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Sky News Australia 20/09/2020 #youtube Daniel Andrews has totally lost his marbles. He breaks down the food chain by allowing the meat industry in Victoria to operate at 75% capacity; forced unhealthy wearing of masks- I've even babies wear them, though not many, thankfully; the curfew; and the forced closure of small businesses; of students not being able to attend their respective classes; I mean this man is totally out of control! There is a very good chance according to ice. age. farmer. that Australia will be seeing food staples such as rice & pasta dwindle to almost nothing by Christmas. Holodomor 2.0 arising. Start stocking people if possible. Daniel Andrews has really lost his marbles. And our PM does sweet FA!


Courtesy ice. age. farmer. #BitChute

Courtesy Death Angel #youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drLaSEhEfV8

Andrew Bolt (The Bolt Report). Sep 14/2020

Avoids answering the HR's question. SkyNewsau 12/09/2020

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The Aboriginal woman died of natural causes - The GREENS say otherwise (well of course they would)! Sep 12/2020

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Courtesy Australian Issues #youtube Only 2 industries left in Australia Iron & Ore/cole for export; everything else we import. (This was in 2015) Since then no Liberal govt has improved our situation its all been China China FKN CHINA)!!!! However I do realize he is a zionist... BAD NEWS!

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BBC News #youtube Shapiro thinks Arabs and Palestinians are a filthy lot who like to live in their own sewer and bomb the crap out of people! LMAO!

Once again jews think they should be above everyone else. 2020

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SkyNews Australia SkyNews Australia refuses to realise that antifa and BLM are jewish organisations and that Marxism comes from Judaism. Here they blame blm for burning down businesses etc when refusing to realise that cultural marxism comes from the jews. The irony of course is that below the surface what this panel is really implying or refuring to is the book burning event in the 1930's with the Storm Troopers who were doing the right thing. And this is what happens when you are being brought up on a jewish based education system, when history is twisted and yet we have the internet available yet refuse to do some basic research and find out the truth. Thus here we clearly see SkyNews Australia keeping close to the jewish narrative and jewish propaganda. Ugh!!!

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Courtesy Dr Ludwig #BitChute

You should have listened to Germany!!!! Now we all SUFFER.

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