Loree McBride who parades as a U.S. Democrat leader and environmentalist, drops a blitzkrieg of bombs worldwide killing people and making them sick.

Ukrainian sailors, interviewed by Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) after the standoff near the Crimean coast in the Kerch Starit, admitted on camera in detention that they deliberately violated Russian borders. Moscow has accused Kiev of provoking the entire incident to win sympathy in the West and to help Poroshenko to remain in office. &

Empress Gail makes her statement about Russia and Vladimir Putin. I goofed at the end (Loree's brain control) and said "against Loree McBride" and meant Loree McBride is against Putin: &

Loree McBride is the Deep State's Genocidal leader and very deadly.

About a week ago I fired Donald Trump as U.S. President and he is only allowed to be my public spokesperson. I explain my decisions here.

My Conspiracy Law is the supreme law of the land, even overriding the U.S. Constitution where there's a conflict.

Gail has heard brain to brain that Loree McBride claims Gail is too pudgy to have a marriage list of celebrities who love her & would die for her. You can't be sexy with an ugly heart. A sexy person has a sexy soul. An artist who does their work for passion, and not for fame or money, is sexy.

Big Tech and MSM continue to push for censorship around the world, while portraying themselves as advocates of free speech. David Knight joins Alex to break down the gaslighting being used by the globalists against the American people. &

Brent Spiner's wife, Gail Chord Schuler, defends her husband against his evil impersonator, the Brent Spiner clone, who makes Brent appear a bigoted Democrat.

The REAL Brent Spiner hates evil Democratic leader Loree McBride.

If Trump does not get aggressive with the criminal globalists, he will lose all prospects for political victories unless patriots have full access to the Internet. &

Loree McBride's Democratic voter fraud is nationwide after the 2018 Midterms, with a special focus on Florida, where I live. Loree's testing and planning to steal 2020.

Loree (true head of the Deep State) specializes in lying, deception and murder.

Evil Brenda Snipes, behind Florida's election fraud, flaunts her loyalty to Loree McBride by blazing her PINK (Loree's trademark color). Here is the history behind sociopath and murderer Loree McBride.

Roger Stone joins Alex Jones live via Skype to give his expert election analysis of the suspicious activity surrounding Florida's 2018 Midterm recount as losing, Democrat politicians attempt to steal victory from Republicans.

My new law regarding voter fraud:

Loree McBride runs the Democratic Party like the Mafia. Rick Scott & Ron DeSantis should be the winners, not Gillum & Nelson. Loree's brain control made me say Scott should lose. I meant Gillum. Support Ali Alexander's protest in Florida. & &

Here is more about Ali Alexander:

I spent all day yesterday working on book covers for Silver Skies: 1996 Version & Silver Skies: The Millennium. I talk about my approach to the book in the past several years and why it ruined the masterpiece I had written in the 1990s. &

These are writing instruction books I'm rereading as I work on the two novels:

Gail wants her Conspiracy Law enforced, so that those responsible for trying to take down Gab are arrested and fined. Read Sect. 14 of this document. &

Gail is super excited about her masterpiece in progress:

Gail talks about her approach to writing Silver Skies as fantasy, which she admits, she initially resisted when she first wrote it. Here is her M.F.A. Creative Writing Page for Writers:

Here is her Silver Skies 1996 Version page:

Writer Gabrielle Chana shares how her love for Brent Spiner and God inspired her to write a masterpiece in Silver Skies 1996 Version. For more about this:

Here is a page that goes into more detail about this topic:

To check out which writing instruction books and movies influenced me as I worked on Silver Skies in the 1990s, check out this page:

Gail shows off some pretty Florida birds on her walks and discusses the progress she & her men are making in our war against Loree McBride & her deadly, treacherous supporters (most of the U.S. Democratic Party): & &

Contact my men at [email protected] to live in a Church of Gail city. We don't allow Loree McBride Jesuits to live in a Church of Gail city.


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