESUS CARE AND SAVES".

Let's review how God created this world...a short 101 in the beginning summation. Read along with me Genesis 1-2.

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I was practicing my pentatonic chords on my keyboards, and guess who was pounding on my door.... JESUS. He told me to keep practicing and I will be in the orchestra when I get to heaven...Hehe.

The end will come when the gospel is preached all over the world and a great falling away from the truth... that Jesus is Christ. The man of sin will increase in wickedness and then,,,,THE END WILL COME

Please remember that God is sitting on the throne and directing all events with the purpose of leading mankind back to him. Floods, wars, and pestilences. Man-made deadly weapons NWO is using against the world population...is to judge the wicked for their sins against him.

NWO uses politics, weather, and any other means to bring down a nation or people. They will also kill you without blinking an eye. Remember God controls them and their wicked imaginations and plans. To be protected you must love God Almighty and Jesus his son.

FUSSING, FIGHTIN, and JUDGEMENTS is from God Almighty. He will cause wickedness to fight one another. The wicked minds will destroy each other...so get out of God's way....

God first.... the rest of life should be next with your concerns. Loving your brother is also loving God that created us all...2023 lets begin....10,9,8, .......1. Happy New year with the true God Almighty.

What better gift can I give you. Besides money. Well, there is a man called Lord God Almighty Jesus...he is my gift to you.

No matter what comes against us. God is always with you. He promise us he would never leave us nor forsake us...Check out this scenario of lying on the beach...chilling during this ice lockdown.

Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall these wicked rulers are always plotting against the good that God created...NWO consider you as an animal that needs to be controlled.

Your Gova-mint want to give USA a Xmas gift..."you better watch out, you better not cry, Santa's delvils are coming to town". Jingle Bells, Jingle Bell....

Chosen mean...selected by God Almighty to serve him. He knew you before you were born. Matthew 20:16 and many more verses in the KJV BIBLE tells us this.

Praises and Worship God desires...PSALMS 100: 1-5, read it for yourself. Music is a form of worshipping the Highest of the Highest...he loves it.

Monarchs, Empires, Kings threat, kill and make war against the ones that are weak in strength. They will use lies, deceptions and evilness to obtain their agendas. But they forget God Almighty can take away their breath at any time...including the rich and the powerful. Study: Daniel chapter 7.

Is this the beginning of another lockdown and disruptions all over the world again. The weather is just right to suspend their agents into our atmosphere to do the most damage. The NWO WILL NOT QUIT...THEIR AGENDA IS MASS DEPOPULATION.

You are Born Again and living for Jesus brings God's children peace and joy every day. Read: Isaiah 26:3

The little child asked the question...."Mama why do these wicked leaders, men and women and Transvestites lie to us all the time"? Mama said, because they hate Jesus, God Almighty and love Satan.

Social Engineering your mind is easy when you are blind and can't see the truth. Tv is your God. And you are trained to obey what your leaders on the TEL-R-LIE tell you. Check this Pt1 and PT2 out.

Jesus' parable of the Sheep and the goats. God's children and Satan followers...Let's get into this...end times message.

To view PT. 2: FOLLOW THIS LINK ON MY YOU TUBE CHANNEL. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSzD3rTgVZc&t=3s

Evilness is in man and woman...even though Satan and the fallen angels are in chains. Jude 1:6.

Psalms 37:25 tells us to live righteous and our children will be blessed as well...so Mama and Daddy...that's all you can do. So now turn your children over to God...he is the only one that can save them. Peace

If you are a senior. Don't sit in the house and look out the window all day long....move around in and out of your bedroom, if you can. Never think about giving up...God marked our end. YOUNG OR OLD...fight death till the end. My last scooter ride for 20022. Peace


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God is shaking up this world that we live in, and he uses men and women. So, I am ready...USE ME LORD.