Pastor Carl Gallups

The Ultimate Perspective of Life: No Fear In Jesus!
Pastor Brandon Gallups (Pastor Carl's son)
Revelation 12 and 2 Corinthians 5

Brandon is the Associate Pastor of Redeemed Ministries - Cleveland, AL & Director of the Men's Rehab Ministry.

Understanding the LORD'S SUPPER Like NEVER Before!
Pastor Carl Gallups

GOD OF JACOB - Come Wrestle Us and Win!
Pastor Carl Gallups -

A Striking Convergence - Feast of Atonement & Tabernacles
Pastor Carl Gallups

Our Present Sufferings - Romans 8
Pastor Carl Gallups

The Day of BLASTING! Yom Teruah & Jesus' Perspective - - Pastor Carl Gallups | 9-5-21

Perspective, Purpose, Position for OUR TIMES - Pastor Carl Gallups - Philippians 1 |

Subjects or Servants-Biblical Perspective for Today's Prophetic Times
| LUKE 19 - Pastor Carl Gallups - 8-22-21

Defending the Faith - Defending the Truth | Pastor Carl Gallups
Philippians 1. 8/15/21

Shocking Mysteries of THE SONG OF SOLOMON
Pastor Carl Gallups | 8-8-21

THE NAME! Part II - Pastor Carl Gallups
Revelation 1

THE NAME - Like You've Never Heard it Before!
Pastor Carl Gallups - 7/18/21
Philippians 2

UNWORTHY Pastor Carl Gallups explains a HARD passage on the Lord's Supper - 1 Corinthians 11 - - - July 11, 2021

Traversing The Darkness - Pastor Carl Gallups June 27, 2021
John 7 and John 8

1 Timothy 6:11ff (Father's Day)
Why It's Important! Pastor Carl Gallups - 6-20-21 (Father's Day)

The NEXT Generation - Judges 2
Brandon Gallups preaching at HHBC
| 6-14-21

Time to Choose Sides! Pastor Carl Gallups 6/6/21
Joshua 24 and Matthew 7

Rise and Walk! What it means NOW - Pastor Carl Gallups - 5/30/21
Mark 2, Matthew 9

The Mystery of Pentecost (Shavuot) -
The Book of Ruth and Our Prophetic Days -
Pastor Carl Gallups

CRISIS IN ISRAEL! Is THIS really THAT? - Pastor Carl Gallups - 5-16-21
Zechariah 12 - 1 Thessalonians 5

UPDATE FROM ISRAEL! Messianic Rabbi Zev Porat With Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri's Student Eliyahu - "Yes! I gave my life to Yeshua because of Kaduri's teaching. Yes, I was a student at his Yeshiva! Yes...I presented myself to a renowned Messianic Rabbi at a Messianic congregation in Israel!"

Should Christians support Israel in EVERYTHING
Carl Gallups gives INSIGHT

This Explains Everything! Pastor Carl Gallups
1 Corinthians 15
Ephesians 5
Genesis 2

The REAL Power of the Word - Pastor Carl Gallups - 5-2-21
A message of perspective, encouragment, and challenge....

JOHN 11 - Companion message to the MYSTERY OF THE HOLY ONE
The Mystery of Lazarus - Pastor Carl Gallups explains... 4/25/21


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Pastor Carl Gallups has been the senior pastor of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church in Milton, Florida since 1987. He is an internationally acclaimed Amazon TOP-60 best selling author of numerous books, and a conservative radio talk show host since 2002 (ADX Communication Broadcast Group Dedicated Live Stream, plus... airing on 1620 AM / 92.3 FM / originating in Pensacola, Fla.) He is the host of two shows - Ask the Preacher with Pastor Carl Gallups, and his flagship show Freedom Friday with Carl Gallups - the Oval Office of Gulf Coast Talk Radio. LIVESTREAMS at | |

Carl is a frequent guest on numerous television and radio programs. He is also a popular Bible and Prophecy conference speaker. Carl opened the Donald Trump for President Rally in Pensacola, FL in January 2016. This was then-candidate Trump's very first Florida Rally. He was also deputized, in 2016, as a Special Deputy by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, formerly of the Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff's Office.

Pastor Gallups is a former decorated Florida law enforcement officer, having served with two different sheriff's offices under three different sheriff's administrations. He was the recipient of the Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award - twice - once in each of the two sheriff's offices for which he worked. He received a commendation of valor as well as two commendations of meritorious service. He was also given an award by a regional chapter of the NAACP for risking his life in the line of duty after going into a burning apartment complex to pull several occupants out to safety. Carl was Florida's very first 18-year-old Corrections Officer with the Florida Dept. of Corrections. In some of the last years of his law enforcement oriented career he served as the Assistant to the Administrator of the Bureau of Admissions and Release Authority with the Florida Dept. of Corrections Central Office at Tallahassee, FL.

Carl is a graduate of Florida State University (B.Sc.- Criminology), The New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div.), and the Florida Law Enforcement Officer Training Academy (including several law enforcement/investigations special training courses). Carl serves on the Board of Regents with the University of Mobile, in Mobile, Alabama - since 2000.

CARL SAYS: My passion in life is to faithfully advance the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, equipping believers to be faithful ambassadors of that Kingdom work. We are living in the most profoundly prophetic times since the first coming of Jesus Christ. I am striving to wake up the church-at-large to this biblical truth.