The men on Gail Chord Spiner's marriage list have created a website and church for her called "Church of Gail".

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UPDATE: This website was taken down in 2014 to take down a Jesuit website which was hosted on the same server.

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As Vladimir Putin requested, I have created a YouTube video to advertise the new website at that the men on my marriage list have created for me.

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UPDATE: My men took down in 2014 at the same time that they took down the Jesuit website that was on the same server. Gail saved all of her online communications from this into her book Bible for Tribulation Saints at Amazon.

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Brent Spiner created his music album "Ol' Yellow Eyes Is Back" for me. Here is one of the songs. My website is

When Gail heard this in June 1991, she realized that Brent was honoring her Conservative Bible Belt beliefs at the time, cuz this was a good ole' Southern song. Gail thought Brent was so classy to show off his Texas manliness in this way. This song told Gail that Brent liked a girl with old fashioned values in the love department. Gail considers Texas men very manly and finds manliness attractive. So this song really turned her on towards Brent as a manly guy from Texas.

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Brent Spiner created his music album "Ol' Yellow Eyes Is Back" for me. This is a song on that album. My website is

When I first heard this song in June 1991, I loved Brent's humor in the song and his positive approach to life. It also gave me a lot of peace that my affect on him was to bring him joy and happiness. He seemed to be in a state of euphoria about me, which touched me greatly. I vowed that I would never disappoint him and do nothing but bring this great guy joy in his life.

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Brent Spiner created his music album "Ol' Yellow Eyes Is Back" for me. Here is one of the songs. My website is

Brent actually called Gail gorgeous many times when he called her on the phone in 1991. Gail perceived that Brent felt she was a total knockout. She found this humorous because she did not try to come across to Brent this way. And perhaps the fact that she did, showed her that Brent saw her this way because she had both inner and outer beauty, something Gail greatly admired in Brent. At this point in Gail's life she dressed modestly and though she exercised and tried to keep herself physically beautiful, she made sure to maintain inward as well as outward beauty. She never sent any pictures to Brent that revealed her body at this time. Only pictures of her in church dresses.

Brent liberated Gail in 2011 encouraging her to reveal her hot body to the world, which Loree has interpreted as mental illness since Loree is certain that no older woman who reveals her body could be sane. But Gail looks amazingly good for her age.

When Gail heard Brent sing "Marie", Gail knew that Brent felt she was a knockout. This only made Brent seem like he'd be super hot in bed if God ever made a way for her and Brent to morally consummate their love. At this time, Gail's husband kissed her like she was the wall. Gail did not realize that her husband was a pedophile. But God knew and gave Gail a promise that someday she and Brent would marry and it would be with his full approval.

Gail wrote her novel Silver Skies's love scenes imagining how Brent would make love to her with a passion and depth of loving she never got from her husband David.

When Gail learned about Loree in 1996, Gail knew that Brent did not love Loree, because Gail already figured out that Brent loves deep, intelligent women - definitely not Loree McBride. Gail concluded he had Loree to maintain his job at Paramount and this made her lose respect for Brent in 1996, so that she dropped him as a lover in her imaginations, replacing Brent with Franco Nero. But when God told her in a still, small voice in 1999 that Loree was a Vatican agent, Gail realized that Brent went through hell to maintain his communications with her and she offered Brent marriage which she knew he would take.

Brent has tried to marry Gail since then, but Loree's death threats against Gail are very effective. Loree knows how to get Brent's cooperation and how to keep Brent from Gail! But Jesus promised Gail that she and Brent would marry. Jesus says that Brent and Gail were made for each other.

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Brent Spiner created his music album "Ol' Yellow Eyes Is Back" for me. Here is my favorite from that album. My website is

This was the first song Gail heard when she played the album she received as a gift from her friend and fellow Brent Spiner fan Melody Rondeau in June 1991. On hearing this song, Gail realized that the man with the tenor voice who longed for her on the phone was Brent Spiner. Gail, who has genius emotional intelligence, perceived that Brent had been in love with her long distance for many years, but couldn't take it and had to let Gail know.

Gail wrote Brent to tell him she adored him, but could not have him. Brent let her phone ring off the hook as the answer. She would pick it up and he would be there silent on the other end. Sometimes he would put his co-stars Levar Burton or Gates McFadden on the other end. Gail recognized their voices. Brent did this to validate to Gail that he made the album for her.

Starting in Sept. 1992, Brent called Gail less and gave Gail an unusual 3 weeks of silence in Sept. 1992. It devastated Gail who suffered depression over the silence. But she found peace when she decided to pray for Brent for the rest of her life. Then the silence ended at the end of Sept., but Gail could tell something had happened, cuz Brent became more cautious in his calls to Gail.

Before Brent made Ol' Yellow Eyes Is Back, Gail just considered Brent her long distance pen friend, seeing more as a friend than as a star. At this time in Gail's life, Brent was the first man she ever was totally herself with. She chose a star cuz she knew that would be safe, certain the star would never desire her romantically. When she found out she was wrong, she realized that a man she could love deeply also loved her deeply. But her moral convictions would not allow Brent romance at this time and she turned down his sexual advances.

Unfortunately, the evil Jesuit Order at this time, created Loree McBride in their cloning labs to totally break up this awesome love, which was a threat for their plans for world dominion. While Gail may have seen her love only as her friend and soulmate, the Jesuits saw him as the famous Brent Spiner who might ruin their plans for world dominion, especially if he married the woman with the genes of King David and Catherine the Great - something that neither Gail or Brent knew at the time.

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Anyone who thinks the REAL Brent Spiner is the one married to Loree McBride is an IDIOT.

In order to maintain her power, Loree McBride has taken over the U.S. Democratic Party (2016 to now), so that ANY vote for ANY Democrat in 2018 is literally a vote for Loree McBride, who punished the REAL Brent Spiner with 9/11/2001, for daring to try and board a plane that day to be with Gail Chord Schuler.

Loree McBride and her supporters continue to pollute, use chemtrails and drop bombs over those she strives to control, destroy or intimidate (like Gail Chord Schuler and her supporters) using Deep State infrastructure she inherited from Zack Knight when he was the Jesuit leader. Visit Gail's website:

My sociopath sister Sandra Metcalf is BFF with Loree McBride, who uses the Jesuit Order's Deep State to orchestrate hurricanes, tornadoes, weather, drop bombs, pollute in order to control/destroy her enemies (those who won't play along with her lies, rapes and control). The Jesuit Order created Loree and her many clones (including Brent Spiner clones) to defeat Brent Spiner's love for Gail, which could cause the downfall of the Jesuit Order. Please visit Gail's website:

Loree McBride/George Soros Jesuits orchestrate hurricanes, manipulate the weather and drop bombs worldwide, murdering and threatening billions. My father lived in New Bern, North Carolina when I visited him last in 1989. My sociopath sister accused him of murdering my paternal grandma, who died while under his care. Knowing how my sister has lied about me to my family, I can't trust her account of anything. Visit my website:

From about 6 p.m. (9-9-18) to 11 a.m. (9-10-18), I was without cable TV in Melbourne, FL. All my calls to customer service were disconnected, the Spectrum website was down also. Nothing from Spectrum whatsoever, except at their Twitter page, gave me any info about the shutdown. I strongly suspect the Loree McBride Jesuits did something major in Central FL and perhaps nationwide.

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To read more forbidden, but groundbreaking and true, news that should have made headlines worldwide (2012 to 2017), read Bible for Tribulation Saints:

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I explain why I refuse to deal with my mother and sister, who are narcissists and/or sociopaths in collusion with Loree McBride to have me locked up based on lies. Here are the amazing facts about my life that my jealous sister refuses to acknowledge:

Here is evidence that my sister committed a felony against me:

Proof that I have the REAL Brent Spiner in my life:

The day my Gail Shield saved earth from annihilation because of Angelina Ballerina's Seroquakke (with power to destroy the universe 3 times over) that my Gail Shield blocked.

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George Soros silences all voices that expose his evil plot to rule the world, eliminating those who won't cooperate. Alex Jones & Roger Stone uncover the plot:

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