Meant to say we shot missiles at Angelina's pink spaceship, not at Church of Gail.

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Gail explains how all mainstream news and most of what's online is a bunch of Narcissist News Network lies headed up by the master liar Loree McBride (in cohorts with Satan) and that you need to check Gail's YouTube channel and her website daily ( for the real news, along with Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable).

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Gail describes her life as summarized in her biography/portfolio page at her website as she describes the emotional dynamics of her life and those sociopathic narcissists who abuse her. Here is a written transcript that goes into more detail:

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Gail explains how Loree McBride, her sister Sandra Metcalf, her mother and even her ex-husband all had/have Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Gail was able to break free emotionally from their shackles when the REAL Brent Spiner came into her life (1990 to now). Gail has created web pages devotes to this topic including her new laws requiring Loree McBride Jesuits to undergo mental health treatment for their narcissism:

Loree McBride & the Brent Spiner clone both have Narcissistic Personality Disorder:

Narcissist or Psychopath—How Can You Tell?:


Should Christians use Psychology to Reach People?


BRILLIANT Insight into Narcissists Loree McBride & the Brent Spiner CLONE:

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Gail reads from Courage: A Little Book of Brave Thoughts (, a book she bought at age 16 and which influenced her for life and which carries her spirit, the spirit at Church of Gail (or the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits). (from her cancelled website) is now at

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Gail shares her Catherine the Great/King David heart as she defends her men against narcissist Loree McBride Jesuits who strive to control and destroy the hearts of the REAL Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin. Gail's Putin Catherine the Great page at is now two pages at &

Here is a page Gail created that describes the Narcissistic Personality Disorder and describes Loree McBride TO A TEE:

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Loree McBride has gone on a rampage dropping her germ-infested bombs over the population, causing serious illness. Gail believes Loree has induced a yeast meningitis epidemic worldwide, and most especially in areas where most of the population does not support her or supports Gail. Gail has created a page about this:

Those who are infected, contact Zack Knight at [email protected] and hopefully he can get his semen to you, which may be the only cure available right now, outside of doing the Gail Commandments.

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Gail explains how her page that opens up with her movie about Brent Spiner's rape is a page about the contrast between herself (as being like Esther in the Bible) versus criminal narcissist Loree McBride. This page attempts to go into the souls of both Gail and her jealous opponent, contrasting the hearts that drive both herself and Loree McBride.

I meant to say criticizing HIM to ME. Loree's brain control is awful. is now two pages at &

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Gail explains how she feels that her Gail Shield may be on the verge of collapse due to catastrophic bombs that Loree has unleashed onto the Gail Shield. The Gail Shield is strained and seems to be weakening underneath the power of Loree's bombs. Gail has been following the Gail Commandments faithfully, but feels that Loree's bombs are so powerful that it needs a boost that it will get when Gail's followers also follow Jesus Christ's Gail Commandments. Jesus did tell Gail that not only she, but her followers, need to do these as well. Here are the Gail Commandments:

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Gail cancelled It is now at

I messed up and said Catherine married Peter the Great, I meant to say Peter III, and not the Great.

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Jesus described Koko the Gorilla's death in 2013 to Gail. This conversation with Jesus is part of her book Bible for Tribulation Saints, which contains all online conversations Gail had with Jesus as transcribed by Brent Spiner or told by Terrance Jenkins and her men from 2012 - 2017. Here is a transcript of the conversation:

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Gail features Alex Jones at her YouTube channel because he is so articulate in describing the danger of Loree McBride's bio-engineered germs. However, he cannot mention Loree McBride and her evil scientists as the culprit behind these creations lest they haul him off to a psych ward. Here is a link to Alex Jones's page about this:

Here are the Gail Commandments (mandatory to stay healthy now-a-days):

If you get sick, contact Zack Knight at [email protected]. he has semen that is a super antibiotic that works on ALL germs.

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Gail explains how she gave herself FREE WiFi on Spectrum, without having to pay for WiFi services at Spectrum. She used an old D-Link router she bought in 2012 and got it to work for her by setting up her own WiFi network using her own D-Link DIR-615 router (purchased around 2012). It took her forever to figure out how to get her network password to work. She had to RESET the router to factory conditions and then everything worked and she now has WiFi on her Kindle Paperwhite reader.

Gail is reporting what she's hearing brain-to-brain, which may not be accurate. If the inaccuracies are significant, she will make a corrective video later. For those who want information about this new web browser powerhouse (designed to outdo Google) and how to get the Gabrielle Chana FOX Web browser contact Gail's men at [email protected].

If this is true, it is a massive step towards freedom of speech and of the press! Loree McBride Jesuits are on the verge of totally taking away our freedom of speech and of the press. We need a new web browser that will offer the world the TRUTH and not Loree McBride propaganda and that will not shut out the voices of truth.

Do NOT trust any websites out there that have my name Gail Chord Schuler attached to them unless they belong on this list:

Gail is about 90% done transferring her huge website from Homestead to WordPress. Once the transfer is complete (in a couple weeks), she will shut down her Homestead site, which is She recommends that all who want reliable information about her to visit her official website at

Gail is transferring her website from to She expects to finish by July 2018, at which time she will completely shut down so she won't be paying for two websites. will be the "go to" place to get all important information about Gail and her men when she's through building this new site.

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This is the video I originally uploaded to YouTube that I had to compress cuz the file was way too large. Took me forever to figure out how to do this with my new software.

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I cannot commence work on the Videos Archive Page until I finish building my main website first, so the Videos Archive Page won't be completed for another couple months.


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