Using different means of surging a charge to disengage any engineered nano genetics from hopping

Here are options for Ionizers or

Using different means of surging a charge to disengage any engineered nano genetics from hopping

Here are options for Ionizers or

imagine your genetic code over written with nano biotech and genetics---you will never be you again

how to make a window protection using panels a transformer power supply and a capacitor ( home made ) and apply to the windows or walls to increase a barrier around you to offset and rogue frequencies that may violate you

using a puck coil integrated with a emp to increase impact and effect on reducing and removing nanobiotech

build your own device to using a pemf or a emp like effect to rid the body of programmable nano biology

how to assemble a torroidal scrambler to remove nanoassemblage and to restore health

a torridals field hat scrambles the nano and destroys implants

techniques to minimize nano exposure in foods you eat

a DIY on what to do to impact protection against the different freq and nanobiology

how to make coils using a dvd or cd as a base Part one

Constructing of the Anti Nano triangle to remove nano bio engineered infections

special Note Bye bye and geoengineering watch have moved on so when we did these vids they were a viable activism group now there is no web site to access ---so do not go looking for web site--- they may still be on FB or other places so do a search and see if you can locate

using dvds and cds to assembly pancake or bifilar coils

devices that can be used to remove the nanopoisoning impacting everyone

This was an early staged developed idea to put one between 2 spinning vortexes to create a high intense collision of fields to disengage and scramble the nano assemblage and networking which worked well in the releasing of the tech through disengaging and distorting the fields and even causing a collision of particulates as well---the fan below and the one held all had magnets on the blades as well as the disc spinning in opposing and similar directions to create the chaos effect required to either erase the program or to cause collision with particulates or to disrupt the particles fields for assembly

when nano particles are assemblying they are in a field of there own and they are nano seconds apart ---when the emp field goes on what happens is 1-you disrupt those fields-2 cause a wiping out of the program to assemble, erasing the program-cause a colliding of the particulates shorting out --they are all modulating at over 100,000 per second and fusing increasing the size of the particulates from nano to micron as a result of "shorting out"which then becomes easier to remove--this is a demonstration with magnets to show the effect and how the fields draw out so when you use a saline acid solution-such as a bucket or bath- allows for easier removal

turning fans and coils to block deflect and defend against freq-- a how to utilize a simple fan and coil and a bifilar coil

part 2 of coil wrapping

upgradeing the anti nano bucket and modifying a fan to create a torroidal barrier

how to make a coil


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explanation of jumping genetics and how to protect