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From the Directors of Died Suddenly’:
Final Days’ Exposing the Scientific Technological Elite and their desire to become Gods. The Covid pandemic was the test run for an even more sinister plot to come

The long drives on the Saskatchewan gravel back roads on 8 Track.

It's beyond obvious what is REALLY going on in "Ukraine"

Day by day the news leaking out just gets worse and worse.

‘If a doctor cannot tell the truth because he’s scared of losing his license what has medicine become?’

No defence except to go Nuclear.

It's April 2023 and Statistics Canada has not released mortality data for 2021 yet.
2020 data was released in January of 2022.
Why do you think there is such a significant delay this year? 🤔

Bombshell Accusation: Hospitals Specifically Targeted the Unvaxxed for Deadly Forced Remdesivir and Respirator Protocols.


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