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Make your list and see how you are doing in preparedness.
Be well, be safe. hold on strong.
Prayer is a must.

All the more reason for all Americans to take action at our borders.
As I have been saying all along, "This is a Jewish Operation".

The illusion we're Under

Let us all remember it was Israel Cohen that was Mao Zedong's handler.
Communism is Judaism.

While Trump had already done the damage to the country, turning it over to the UN with the signing of the USMCA, turning this country into the American union - UN, then giving all operations powers to F.E.M.A. when Mr. operation warp speed declared covi-d a national emergency.
This video tells it all.
90% of all of the crazy crap going on is directly from Trump policies.
This Video should be shared everywhere!!

you'll own nothing and be happy
the have not's and have Yachts

The Legendary Shawn Lane: RIP Shawn, undisputed greatest Guitarist of all time!
At the age of 14 Shawn was the lead guitarist for "Black Oak Arkansas" He Ripped then,
wait until you hear what he matured into.

shoot a few of these invaders and things will change

1996 Michael's "Jew Me Sue Me___Kike Me" Infuriates Jewish Groups!

Hasidic Jew seen crawling out of sewer after NYPD busts Chabad tunnel network under New York City

"For 55 years, we've tried to honor the crew, with little to no support from our government, just like the lack of support we received when we were under attack," Bowen continued from the podium. "Our government has tried to cover the entire attack up as a mere accident. Nothing could be further from the truth."

Survivors of the USS Liberty Look for Answers 55 Years Later

Five finger death punch


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EXPOSING JEWISH SUPREMACY Fighting against their New World Order, One Report at a Time. Researching ancient history and following tribal bloodlines in context to biblical, archeological, historical, linguistics and spiritual studies. Trying to make sense of the war against humanity. This Channel is about connecting the DOTS from history and tying them to the issues of the day, and the Criminals behind it all. This is about the fight against the enslavement that the Cabal of Jewish criminal money lenders that has for over 200 years entrapped humanity with their fraudulent system of USURY. Debt based currency! How they have managed to subvert every aspect of life as we know it. Be it money, industry, education, government, media, military and as of late the genocidal bombardment of Pharmakeia. We as human beings deserve better and our voices matter. Lets work together to BREAK THESE CHAINS
There is a solution to this Madness .. its all Spelled Out in the Declaration of Independence and 2nd Article in the Bill Of Rights!!
Learn your rights and duties as an American and act accordingly!!
This is Your Duty .. There is no one Coming to Save You.