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NBA Shootout 2001 for the PS2 is on the menu boys
Recap Paul vs Askren
Bobby Knuckles comes through with a big win

Edelman HOF worthy?
Bobby Knucks vs Gastelum Prediction
Rob's Nuggets finals predication takes a huge hit
Should you air all your bullshit on twitter?
What is the funniest sports movie ever made?
Aliens are coming bros

No UFC this past weekend, my bad boys
Rob and Mario discuss the UFC P4P list
KD gets fined 50k
Things are not looking so good for Watson
And More

Francis takes the title
Woodley and Luque put on a show
O'Malley rounds back into killer form
Mario FakeNews delivers hard hitting journalism with the Rappaport vs KD story
Rob gets blindsided by Ben Affleck's "The Way Back"

Holland blows it
Will Stipe retain the title?
Deshaun Watson is being taught a lesson
Game glitches
The fucking Snyder Cut
Big Harv is innocent and more

In this wholesome episode the boys poke each others eye, talk a little NFL free agency, Rob gives his 10 QB's he would take over Drew Brees and more!

Rob gives a lackluster performance just like the 3 main events at UFC 259
Dak's ankle is worth 40mil a year
Rob still isn't over Selena's death
and more...kind of

Should calve kicks be an illegal strike?
Reaction to UFC Fight Night Rozenstruik v Gane
Canelo was fighting? Why didn't you fucks tell me?
Looking ahead to UFC 259
JJ Watt doesn't want a SB I guess

Rob tries to get out of the red with Mario's help

Rob puts his thinking cap on
Mario gets the Lewis v Blaydes fight right and more

Reaction to Usman vs Burns
Can you have a conversation about who is GOAT when it involves active fighters?
Mark Cuban flip flops on anthem stance?

In this weeks episode Rob plays Hit the Ice for the Sega Genesis
The soys also give their reaction to Reem vs Volkov and Sandhagen vs Edgar

Rob and Maury predict Super Bowl 55 and more

Conor Gets Ko'ed & Robs SB Picks Hold Up

Rob goes 4-0 in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs
Holloway pieces up Kattar
Browns miss a huge opportunity
Chiesa vs Magny pick
Connor vs Dustin prediction

Rob finally finishes The Sopranos and has a dream

Part 1 of this weeks episode
Rob plays Battle Grand Prix for the SNES
The good ol'boys give their picks for the Divisional Round in the NFL
Holloway vs Al'Kattar picks
Rob finally finishes the Sopranos and has a dream

Bitchute uploader wouldn't upload the full vid so we broke it down into two parts

Apologies for the late upload.
Wild Card Weekend is here boys
Dana White is going to get you mother fuckers!
Is Steph Curry top 10 All Time?

Its the last episode of the year boys. Cheers

It was a sloppy game boys but the last few minutes are HOF worthy

Reaction to UFC Fight Night Thompson vs Neal
Rob goes 12-4 in Week 15
Week 16 Pick'ems and more

NBA Live 2002 for the Ps2
Thoughts on some of the fights from UFC 256
Rob goes 13-3 in Week 14 of the National Football League
NFL Week 15 Pick'ems
And More!

HoHoHo Boys its Christmas time once again. The rules are simple
1.Comment the game you would like for Christmas and the platform you would like it on
2.Tune in to next weeks episode to hear if you won.
The winner will be picked randomly
God Speed

Forgive Mario's audio he has autism
Rob is on fire with his picks
Week 14 Pick'em
Spence vs Garcia Reaction
UFC 256 Main and Co-Main picks


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