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Filmed inside the Capitol, this Grayzone special explores the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a taxpayer-funded organization that has interfered in elections, mobilized coups, and orchestrated public relations campaigns against nations that resist Washington’s agenda.
By Max Blumenthal


From government propaganda outlet VOA, Aug 21 '18. UNITED NATIONS — The United States, Britain and France vowed on the fifth anniversary of a chemical weapons attack that they blame on the Syrian government to take action as they have in the past against any further attacks by President Bashar Assad's regime.



Originally published on Youtube Nov 8, 2016
by Truthstream Media

One of their best videos... EVER
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A Law Professor Explains Why You Should Never Talk To Police

'The Iraq War architects have been thoroughly rehabilitated and are planning their next adventure, even as the catastrophic ramifications of their crimes continue to reverberate around the world.'

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In Israel, men are drafted into the military at age eighteen for three years of service. Afterwards, they are obligated to serve one month per year until age forty-five.

'...it is actually the miluim (reserves)that are the main force in the army. With yearly training and drills, the IDF’s largest faction of the army, miluim, stays in-shape and ready for any emergency or war'


"A shadowy government with it's own airforce.. it's own navy.. it's own fundraising mechanism.. and the ability to pursue it's own ideas of the national interest..
Free from all checks and balances.. and free from the law itself." - Sen. Daniel Iouye

Originally published on youtube May 12, 2016


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