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From the George Carlin's 1990 special "Doin' it Again."

Powerwolf's "In the Name of God" music video, Deus Vult version. (Fan Made)

Bill Burr on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's tax proposal.

Bill Burr talks about a viral video of a beating at McDonald's.

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) got creative with his latest speech against the green new deal.

Re-uploaded since it's been memory holed.

Louis CK 2018 recorded audio set. PLEASE SUPPORT LOUIS CK AT https://louisck.net

Another PC Christmas Carol parody by FreedomToons!

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Back in 2016 Michael Moore inadvertently created the best Trump campaign speech. Moore is/was not a Trump supporter but he realized why Trump was going to win and was explaining this as part of a larger speaking event.

#MichaelMoore #Trump #MAGA

This is the video that got Tommy Robinson a thirteen month prison death sentence. Sentenced to be murdered in prison for reporting on sex crimes against girls as young as eleven.

The Last Son of the West by Murdoch Murdoch. (mirrored)


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