The Street Preacher

Believe what you want.
I am praying for the best. Preparing for the worst.

Check for yourself.

No crime, no warrant, no charge, not comment.

This was 17 years ago. Open prison. And things are just about to get real. Buckle up.
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And here we are.

The more I learn about this,
the more I realize the world wake up.
In time any way.

You need to be strong right now.

You never remember the pain, the trial, the discomfort.

The moments of success, the wins, love.

Those are the things you remember for the rest of your life.

This happening. Right now.


Don't let them take your guns. - Gone.

Don't allow them to tell you can and can't work. - Essential , non-essential. Done.

You have already lost the choice of your body.

The last thing is just taking all the private property.
You don't own it. You own your debt. Flick a switch.

This will happen. And you will let it.
2030, you will own nothing, and be happy.

Worked out well for all the other people that embraced communism.
The laws are already passed. The die is already cast.

They extended "emergency powers" again, does anyone notice? No body seems to care.

Two weeks to flatten the curve.
Two years two flatten individual will.

It can't be changed.
I am just trying to give people a heads up.

You can't vote your way out of the two party trap.
And when the food runs out, which they are saying to your face on television. Voting will be the least of your worries.

You can't beat them from the top or the bottom.
At least at their own game.

Imagine the reactions when people saw this two years ago.
I would believe people are a little more open minded now.

How reliable this source is.
How accurate this information is.
I am not sure. It is interesting though. Sometimes part truths can be more deceptive then no truth. But still worth a watch.

As a Christian. From my own experience.
I have had a conversation with God. I have had Jesus in 2019 appear to me and say "speak the words that will create your freedom."

How can I deny that?
A lot of this is accurate. Flat earth? I can't prove something that I have no ability to prove either theory. I think that may be in there to discredit some of this information. Or to throw people off course.

You are created in Gods image, you a being of love and tremendous power. Sure there are forces at work more powerful then we can understand. There are things going on we may never understand.

But what do you see, think, feel. What feels right for you?
Are you making your own decisions? Building your own life?

It's your life. Live it how you choose.
Ask better questions, get better answers.

I've been gone for sometime.

I needed a break from the war.

Some was asking me how I view the world,
mainly pieces of information.

Here is a small insight.

If you have had a booster - the third shot.
Go get a HIV test. Can't make this shit up.


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