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The more I know the more I grow.
The more I understand things the more religion, God things I didn't believe seem like nothing but the truth and the way. And things and people I once believed, trusted or listened to seem like fairy tales, liars or just ignorant.

My thoughts on the growing culture of strippers, escorts and onlyfans girls/women.
And my own naivety around it.

If you can't manage to get though my long form rants and sermons.
Here is a recap or more the point the most important message of 2022 2023.
God speed.
Also inflation isn't transitory.
It is here to stay until the machine breaks.

Sunday Sesh with big Nige.
This was a while back.

DFP is the same, only the names will change.

God speed.

Probably worth knowing.
Being aware not afraid.

Sunday Sermon.
Your body, mind, wealth, health compass.
Preacher links.
60 Day Challenge.

I used to drive trucks, forklifts, mainly shit. I would do long days in the hot sun of metal and lumber yards. The work didn’t really bother me. I was incredibly fit after three years of training.
My philosophy “if it is hard. Don’t do it” seemed to be making my life what I wanted it to be.

Until I became bored. Really bored. And it didn’t make any difference how much money I had.
The time spent at work I would visualise my opponents. I would think about how I would feel after a win and I would visualise the party afterwards. This kept my mind occupied while I worked physically hard.

Until I could afford a car. I would ride two hours to a fight gym, train, sleep and do another 10 – 12 hours work. Party and drink every weekend. Regardless of my goals or how much it affected me in training, work or fighting. I never understood this.

I knew I wanted to be a champion fighter. I knew my job would bank roll the process. But every time I had the opportunity to move ahead. Rise up. The weekend before or even the night before. Lack of discipline and the sobering reality. If I wanted it bad enough. I wouldn’t drink.

Like most men. At one point that was exactly what I wanted. Until I got it. Then years later what I call the “western condition”. Same shit different day, capable of more but you don’t know how and ultimately you don’t want to live like that anymore. Yet the only thing most men manage to figure out is more booze, more sex – by any means necessary, more television and more mindless spending.

And sure that works. Until it doesn’t. And who you become in this process is a slippery slope.
“Lucky” for me I had a second vision a second dream. That was equally motivating for me. Having a training business, coaching people and helping them receive the same gifts and freedom that my own trainings had given me.

Instead of hitting people and not going to jail and maybe getting paid. I get to help people and teach what I love. Except this wasn’t just a after work thing. Or just on the weekends thing.
To make this work I had to commit my very being to it. I have to commit and sacrifice almost everything to fast track myself into the man that could pull this off. Like you, life or any opportunity wasn’t going to wait for me.

As scary as it was. Spoiler alert I made it work, different countries, thousands of people, enjoying what I do and making a positive difference. The responsibility of the situation. It made me find the will power and discipline that I could never find previously. No matter how strong I was. Or how “handsome” I was.
It was an internal shit. A conscious choice.

If there was anything in my life worth changing for. Worth going all in for. And I am not at that place mentally. Than it basically says to me, as it should to you. It’s unlikely you know what it is that will make you do what is required to change.

It is a purpose with your life. Your kids aren’t your purpose. They should be a priority and you should provide the

If you don't laugh,
just drop some hateful comments, either way I hope you enjoy your time here.

I am changing my thoughts, words and actions into something else other then this.
The game is set, the table is tilted and the game is rigged.
I am getting ready and getting my affairs in order. God speed and God bless.

Rest in peace Marjory R.C.

Celebrating losing another social media account.
So I will back up my content.

I was thinking "no one ever describes the thoughts and feelings of the start to finish of going in a positive direction." We fear what we don't understand. I hope this helps people to take action in the right way.

60 Day Challenge.

Preacher links.

It's not really a rant it is more of a symphony of ideas.



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