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This is channel is the continuation of the Hendrik F. Verwoerd Channel I created in July of 2017 for the purpose of awkening my fellow White Peoples and other people's of the world to the truth World Jewry. The Jews have been leading this campaign for 6,000 years and since the end of WW2 they been gaining ground and now were facing the severe effects of it long term where must make radical decisions in order to save our race so the point of this channel is to make the viewer conscious of race and his or her racial heritage as to give them a better perception about it and with White people it gives the self-preservationist characteristics which will make them fanatics in order to survive. Once dealing with the problems inflicted on our race where we will close off our borders, raise our Birth Rates, and end the Jewish Psychological Warfare Mid Trap which heavily manipulated our people and get ourselves to think and act like White Men again. Our homelands will be cleared of the rife which inflicts it the Negroes, Spics, and Asiatics will be repatriated to there homelands and the Whites will reign supreme in his homeland once again and then we shall liberate Europe from World Jewry. if we do that then we shall move on the offensive taking back the World for our White Race we shall expand from our Homelands into Africa, Asia, and the Americas where the White Race will occupy and populate these lands for all time and the Jews and the Coloured Races will be through once as this world will become a White World. I had about Five Channels on YouTube of which they all been flagged by Jews since April where now I am establishing my Sixth Channel which from there New Content I put on there gets transferred onto here so you can watch it as well.