I accidentally cut myself with kitchen scissors yesterday, with a 1/3 in. cut into my finger. I explain how I handled it using a special powder I bought from my acupuncture physician around 2010. First, I applied pressure for about 10 minutes. Then I cleaned the wound with liquid soap and water, rinsed it thoroughly. Then I applied the powder. I don't think it's Woundseal, because I have to use gauze over it to keep the powder from going everywhere, but that might be the next best thing.

I think the power may have been this:

Good advice. I'm following most of the advice here as well:

Then I covered the wound with a gauze band-aid.

Here is the page I made about research for my book Nirvana: Oshu Fujiwara Dynasty -

I present proof in the skies where I live of Loree McBride Jesuits blitzkrieg of bombs over my head. I also received a notice from YouTube that a 2011 video I made exposing Jesuit rape (which is an epidemic right now) is a violation of YouTube's Community standards and will be taken down. YouTube supports rape and murder because they don't want Jesuit rape exposed and don't want Jesuit war criminals arrested.

Here is a page I've created about this where you can read the law I've written forcing these social media giants to become government controlled and regulated, because they are, in actuality, already FOREIGN and ENEMY government controlled through Loree McBride, who orders them to censor stuff that Loree does not want the public to know.

This D-Day, I remember my step-dad Bill who was always very kind to me and who was part of the Battle of the Bulge (after D-Day) in the 82nd Airborne Division (which took part in D-Day). He was a man of honor, part of the great World War II generation. He gave me this tape about him in 2004. I treasure it. My men built a home for him in heaven. He was there for me at a time in my life when I could have been on the streets.

For most of his Presidency Donald Trump has not been President, it has been his wife Melania who has been ruling the country. Brent Spiner wrote me a letter about a box that Donald sent to Gail's men and it's horrific contents. As a result of this letter, Gail has updated her Conspiracy Law redefining what is a Loree McBride Jesuit to include anyone who has the heart of an evil Loree, even if they are not a Loree McBride follower. Here is the page I've created about this, you can read the letter here:

World War III ( is on and Loree McBride is unleashing the forces of hell over Florida, trying to wipe me out with her germ warfare. Unfortunately, the germs are also affecting innocents below as the bombs hit the shield and the germs trickle down through the atmosphere to the populations below. Everyone needs to be on Seroquel, the best medication for all forms of yeast. If you are ill, try contacting my men at [email protected]. Zack Knight has antibiotic semen that he might be able to give you that works on this germ, too. If you'd like to help us defeat Loree McBride, contact my men at [email protected].

Donald Trump's military has aligned itself with Loree McBride to commit war crimes against his own people, using biological/chemical and nuclear bombs to destroy, sicken and kill those who oppose war criminal Loree McBride. Trump and Loree think they are invincible and the U.S. military under Trump must go down, all U.S. military installations must be destroyed. The U.S. military under Trump's leadership has gone evil. Here is the page I've created about this:

The picture came from this FOX News article:

Neil Cavuto (May 28, 2019) did not give Tulsi Gabbard enough time to deal with economic policies, but Trump's economy is not as rosy as Trump depicts.

Tulsi rightly points out that the money we save on military spending (if we stop funding the foolish/dangerous wars overseas) can be used to help out the economy, and that the rich and powerful (like Loree McBride and her followers) exploit the poor in our current economic system. Also, our current unemployment rates do not reflect those who have given up on looking for work & those underemployed, struggling at poverty level. Check out the following pages to hear the TRUTH about the Trump economy: &

There is still some interest in my Playboy pictures at Patreon. OR

These are what I have available for June 2019. I took these pictures on May 27, 2019 because someone wants some photos for June and I wanted to provide something recent. Those who pay forty dollars a month (via Patreon), get to see me fully nude. I'm not on any special diet. I just follow the Gail Commandments and I love my pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, peanuts and ground flax seed that I eat with Cheerios and Rice Chex. I could be skinnier, but then I'd be too hungry. For 61, I'm happy.

Jesus has no objections to me doing this. He says, "If I wanted girls to wear clothes, I would NOT have had them born naked." Jesus is such a kick! He doesn't mind seeing women in bikinis as long as they aren't using their body to seduce.

I don't like the Pepe the frog cover ups anymore. I decided to go with a different theme that I think is closer to who I am. My apartment has a boring background and I wanted to be a little creative for June!

Netanyahu and Saudi Arabia want to drag the United States into war with Iran, and Trump is submitting to their wishes. The cost in money and lives will be catastrophic.

I encourage Tulsi Gabbard to begin her run for U.S. President as an Independent Candidate. To hell with the Democratic Party. Here is a page I've created about this:

Check out her excellent interview on Tucker Carlson:

To support Tulsi:

If you want to support her Independent run for President, contact my men at [email protected]. My men will get the money to her.

I especially appeal to evangelicals who voted for Trump to consider Tulsi Gabbard as the candidate most pleasing to Jesus at this time. She has the heart of Jesus in caring for the poor and NOT catering to the rich and powerful. The establishment in both parties oppose her. She needs some Trump voters to help her out. Here is a page I've made about this:

Here is my National Health Care Plan, which saves everybody money:

Lots of divine signs around Tulsi Gabbard's run for President (2020). I explain why I think Jesus has made so many appearances to my men at Church of Gail and what this may all mean in God's plan for the ages.

I explain why my views don't align perfectly with the typical evangelical position, even though I consider myself an evangelical or born again Christian. I encourage all Jesus followers to support peace and sign Bernie Sanders' petition to require Presidents to get the approval of Congress before going to war. I believe Jesus would approve of this petition.

Please donate financially to Tulsi Gabbard, rather than Bernie Sanders, though.

Here is my Facebook post about this:

What REALLY happened to the Kursk submarine in 2000:

Oliver Stone, like myself, opposes passionately regime-change wars. He had an excellent interview with Vladimir Putin that I encourage all to listen to.

Occupy the Media at Facebook conducts a poll between Tulsi Gabbard and Donald Trump. The poll ends around May 21, 2019. If you have not voted and the poll is still going, please vote at

For information about Tulsi Gabbard:

I explain how it's obvious to me, as a woman with genius emotional I.Q., that the Tulsi appearance in the May 2019 TMZ interview was NOT the REAL Tulsi Gabbard, but her Jesuit clone.

Deep state leader Loree McBride wasted no time to create a Jesuit clone of Tulsi Gabbard, ensuring that Tulsi will NEVER be able to beat the deep state, creating the impression that Tulsi is an extremist liberal bigot like Loree McBride. I think the government needs to stay out of the abortion business. :Leave it to the mother unless the woman is a criminal or crime victim, then the government steps in. Shouldn't pay for abortions either.

For the news that never gets reported, especially about clones check this out:

If you don't know who Loree McBride is, then you don't know ANYTHING. Check out this page and my entire website and YouTube channel:

Check out the total context of what Jesus says about environmentalists here:

Also, if you want to read ALL that Jesus said to me and my men from his first appearance to us in 2012 until 2017, check out my book Bible for Tribulation Saints:

I explain that the Presidential candidate who is truly against the swamp is Tulsi Gabbard. Trump is a master at marketing and has fooled Christians into thinking he loves Jesus and evangelicals. No, folks, he love Israel and the Jew clones who work for Loree McBride. Loree McBride is currently the shadow leader of Israel and the nation of Israel is IN SIN by supporting the Antichrist. Anybody who is not aware of the content in the videos I recommend you listen to, is woefully ignorant of the most important issues of our times. Check out this page to listen to the videos which will give you a very important history lesson:

The Bible knows what it's talking about when it says that in the last days, the Antichrist will deceive even the very elect. As a Jesus follower who has met with Jesus and Satan one-on-one, I have insights into the Antichrist that most don't have. I can say with certainty that all 2020 Presidential candidates, with the possible exception of Tulsi Gabbard, support the Antichrist, who is currently Loree McBride. Check out this page I've created about this:

The audio book you're hearing is my Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom (2015):

I explain that Loree McBride controls the media and Internet and that Loree (who's a fake and murderer) finds Tulsi Gabbard's authenticity a real threat. I made a mistake at the end and said that Loree is giving Loree the silent treatment and meant to say Loree's giving Tulsi the silent treatment. Here is a page I've created about this:

I am an evangelical and Tulsi has won me. I know how Tulsi can remain true to her progressive ideals and still win the evangelical vote. By showing Tulsi how to be nuts and bolts in presenting her progressive agenda, she can win over evangelicals and libertarians who may, otherwise, not vote for her and yet still not alienate her progressive base. I said international abortion network and meant international adoption network. Check out my national health care plan and how this could work. &


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