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The anthem of the Danish Legionnaires who fought alongside there Germanic Brothers against Communism.

The Anthem of Sir Oswald Mosley's British Union of Fascists the movement to free England and the whole of Britain from the tyranny of World Jewry and British Elite along with safe guarding the future of all Europeans.

The anthem of the Swedish SS Volunteers who went to stand up and fight Bolshevism in the Eastern Fronts during WW2.

The anthem of the Spanish Legionnaires the brave Spanish Men who stood up against Bolshevism in Spain and put it down on behalf of European civilization.

I remember the hard struggle comrades the days when we had no food and little hope was present until National Socialism came to the world when the Fuhrer fought so hardly to secure the existence of our people.

The anthem of a free and united people covering the period of history of the fight for freedom in Deutschland.

The anthem of our Deutsches Folk.

The Calvary Military march of the German Wehrmacht.

The military march of German Mountaineers as they fight for the protection of the fatherland and think of the wonderful girl Edelweiss.

The anthem of the SA the marching song of the patriotic force and the balanced political army that stood in the face of Communism that plagued Germany since the end of the First War until the ascension of the National Socialist Party into office as the German had enough and elected the National Socialists to save Germany.

We are all distinct people and that Sir Oswald Mosley throughout his life was an activist for the working class and then later the European people as a whole this story captures his journey from his youth to becoming the Youngest Member of Parliament to becoming a Labour MP and Socialist then becoming the founder of the British Union of Fascist which worked to bring back the vigor and pride to the British People and the Empire as a whole.

The working people of Britain are tired of being denied any representation in your country the New Party works only to serve the British People and not the Figureheads of the British Elite.

Life and Story of Sir Oswald Mosley the leader of the BUF the movement to bring back Vigor and Life to the nation of Great Britain and save his people from the negligence of the British Elite and to provide a movement lead by Men of Action to save the British People and give them back there nation.

We shall strive to renew our system replace it with the vigor and passion of the British People and the need for Action to save this great country and it people.

And this nation again and again in the hour of the great hours of it fate has sweep aside convention has swept aside the little man of talk and delay and decided to follow men and movements for the day we go forward into action that who dares to follow us in this hour that is permanence of our mighty Britain. And I claim within the ranks of Blackshirt Legions march the might ghost of England pasts as there strong arms around us and there voices Eco down the ages saying onward. WE SAY THAT ENGLAND IS NOT FINISHES WE SAY ENGLAND IS NOT DEAD WE SAY AND I ASK YOU TO SAY WITH US LIFT UP YOUR YOUR VOICES IN THIS GREAT MEETING AND IN THE HEART OF ENGLAND SAY TO ALL THE WORLD A MESSAGE ENGLAND LIVES LIVES AND MARCHES ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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This is channel is the continuation of the Hendrik F. Verwoerd Channel I created in July of 2017 for the purpose of awkening my fellow White Peoples and other people's of the world to the truth World Jewry. The Jews have been leading this campaign for 6,000 years and since the end of WW2 they been gaining ground and now were facing the severe effects of it long term where must make radical decisions in order to save our race so the point of this channel is to make the viewer conscious of race and his or her racial heritage as to give them a better perception about it and with White people it gives the self-preservationist characteristics which will make them fanatics in order to survive. Once dealing with the problems inflicted on our race where we will close off our borders, raise our Birth Rates, and end the Jewish Psychological Warfare Mid Trap which heavily manipulated our people and get ourselves to think and act like White Men again. Our homelands will be cleared of the rife which inflicts it the Negroes, Spics, and Asiatics will be repatriated to there homelands and the Whites will reign supreme in his homeland once again and then we shall liberate Europe from World Jewry. if we do that then we shall move on the offensive taking back the World for our White Race we shall expand from our Homelands into Africa, Asia, and the Americas where the White Race will occupy and populate these lands for all time and the Jews and the Coloured Races will be through once as this world will become a White World. I had about Five Channels on YouTube of which they all been flagged by Jews since April where now I am establishing my Sixth Channel which from there New Content I put on there gets transferred onto here so you can watch it as well.