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Ed West discusses his fantastic new book "Saxons vs. Vikings: Alfred the Great and England in the Dark Ages", which is part of a history of Britain series.

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Gavin Boby, a.k.a the "Mosque Buster" of Law and Freedom Foundation talks by Skype with Future Nations about his successful political activism helping concerned UK residents fight Islam by opposing the planning applications for Mosques.

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John Kenneth Press, Ph.D. is the author of 5 books, including 'Culturism' and a biography of the first culturist 'Matthew Arnold'.

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Ed West is a journalist and writer who regularly writes for publications including The Spectator. He’s the author of a number of books including The Diversity Illusion, What We Got Wrong About Immigration & How to Set It Right and a brand new series of books on British medieval history released August 2017.

Future Nations - Audio interview

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John Meighan is the founder of the Football Lads Alliance, a UK counter-extremism movement. In June 2017, the FLA held its first street protest march in London, attended by a reported 10,000 people.

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Robert Timm is the German representative of the Defend Europe campaign which aims to highlight the devastating collusion between charities (such as the Red Cross) and human traffickers who bring boatloads of illegal and unverifiable African migrants to Europe every day.

Future Nations - Skype interview

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