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I smoked for two years during the plandemic, just out of boredom.
My life went in a completely different direction.
Being a man of faith. This makes sense why.

Make up your own mind, God gave you free will.

There is legislation all over the place.
Search engine "Victoria Australia Cloud seeding." etc.

Droughts and floods. Equals cheap insurance land grabs.
Call it a theory.

Duality Trap.

Stop wasting time.

to find out who rules you,
work out who you can't criticize.

Is what it is. Nigger.

Do the DFP28 in 2024.

What ever you are seeking.
You will find.
But you need to ask. Seek. And knock.

Matthew 7:7
7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

If you want to know how to improve your body and your mind as a man. Ask.

Great show. If you haven't seen it.
Rust pre finding God.

New Series.
"Advice on the road, with Dan."
Episode one.
Possibly offensive.

I am just here to teach men how to embrace it,
then letting yourself get punched in the face by it.

I had this on Facebook over a year now.
How it didn't get shut down or deleted, beyond me.

Anyway. Send this to an automaton.

The hardest thing I ever had do.
The same will be for you.

Stories the same. Only the names will change.

Jesus is King.

Not really. I think that is from Team America.
Catchy song. But this is worse. Far worse.
May God have mercy on us all. 3 of my family members are already dead.

Drugs are great.
Should speed up the process of
11 days until the ban is lifted.

DFP 2023 intake starting now.

I would suggest planning your own "shit hit the fan" pack.
No one know what is going. And lord knows no one is coming to save us.
Maybe the lord. But you still need to survive until then.

I received an email from Pete the other day.
Always glad to hear my guys are doing well. Past and present DFP members. The teachings remain the same.
Battle tested. Amen.

Just some basic lessons on how to do easy (enough) repairs and what not around the house and your life. Lesson one. Cars.

I feel like someone needs to say this.

The Daily Freedom Path is just beginning to build momentum again.

It's our fucking time.

I am not about hate.
But come on.

If this triggers you.
It is probably for you.


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