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Turn The Page With Janine

Turn The Page With Janine


3.8.24 Update on Maricopa county & more information seeking justice - we are the gov't

Fun Times in Chaos Time with Chat

get healthy with detoxing the correct way
Dr. Ken Kaskie
Advanced Recovery Therapy
3829 Roswell Rd, Marietta, GA 30062
[email protected]
(770) 321-0696
(833) Get-HBOT or (833) 438-4268

have to go back to know who we got here as slaves

Power outages or Phone issues maybe it not for us but for them!

water is low for the cargo shipments

Marcia fist appearance on TTP with Janine and explains how we are all connected and when to get into the heart and mind for peace

Truckers and current events

watch the Q Crew before the real action takes place
part 2 coming soon on Turn The Page with Janine with the one and only Michelle Klann March 8th 24

Gates, Ryan SeaCreast,Starbucks, all under the umbrella of Deep State Bains & Co.

Maricopa board meeting 2.28.2024

Alpa Soni and Janine Talk about Healing and Arii go to turn the page for 20% off of Arii

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My show is about Truth and Love
I started the show to reach out to like-minded people.
My topics are eclectic, but all have a spiritual message to help others at these times. I use Zoom and Talk Radio with callers who ask questions of the guest.

I work out of my home office in Bella Vista, AR. As I wish to take this broadcast as far as I can with healthy information.