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In 3 days this channel will be hit by a copyright strike because I appealed Joe Rogan's blockage of 5 of my videos. Therefor I'm making a livestream to talk about the legal battle I might face with Joe Rogan, and other events surrounding censorship on YouTube and the internet.

In 2015 Joe Rogan appeared to interview a weather modification pilot on his show.

Joe is famously fiercely skeptical of chemtrails, and meet those who are concerned about them with dismissal and ridicule.

Was it all a joke? I would love to hear your take on what goes on in this video.

Links to articles in the video:

Are SuperCuts Fair Use? Joe Rogan doesn't seem to believe so and has blocked 5 highly edited videos of his podcast. Does he have that right?

What do you think Joe Rogan stands to gain from blocking videos that featured his ads?

Why do you think Joe Rogan took 2 years to block those videos?

Does Joe Rogan have the right to remove highly transformative works of his podcast? Why, or why not?

Can you think of any way Joe Rogan might have been damaged, financially or otherwise, by the work that once appeared on this channel?

Please help fight for Fair Use by making Joe Rogan aware of your dissatisfaction that he is blocking memes.


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