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The Vaccine Protocol was developed to neutralize the toxins before they can cause an injury! We have incorporated the Patch Protocol with Protocol 1000. The best thing to do is NEVER get a Vaccine.
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Lord bless, Mark

The G2Church Spray bottle is used in so many applications and can be taken with you wherever you go!

This live flush protocol is so important to restoring health and maintaining that health!

We use this Protocol Diet when restoring health.

The Protocol 4000 is being used successfully all over the world to cure many illnesses!

After completing the Protocol 1000+ for a week then move up to the Protocol 2000.

Here is where EVERYONE starts the G2Sacraments.Start with 1/2 drop and stay there a day or so before moving up.

After reaching 1-3 drops consistently for a week move up to Protocol 1000+ if necessary. Most people have their health "problems" solved by the Protocol 1000. If your health issues still exists then move on to Protocol 1000+ which means the addition of DMSO added to the water hourly.

After the Starting Procedure, where EVERYONE needs to start, work up to the protocol 1000. Back down on the amount of drops if having diarrhea or stomach aches. Most people can do the protocol 1000 but if not, stay at 1 drop consistently.


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Here are the Videos EVERYONE needs to begin. The Starting Procedure is the First step for EVERYONE! Remember, to start slow and work up the protocols adding one at a time until healed. If you have diarrhea or lose bowels back down and start over. Lord bless, Bishop Mark