For better self value, development and mental health it is important to set yourself challenges.

I was a anxious about speaking on camera/public speaking, I over came this by making YouTube videos.

By confronting what makes you anxious, and though repetition you will develop as a person.

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Research from the UK shows 1 in 4 people are prescribed addictive medication to treat depression, anxiety and other issues. Medication is being prescribed to those who don't need it.And on the other end of the spectrum millions of people fail to take the medicine that would really help them through non-adherence.

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My experiences and tips for living in a car in the UK.

Living in a car is a great way to travel, save money, be life flexible and raise money to buy a house or start a business.

Some of my tips from my time living in a car.

#CarLife #RentFree #Travel

The male suicide rate rose to 4,903 men taking their own life last year 2018.

The rise comes as coroner's lower the burden of proof for suicide, so the Office for National Statistics data most likely more accurately reflects the huge problem facing men.


#Men #ItsOkayToTalk #MaleSuicide

With the Deliveroo IPO date set for early 2020 it makes sense from a business point of view that Deliveroo are looking to squeeze as much profit out of the company before the initial public offering takes place.

Many riders are complaining about the new fees riders are paid.

#Deliveroo #IPO

Social media, is it good or bad for you, and how much is too much?

Social media can become an addiction in the same way as gambling. Social media can give you dopamine hits as you see the likes and emojis come in.

If you get to the point you find social media is stopping you from being productive and pursuing your goals then you are using it too much.

Social media can also be a positive, keeping in touch with friends and maintaining relationships with people. I find social medias such as Strava can be very good if it's encouraging people to get outdoors and exercising.

#socialmedia #beinghappy

Vehicle Priority is a new addition to Deliveroo's Stats.

This will preference vehicles that are more efficient at delivering food over distances.

Motorbikes, scooters and cars will have a preference over bicycles.


Let me know any comments and questions and I'll answer them in a live stream.

How does Deliveroo compare to minimum wage jobs on the UK?

After months of doing deliveroo how much do I make?

I work 35 hours most weeks and earn on the region of £350 pounds, so above the UK minimum wage of £8.21 per hour, but also consider you are self employed so no holiday pay, no sick pay, no paternity pay and if you miss many shifts you won't be able to book at 11am which means you won't get shift the next week.



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