"The movie is finally finished, This took me 2½ Month's to make this Abomination Film that Pixar cannot even do. Special Thanks to AnaidonSoul:
For volunteering to help me making this movie.

Count how many the word "Faggot" in this Film.
And find a camera in the scene too. You can win a price. :)

All though this Episode has put more effort of my latest video's.
Trust me I dislike my own work btw...
I hope Pixar incharged me on CGI studio's so I can fuck shit their Movie Projects. And it will look like FoodFight 2!

Because this is America I can do anything I want. Just like shooting a kid in Jacksonville Florida, which it is okay."

A classic video entry of an old collab Luigipalooza


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Re-uploading my old Gmod video's In case YouTube ever decides to shoot themselves on the leg. If the new ToS is on full affect might as well upload newer video's here mostly Voice Acting and Slideshowmation

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