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This is a quick start guide to get WLED up and running from scratch on an ESP8266 module. Included topics are:
-Downloading a WLED binary release file
-Flashing the ESP8266 module
-Configuring WLED for WIFI access on your network
-Talking to the WLED module on the network from a browser
-Talking to the WLED module on the network from the free mobile app

Note: Although connecting the ESP8266 3.3V logic level data out pin to the 5 V logic level LED data in pin seems to allow successful communication for most people, technically a level shift device should be used to properly translate the 3.3 V logic to 5V logic to guarantee operation. Then the series data resistor would connect between the output of the level shifter and the input of the LED, located closer to the level shifter side.
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Today's mail haul includes:

Aven 17010 Adjustable Circuit Board Holder
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3.5mm 3ploe Stereo Male Plug to AV Screw Video Balun Terminal Jack Connector

10PCS DIP-14 CD4001BE DIP14 CD4001 CMOS Quad 2-Input NOR Gate

10 Pcs RS232 Serial DB9 DB-9 9-Pin Male/Female Connector Right Angle Jack Socket

SMD SMT 0603/0805/1206/7030/3020/5730/5050/3528/335 Super bright LED Bulb US

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PCBWay Supports High Precision Advanced PCBs:

This Christmas Tree PCB uses an ATTiny85 to control 8 WS2812B Neopixels with selectable display patterns (which need some work but are functional for now). Push buttons can cycle through the display options as well as enable two PWM outputs intended to draw a Christmas tree on an oscilloscope in XY mode.

Sketch & Schematic:

Previous Oscilloscope art videos with more details:
Drawing a Christmas tree:
Drawing in XY mode:

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